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Three cars were waiting for Woojin at Xian Airport. There were one Humvee and two Mercedes sedans waiting for him. A man got out of the Mercedes and handed the keys to Woojin.

“The things you sent over are in the car.”

Woojin nodded and the man asked, “Are you going over to see Mr. Sun right away?”

“Of course.”

“Then we’ll lead you there.”

Woojin threw the keys to Miho. She grabbed them and looked at Woojin dumbfoundedly.




Miho grunted as she got into the driver’s seat and Woojin got in the back.

“Am I your personal assistant or something? Sit shotgun.”

“I need to make something on the way. Why don’t you focus on driving?”

The car started and Woojin pulled out the stuff he got from Old Hwang. He mixed three of them together and created small balls for a total of twelve of them. He then put it in a stash that he prepared and leaned back. The Humvee was leaving a crowded area and going toward a more remote place. Soon, they saw a tall wall. After driving along the wall for a while, they saw a gate big enough for two vehicles to pass through at once. As they waited, guards came out to check on them and opened the gate. Miho was astonished.

“How big is this place?”

They had just passed the gate, but it seemed they were inside a large park. The house wasn’t visible. All they saw were vast grasslands and a dark forest that seemed to have hundred-year-old trees. Woojin realized how rich Avatars were.

After driving for about ten minutes after passing through the gate, they came across a large lake and a hill that seemed to be about twenty meters tall. There was a small gazebo built on top of it and in front was a large mansion. They parked the car and a tall man came out to greet them.

“Are you the ones who have come to meet Mr. Sun?”

“I am Ko Woojin.”

“I am Lee Miho.”

“Greetings. You can call me Nam. Follow me.”

Nam. Woojin realized that this was the Avatar that protected the Monkey King’s house. It was proof as to how powerful the Monkey King was. They walked through the house past many rooms and soon walked to the front of a room where two large men were guarding it.

“Here are the guests.”

“Come in.”

The two men opened the door and Woojin glanced at them. They seemed to be Avatars also. Woojin walked in and found an old man with a pipe in his mouth.

He had a white hair cleanly brushed back, but his skin was smooth which didn’t seem to match his age. What was interesting were his bloodshot eyes. It was proof that he was in fact, an Avatar of the Monkey King. He tapped his pipe before he turned to Woojin and asked, “I get it about the fox, but who are you?”

Woojin bowed to show his respect.

“I am Ko Woojin.”

“I didn’t ask for your name. You’re not a human but I don’t see whose Avatar you are.”

“It is natural for you to not know.”

“Natural? Well, I guess I wouldn’t know every Avatar from Korea. You don’t seem like an Avatar in some ways either.”

Woojin smiled.

“I am an Avatar.”

“And you won’t tell me whose Avatar you are?”


A new Avatar. Telling the truth that he was creating his own legend would make the Monkey King overly excited, and that would not end nicely.

“So, you wished to see me? Why?”

Woojin handed over the stash he prepared.

“This is my gift to you. You should try smoking it and we can talk after.”

“Hmm. You seem to know how things work around here. Sit down.”

Nam brought them cushions to sit on and brought the stash to Sun Wukong. He opened the box and smelled the balls.


Sun Wukong turned to Woojin.

“I smell Snowroot.”

“That is right.”

“Then you must know that it has poison.”

“I do.”

“And you’re giving this to me as a gift?”

Woojin continued with a smile.

“Poison can become a medicine if used in the right way.”

Sun Wukong shrugged and placed the ball on his pipe and lit up. He took a breath and froze. Woojin smiled. He then turned against Woojin while narrowing his eyes.

“I’ve never tried this combination, but this is amazingly good.”

He heard that Sun Wukong only used that after he found the combination later on. Snowroot was a poison but it gave off a stronger sensation.

Sun Wukong smiled satisfyingly.

“Good. I like it. Tell me your business.”

“I will be fighting Wangjinjin’s family soon.”



“So, you want my help to fight her?”

Woojin shook his head.

“I just want you to stay away from it.”

Sun Wukong let out a puff smoke and answered, “I sent her some words after Dmitri made a mess, but her power is not something you can meddle with. If you are going, tell me the recipe before you go. You might not come back.”

Woojin smiled, “I’ll tell you after I clean out her family.”

Sun then looked beyond the smoke at Woojin, “I don’t want to meddle with Avatars fighting each other for personal matters. But don’t mess things up too much. If you understand why I sent a word to Jinjin, then you would know what I’m talking about.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you.”

Woojin then got up and Sun spoke as he turned to the window.

“I hope you bring me the recipe next time you come to visit.”

Woojin smiled at the words. He told him that he’d be back after killing Wangjinjin, so in a sense, Sun was cheering him on.

“I’ll come back for sure.”

He then saw Sun waving his hand, but he saw something being thrown at him and grabbed it. His hand turned hard like a turtle shell but what he threw was a business card. Sun said, “You should call me if you think you’re going to die. Tell me the recipe.”

“I’ll call you for sure.”

Woojin bowed and Miho also bowed and followed Woojin out of the room. Nam brought them out. Woojin then got the key from Miho and got into the driver’s seat. Miho tried to get into the rear seat but saw Woojin glaring at her and thus took the front seat.

Woojin then looked at the people who accompanied him here.

“Thank you. You can go now.”

“We’ll let Bihyung know on our side.”


Woojin then drove the car out.

Sun Wukong let out some smoke as he saw the Humvee leaving from the window. Nam asked from behind.

“Should I put a tail on him?”

Sun answered, “No. Just have our ears open.”

“Will do.”

Sun smiled and turned away from the Humvee that disappeared from sight.

“It’s been a while since I’ve come across such a daring man.”

There weren’t any Avatars who dared to fight against vampire families, especially after the few Avatars who raised their voices disappeared.

Miho who went to her room to unpack suddenly came into Woojin’s room.

“What are we going to do now?”

“There’s a vampire in Xian. He’s around the 5th generation. We’ll kill him.”


“Yeah. And if we read his memory, we can go on from there.”

“Do you know where he is?”

“No. We’ll need to buy the information.”

Woojin took the Starfish Fang, Desert Eagle, and turned to Miho.

“Don’t you need to get ready?”

“Am I going too?”

“Of course. We’ll read the memory and kill him right away. You need to stay with me.”

Miho was worried but she didn’t object. They got into the Humvee and drove to a shopping center. Miho was curious but she didn’t ask.

“Stay here and look around. I’ll meet you in an hour.”


Woojin then walked down to the underground floor of the shopping center. After walking past many food stands, he went into an ice cream store and spoke to the employee.

“I need bean ice cream with bean powder.”

The employee smiled and opened the drawer to bring out an electronic device that vibrated and spoke.

“You can wait there.”

Woojin then sat down and a woman came up to him.

“Can we go together?”

Woojin stood and gave the bell to the woman and she began to lead the way back to the store. She opened the freezer and there was another door behind it. Soon, they were at a corridor. At the end of the tunnel, two men guarding the gate scanned Woojin from top to bottom and opened the door. Woojin was wearing Hydra leather armor. They didn’t even ask questions as they knew what that was.

Woojin stopped as he walked in. He didn’t expect to see this person here.

“What are you doing here?”

Hwang waved his hand.

“What do you want?”