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Chapter 55: Glove of Ban Gu (2)

Miho was astonished.

“Is something special going on today?”

Woojin looked at the menu and spoke to the employee in Chinese.

“I want a medium rare filet mignon. Do you recommend any wine?”

Miho jumped in.

“Château Pétrus 1988.”

Woojin turned to look at Miho.

She smiled, “We should drink good wine.”

“Do you have the Château Pétrus 1988?”

The employee gave a bright smile and answered, “Of course, sir.”

“Then I’ll have that.”

The employee returned and Woojin turned to Miho.

“You like wine?”

“I like any kind of alcohol. I usually take whiskey, but wine is more fitting for a lavish restaurant.”

Woojin didn’t care to ask about the cost, but that’s what Miho aimed for. Château Pétrus was one of the most expensive wines out there. She had to learn how to use hunter weapons and firearms all night. This was her way of getting revenge for such difficult training. When Woojin didn’t care much about the cost, she even thought about ordering a few more.

“But why did we come to such an expensive restaurant?”

“To work.”


Woojin glanced around and said, “Yangryou owns this store. I heard she’s here today.”


“Yangryou is strong. Her ghouls even have the power that rival 5th generation vampires.”

The 2nd generation was on another level from the 3rd generation vampires. These 2nd generation vampires didn’t move around with other vampires since they were so powerful. Miho sighed. She was happy that she ordered expensive wine, but it seemed like she was on a bloody battlefield.

“You should protect yourself.”

“Can’t I just run?”

Woojin said, “You should practice. Real experience is the best training there is.”

“Yeah, but not against them.”

Miho felt that it was hard to even fight against 5th generation vampires, but Woojin knew this was the start. They were fighting vampires now, but he knew they would soon be fighting more powerful Avatars later on. He needed to make her become more powerful.

At least Woojin wanted Miho to become the best hunter there was before she became a Gumiho.

That’s when food started to be served. They were first served with bread, soup, and wine. They soon finished their good, satisfying meal.

Miho also seemed to be satisfied with the meal. Woojin spoke while eating the ice cream that was given to them as dessert.

“Get ready.”

“Do you know the location?”

He glanced upstairs.


“How are we going up?”

“From here.”

Woojin then brought out the EMP bomb and rolled it out to the bottom of the table next to him. All the lights went out and Woojin took the night vision goggles. Miho glanced around with her eyes that turned yellow. Like vampires, she too had the power to look through the darkness. People ranted at the sudden blackout when Woojin took a small marble and threw it at the ceiling. He then hid under the table with Miho.

The marble reached the ceiling and exploded, destroying the ceiling. People screamed and Woojin and Miho jumped up through the hole. Woojin found three ghouls and pulled out his Desert Eagle.

He blew one of the ghouls’ heads and got close to it and he kicked down another ghoul. When the 2nd ghoul was thrown to the ground without its head, the third ghoul’s head was blown out. Woojin turned and saw Miho grinning.

Woojin smiled and ran. He was running toward the direction where his watch was pointing. At the end of the corridor, he saw ghouls protecting the room. Woojin quickly rammed into the wall at the corridor.

“Get in!”

Woojin shouted and Miho quickly followed him through the wall and gunfire was unleashed down the corridor.

“What is that?!” Miho shouted. Woojin had to get away when he saw a ghoul holding an M134 minigun. Woojin had a way to deflect the bullets as he had Hydra leather armor and hardened skin but Miho was different. He thought he should get her some armor and checked with his goggles after changing it to heat-sensing mode. He saw a ghoul walking over to the hole.

Woojin pulled out the spear and stabbed the ghoul through the wall. The spear penetrated its head at once. Woojin then walked out, took the M134, and fired at the door. The door fell apart and Woojin walked up. He only destroyed it just in case Yangryou was hiding behind it and knew it would not hurt her.

When he got into the room, the entire glass wall on the opposite side that showed the night view of Guangzhou was shattered and he saw a woman standing at the center. She stood tall in her high heels and stood arrogantly with the moonlight shining behind her.

“Did you kill Shayna?”

Woojin didn’t answer but pulled his trigger instead. Yangryou frowned. She tilted her head right away but a bullet scratched her skin. It was the effect of the silver bullet.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Yangryou charged and Woojin frowned. He could see her moving but he couldn’t react in time. This was the speed of a 2nd generation vampire. Woojin quickly brought his arms to defend himself. Yangryou kicked at his defense and while Woojin was pushed back. She looked down at her heels and tossed them away. It felt like she had kicked a rock. Her kick had the power to destroy most enemies, even a large boulder, but her heel was destroyed instead.

She charged at Woojin again and he jabbed with his spear. But Yangryou dodged it easily and struck Woojin’s body. Again, it was like if she had struck an indestructible stone. Then there was only one way to break it. Her nails became long claws and wielded bloody red spiritual power.

She was going to cut it into pieces. When she charged again, Woojin threw the electrical net. There was only a short range for her to avoid it in such a small corridor. As expected, Yangryou jumped up and Woojin forcefully pushed the spear toward her. He aimed for her heart, but she twisted in the air to avoid being struck. However, she was still wounded from her chest to the shoulder.

She didn’t back down. She grabbed on the spear and kicked Woojin. He raised his left hand to defend and Yangryou dropped to the ground and went for Woojin’s heart, but Woojin had already hopped back.

Yangryou frowned as she looked at the blood gushing out of her wound. This kind of wound should’ve healed immediately but it wasn’t healing. She looked at Woojin while licking her lips. Avatar blood was more delicious than human blood. It was hard to kill Avatars and killing Avatars for blood might get her in trouble so she couldn’t taste it often. However, this Avatar was okay to kill and he wasn’t just any Avatar that tempted her.

She wielded her spiritual power into her claws again and charged. Woojin smiled and focused his spiritual power into his left fist with the glove and reached out.