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Chapter 52: Shayna (2)

Sun Wukong released some smoke out of his nose and spoke.

“He destroyed the machines within the hotel with an EMP?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Any casualties among the civilians?”

“Some people were wounded from the stampede but no one died.”

Sun glanced at the window.

“Then leave him be.”

“Will it be okay?”

“Why? Should I be scared of Jinjin?”

Nam couldn’t answer and Sun smiled.

“If she can’t take care of her own children, I guess it’s time for the vampire family to go down.”

Vengeance was the reason why the vampire family was on top of the world. If that was not going to happen, they would crumble even if it wasn’t for Woojin.

Sun Wukong mumbled, “I wonder when he will call me then.”

Miho glanced over at Woojin in the back while driving the Humvee over a highway. He was preparing his HK416 rifle.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“What is it?”

“How are you going to kill Shayna? She’s a 3rd generation vampire.”

Woojin’s method was simple.

“Beat her up.”

Miho frowned, “Aren’t you a human?”

“Did you say you had multiple questions to ask?”

Miho then looked at the large container running in front of her car. It was the car that contained a large amount of blood. Woojin finished preparing his Desert Eagle so he leaned back on the seat and closed his eyes. He kept practicing on waking up his spiritual power and it was slowly giving him a response.

He didn’t know how long it would take to finally get his hands on everything. Miho then spoke up.

“It’s going into a resting area.”

“Follow it. We’ll hijack it there.”

He knew where its destination was so it wasn’t a problem. The only way to get to the location without attracting suspicion was to hijack the container and go in with it.

Woojin got off the car and walked up to the truck. He then found the driver and tapped on the back of the driver’s head and got him to faint. Woojin then dragged the man out and saw Miho placing her hand on another man that was in the shotgun seat. She then spoke to Woojin after taking care of the man.

“Did you get him?”

Woojin threw the man he held and Miho smiled.

“Good. I’ve read his memory.”

“Then let’s get to work.”

Woojin took the man’s clothes and put it on himself while Miho did the same. Woojin then tied both men and asked Miho, “Passcode?”


Woojin opened the freezer container and increased the temperature. He then threw the two men inside and got into the truck.

“Follow me with the Humvee.”


They then departed. Woojin sped up toward Chengdu so he wouldn’t be late for the appointment. When they got to a resting area right before Chengdu, they parked Humvee there and moved all the weapons into the truck and moved into Chengdu.

The location was a furniture warehouse. There were many trucks with blood containers. Woojin parked and saw men approaching. The drivers were all hired humans but the ones in control were the ghouls. Woojin glanced at the ghouls and grabbed his HK416.

If the ghouls were from 3rd generation Shayna, they were probably stronger than Dukgoo. When a ghoul reached the door, he asked, “Where did you come from?”

“We are from Xian.”

The ghoul nodded at the answer.

“Open the door.”

Talking ghouls could only be created by vampires that were above the 3rd generation.

“Wait a moment.”

Woojin then opened the door, took out the HK416, and fired when the ghoul was looking away. With the suppressed gunshot, the ghoul turned to ashes. Woojin then dodged another ghouls’ fist and pulled the trigger again. He then picked up the bloodstones and warned, “Don’t trail behind. There will be more ghouls than just Shayna’s ghouls.”

“You think there’ll be more?”

“She should have one 4th generation and two 5th gens. There are only nine 3rd generation vampires in each vampire family, but they are powerful because they don’t move around alone.”

Woojin killed two ghouls. One was a walking ghoul that was from Shayna, but the other one wasn’t. The size of the bloodstones also differed.

Woojin frowned at Miho when he found out that Miho was unarmed.

“Where’s your weapon?”

“I thought I didn’t need to fight?”

“But you need to protect yourself. What if you get separated from me?”

“I know how to run away. Don’t worry.”

Woojin then began to move. He put on his night vision goggles and took out EMP bomb that he purchased again from Hwang. He then saw ghouls coming out from the warehouse and threw it. All the lights went out and Woojin charged in. He had the night vision in heat-sensing mode to see if any of them were human but when he checked and verified that they were all ghouls, and he pulled the trigger. He fired and killed all the ghouls as he walked toward them. All there ghouls were killed instantly. There were some ghouls of Shayna’s that dodged the bullets and charged at Woojin, but they didn’t stand a chance against Woojin’s spear.

Woojin then saw ones coming out due to the noise. He then saw a woman standing proudly at the center of the crowd. Her eyes glowed red as she looked straight at Woojin. He pulled the trigger but another person reached out to block the bullets.

The arm with plated armor blocked bullets. A certain name rang a bell in Woojin’s head. There was a 4th generation vampire who loved to use equipment. Jang Johan. Woojin didn’t know the man worked for Shayna.

Anyway, guns proved to be useless now so Woojin tossed the HK416 back and looked at them. Syana glanced around and frowned, “What are you?”

Woojin looked past Shayna who seemed to see clearly in such darkness. Miho was nowhere to be seen.

Woojin turned to Shayna again.

“A mere hunter dares to attack us?”

A vampire shouted and charged. He wasn’t Jang John or Shayna. Woojin scoffed at the two 5th generation vampires charging at him and took out an electrical net in his left hand and the spear on his right. He first threw the net at the one closing in on him. The net grasped the first vampire and Woojin thrust his spear into another vampire’s heart. The speed of the attack was so fast that the vampire couldn’t dodge and instead got his heart pierced. Woojin then pulled the spear and pierced the other vampire that couldn’t get up from the net.

Shayna glared as the two 5th generation vampires turned into dust.

“You. You’re an Avatar.”

Woojin swung his bamboo in the air to splatter the blood out and put it over his shoulder. Shayna then looked at Johan who jumped out.

He was much faster since he was from the 4th generation. Woojin then stabbed with his spear, which Johan deflected with his fist. Johan then kicked up while Woojin brought his knee up to block it. Johan took a few steps back and frowned. Woojin then realized the man wasn’t just crazy about equipment. He was trained in kung fu. However, he too was shocked by Woojin’s strength and hard skin.

His kick should’ve crushed the man but when it clashed against Woojin’s knee, the greaves he had on his shins shattered.


Jang Johan then shifted to another kung fu stance. Woojin also readied his spear. A vampire with extreme speed trained in martial arts was a dangerous foe.

Johan jumped and Woojin thrust his spear. Johan then deflected the spear again but Woojin was ready this time. He used the force to bring it up to Johan’s waist. Johan then spun to dodge the attack and this time, Woojin smacked the spear down.

Johan couldn’t dodge it in time so he brought up his left arm to block it. He seemed to think the plate armor over his arm would be enough, but Woojin’s power far exceeded Johan’s expectations. His arm was shattered and smashed further down into his shoulder, pushing him down to his knees.

When Johan tried to pull out, Woojin summoned the spear in his left hand and stabbed Johan’s chest.

Johan turned to dust and Woojin charged at Shayna.