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Woojin sat in front of Hwang and asked, “When did you get here?”


“Are you going to stay in Xian?”

“What about you?”

“I’ll be on the move.”

“I see.”

Hwang nodded and crossed his fingers to put his chin over them and looked at Woojin.

“So. What do you need?”

“I need 5th generation vampire Jang Huan’s location.”

“You know that he’s from Wangjinjin’s family?”


Hwang grinned. He was right in following Woojin to China.

“Can I ask you something?”

“If it’s not expensive information, you can.”

“Are you going to kill Wangjinjin?”

Woojin smiled, “I am going after Wangjinjin and Dmitri.”

Hwang then spoke with a smile on his face.

“Wait for a second.”

Hwang then picked up the phone. He then jotted down an address on a paper and said, “You know it’s more expensive if the vampire is from the higher generation right?”

“How much is it?”

“It’s 200 thousand yuan.”

“I’ll take it.”

Woojin then paid 200 thousand yuan and received the address. He checked the location on the phone and said, “He’s close.”

“For your information, he controls twelve ghouls and there are armed guards around him.”

“I know. Can you get me a smoke bomb, an EMP bomb, and nightvision goggles that protect against the EMP?”

“Of course. I will need 1 million yuan.”

Wooojin then paid the price and received everything he wanted. The location was close so it seemed like it wouldn’t take more than an hour so Woojin moved alone without taking Miho with him. He then went to the location. It was a club located below a hotel. Woojin parked the car and looked at the entrance. He then took all his equipment and walked toward the entrance. He covered his head with a hood and put his mask on. There was a line of people waiting to get into a club and Woojin walked past the line. A man standing in line grabbed Wojin’s shoulder when he saw that Woojin skipping the line.

“Hey. You have to get in line.”

Woojin then grabbed the man’s hand and twisted it. The man was then thrown to the ground. Woojin walked forward, and this time, guards came up to him. They were large and pale. Woojin realized they were ghouls and walked faster to walk past them and jumped in. His speed was no match against vampires, but his power was more than what one could imagine now. The ghouls had their knees broken. Woojin knew killing them will cause too much trouble and thus he kicked them so that they could n’t follow him.

People were dancing to the music. Woojin glanced and saw a glass room on the 3rd floor. He saw the man looking down at the stage and smiled.

“There you are.”

It was Vampire Jang Huan. Woojin took out the EMP bomb and threw it down. He then took out the night vision goggles and the EMP bomb exploded. People screamed at the sudden darkness and silence.

Woojin then jumped. His power now allowed him to jump right up to the third floor effortlessly. He took out the spear. Jang Huan did not see Woojin because he had turned to talk after the blackout. Woojin swung his spear at Jang Huan’s waist who was standing at the window.

The spear penetrated the window and Jang Huan’s waist. Woojin’s body shattered the glass as he charged into the VIP room. He saw two guards and six ghouls. Woojin stuck the spear that pierced Jang Huan into the ground and jumped. He lightly punched the two agents before they could pull their weapons and pulled out another spear to swing it. The ghouls’ heads were sliced off immediately.

After the ghouls all turned to ashes, Woojin stood in front of Jang Huan. Jang Huan held the spear protruding out from his stomach and looked up at Woojin. His eyes were glowing red.

“Take this out now!”

It was hypnosis that didn’t work even before he became an Avatar. Woojin smiled and poked his fingers into Jang Huan’s eyes.

“AAARGH! Don’t think you will get away with this!”

Woojin then picked up the clothes that the ghouls wore and stuffed it all into Jang Huan’s mouth.


Woojin then walked behind him and pulled the spear. He knew the vampire would not die to such a wound and calmly grabbed on the vampire’s arm flying at him and broke it.

Woojin then grabbed him and looked down at the club. It was a mess.

“I can’t go out through there.”

Woojin then walked out of the room. Two ghouls attacked him but Woojin swung his spear to kill them and picked up the bloodstones. He used the night vision goggles and found an exit at the end of the corridor for VIP guests.

As he got out, it seemed like the entire hotel was out of electricity. Woojin dragged Jang Huan and rammed him into the back seat and drove toward the shopping mall. He parked the car and called Miho.

[Has it already been an hour?]

“I’m at the front gate. Come now.”

[Yeah. I’ll be on my way.]

As he waited, Miho came out of the mall and walked toward the car with two shopping bags in her hands. Woojin thought she would have more but she didn’t. Miho then got into the front seat and sniffed.

“What is this burnt smell? And is this blood?”

Woojin started the car without answering and Miho glanced to the back while she was putting on a seat belt. Her eyes widened in shock.

“Who is that?”

Woojin answered casually, “Jang Huan.”

“THE Jang Huan that we were going to meet?”

“Yeah. Wait a second.”

Woojin then got the phone and called Hwang.

[Do you need anything else?]

“Can you find me a place so I can ask this vampire some questions?”

[You already got him?]

“I don’t need to waste any time.”

[…I’ll send you the address.]

Woojin hung up the phone and got a text with the address. Woojin showed it to Miho.

“Put it on the map.”

The place wasnt far. They reached a personal house with a parking garage. A man was waiting for them.

Darkling. Woojin bowed and Darkling also bowed and opened the door for them before disappearing. Miho asked, “Who is that guy?”

“You don’t need to know.”

Woojin then dragged Jang Huan out and walked into the house. There was a chair ready for him so Woojin sat Jang Huan down and tied his arms and legs with a rope. His limbs were already broken but he tied him anyway. Woojin turned to Miho.

“Flash his memory.”


He was a 5th generation vampire, or a higher being than Miho. She looked slightly nervous but she took out her orb and placed her hand on Jang Huan’s head.

Memories began to flash and Woojin looked through them quietly. Jang Huan was a bit more special than other vampires as he felt pleasure in sexual acts whereas other vampires couldn’t. The memories showed that his life was full of various sexual moments.

Miho coughed and Woojin waved his hand. “I don’t need to see this mess. Make it go faster.”

Vampires of the same family kept in touch with each other. Although it didn’t happen often, Wangjinjin was on the move so she had to contact Jang Huan. Woojin then found what he was looking for. The memory showed a text that ordered Jang Huan to collect blood as soon as possible and move to Chengdu. Woojin checked the number and asked, “Can you find who this number belongs to in the memory?”

“Yeah. Hold on.”

Miho then concentrated. Memories quickly flashed past and stopped on a certain woman.

“It’s her. Name is… Shayna- ugh.”

Miho almost dropped to the ground. She gasped as she was kicked out of the memory dive and Woojin caught her.

“She’s a 3rd generation vampire. I guess that’s the limit for now.”

“I can do it again.”

“No, don’t worry. We’ll have more chances later.”

Woojin helped Miho to a seat and gave her some water. He then walked up to Jang Huan and spoke with the Starfish Fang at the vampire’s throat.

“You go first and I’ll send all of your kind soon.”