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Chapter 53: Shayna (3)

Shayna frowned as Woojin ran toward her. She did not expect Jang Johan to be killed that easily but she couldn’t help but scoff at Woojin who was charging in.

She had killed many vampires who dared to attack her until now. Woojin looked strong but he wasn’t strong like Wuma. She was able to analyze Woojin’s power through the previous fights so she decided to deal with it now. Her nails grew longer and Shayna jumped forward.

Woojin swung his spear but she dodged it easily and swiped her claw-like nails at Woojin. His clothes were cut out to show his skin, but his skin turned to a turtle-shell-like surface and did not bleed.


Her surprise made her react slowly to Woojin’s spear attack. It scratched past her shoulder. Shayna backed away and licked her lips. The wound was small but it wasn’t healing. She then attacked to aim for Woojin’s googles. After she cut the googles, she jumped back again.

Vampires had a way to see at night but not all Avatars had such power. Shayna thought this was the case here so she then charged at Woojin.

Woojin put away one of the spears and brought out an electrical net. He didn’t expect it to work against Shayna, but it was going to limit her movements toward him.

Woojin threw the net to the left and thrust his spear to the right. However, Shayna didn’t move to Woojin’s expectations as she jumped over the net and attacked Woojin’s face. Woojin turned his head to avoid it and Shayna kicked off his chest to jump back.

Woojin panted while looking at Shayna. 3rd generation vampires were too fast. He looked down at his spear. It wasn’t easy to attack her with such a short-ranged weapon but he hadn’t used his spiritual power yet. Shayna was becoming confident that she could defeat Woojin. It was fortunate because if Shayna were to run away, there was no way Woojin would be able to catch up to her.

Realizing that her nails will not damage him, there was only one way to get him.

Woojin walked up and Shayna unleashed spiritual power from her body. Woojin was ready to take some attacks but he realized maybe he would receive more damage than he thought possible. He then focused on his spiritual power as it would allow him to use more power, but it didn’t last long.

Woojin paused his breath when Shayna came into range and thrust the spear. What was needed wasn’t a decisive blow, but any wound that would make her bleed. Shayna barely jumped to the side to avoid being hit and Woojin charged. He struck Shayna and hit the ground. Shayna got up and attacked Woojin’s chest while Woojin lunged toward her. When her nails were about to penetrate Woojin’s chest, he focused the spiritual power at the location. His skin hardened and the nail clashed against it. The attack left a spark and Woojin grabbed Shayna’s wrist. He then pulled her and focused his spiritual power on his fist and punched her chest.

Shayna quickly brought her left arm up to defend, but her arms were shattered and the bones protruded outward, getting stuck into her chest as they had been pushed in. Woojin then threw his head against her face and before she could get herself back up, he pulled out the spear and pierced her thigh. Blood began to pour out and Woojin felt relieved.

Vampires lost their power quickly if they lost blood. Woojin then grabbed her both wrists and snapped them. Shayna couldn’t even scream yet and Woojin shouted, “Miho!”

Miho appeared from afar.

“You have to be careful. She’s much stronger than you.”

Miho nodded and Woojin struck Shayna’s face. He needed her to be alive to read the memory, but making such powerful vampire faint was difficult to do. Shayna was knocked out and Miho began to flash her memory. Soon, Woojin was able to find where they were trying to send the blood to.

The blood was going to be sent to Guangzhou, specifically to Yangryou, a 2nd generation vampire that Wangjinjin created herself. Woojin was able to see most of their plans. They were sending all the blood to the south. However, Wangjinjin was nowhere to be found.

“I’ll have to get Yangryou to find out the rest.”

Woojin then grabbed Miho’s wrist and she snapped out of her memory dive.

“Go stay in the car.”

Miho returned to the car and Woojin took out the Starfish Fang and pulled out her bloodstone. He also picked up all bloodstones scattered in the area and fed them to the Fang. He felt his agility increasing. The increments didn’t feel as large after he became an Avatar, but this was huge.

When Woojin returned, Miho was sitting there with her eyes closed as if she had fainted. Woojin then moved around to light every car on fire and returned to the resting area. He waited in the car and soon, Miho shook and opened her eyes. Woojin took the car out and said to her, “Let’s go.”


Miho was dazed and pleased at getting the 4th tail.

“We can’t move in that car.”

Woojin walked to the Humvee and Miho quickly caught up to him and spoke with her four tails.

“Don’t you see I have four tails now?”

“It’s not enough.”

She needed to become a Gumiho to be useful in battle and if she were to continue to help with the memory reading, she needed six tails. Even with six tails, it wasn’t possible to read the memories of most of the powerful Avatars.

As he got into the rear seat, he said, “We’re going to Guangzhou.”

Jang Huan’s job in Xian wasn’t a hard one. He just needed to collect blood and keep an eye out for the Monkey King. So when she heard he died, she didn’t think much of it. Maybe he had gotten out of line against the Monkey King. But when she heard that Shayna had been killed, she was shocked.

“Shayna’s dead?”


Wangjinjin looked at the bald man in the conference call screen and asked, “What happened to the warehouse at Chengdu?”

[I heard there’d been a fire.]

Wangjinjin let out a hollow laugh. The 3rd generations were the ones that sought to avenge those who attacked vampires. But now she was the one who had been killed. Wangjinjin realized that her entire family would be looked down upon because of this.

“Find who it was.”

[Yes, ma’am.]

Wangjinjin held up the glass and looked at the blood in it.

“And bring their head.”