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Chapter 56: Glove of Ban Gu (3)

Woojin’s spiritual power expanded the Glove of Ban Gu. The large fist that was created by spiritual power was enough to fill the corridor and it destroyed the walls on each side, the floor, and the ceiling.

It was enough to be called a strike of a giant. There was no way Yangryou could avoid the attack. She swung her claw at it but her claws were broken, her wrist was destroyed, and her arms and shoulders were shattered. She tried to escape but there was no way out. All her bones were broken and she was thrown to the ground. Woojin felt all of his energy die out and he was barely able to walk over to her. He was astonished at Yangryou who was still alive even after all her bones had been shattered into pieces.

Woojin then brought out his spear and punctured her stomach.


Yangryou screamed in agony and Woojin called, “Miho.”

Miho was dazed as she came out from behind.

“What did you just do?”

“Flash her memory. I think we can do it.”

Miho then took a deep breath and pulled out her orb. It looked much bigger than before. Woojin sat next to her. Miho placed her hand over Yangryou’s forehead and began to read her memory.

Woojin read the memory and learned what these vampires were doing. He learned that Yangryou was going to send the blood down to Shanghai. Wangjinjin had directly given her all these orders. She was in Shanghai. However, knowing her location didn’t mean much as Woojin couldn’t go straight to her. He needed to kill those who worked for her first.

If all vampires above the 3rd generation died and Woojin killed Wangjinjin, her family would lose the power and influence they had. Woojin knew this and checked the memories to see if there were any other targets he could go after.

He saw Gangzho, the 2nd generation vampire’s face and another 2nd generation vampire, Yamato. Unlike Dmitri, Wangjinjin only created vampires with Asians. Woojin then saw the two of them eating at a restaurant a while ago. They drank special Cocktails made by mixing blood and drank from a live human at the end.

Vampires had to be wiped out. They were more evil than most avatars. It was probably why they were easily lured by Amon, not realizing what awaited them.

Woojin then kept on looking but nothing showed as to what they were trying to do with the blood afterward.

“So, only Wangjinjin knows the plan?”

At least Woojin was able to locate all the blood they collected.

“Good. We’ll stop here.”

Woojin opened his eyes and saw Miho in a trance while reading the memory. If she continued like this, she’d lose consciousness. Woojin grabbed her shoulder and gave it a good shake but she didn’t wake up. He then squeezed her shoulder. His strength now would even allow him to destroy a stone in his grasp.


Miho screamed as she returned to her senses.

“It hurts!”

Woojin gave her the next instructions.

“Get to the hotel. I’ll meet you there later.”

“What about you?”

“I have business to take care of.”

Miho nodded and left and Woojin looked down at Yangryou.

“I promised Shayna that I will send all of you there.”

Yangryou opened her mouth but no voice came out. Woojin brought out the Starfish Fang and took her bloodstone. She turned into ashes and Woojin fed the stone to his Fang. He felt his agility increasing by a large margin. He felt like he could even fight with a 3rd generation vampire in terms of speed now.

“I look forward to meeting Wangjinjin.”

It seemed like feeding Wangjinjin’s bloodstone would help increase his speed more than any of the other vampires. He looked around Yangryou’s room and saw a wall with some art on it. When he pushed away the drawing, there was a safe. He remembered seeing the memory of using the safe. It required authentication which he did not have, so Woojin just punched it. His strength and hardened skin ripped through the metal as if it were made of paper. There was cash, gold, and a lot of diamonds. Woojin collected it all in a bag and he also gathered the bloodstones from the ghouls on his way out and left.

Hwang smiled, “Did you get Yangryou? I heard it’s noisy out there right now.”


“Good. I knew you could do it.”

Woojin smiled and handed over the cash, gold, and diamonds to Hwang.

“Can you deposit all his into my bank?”

Hwang checked on the amount and answered, “1.15 million dollars in cash, 1.2 million dollars in gold and 3.2 million dollars in diamonds. You’ve got a lot here.”

“Yeah. Can you deposit into my bank?”

“Of course. So, what are you going to do with Gangzho?”

“You think he’ll come here?”

“Of course.”

A 2nd generation vampire died. Gangzho would definitely come to investigate. Woojin smiled, “Let me know when he comes. I have some business to attend to.”


Woojin then went to the blood hospital of Guangzhou. Vampires created a blood storage beneath the hospital so they could use the hospital’s vehicles to transport blood.

Before he went there, he stopped by a store to buy a cat mask. He couldn’t use the EMP since it would cripple the hospital so he had to hide his face from the security cameras. When Woojin got down to the entrance, there were people guarding it. Woojin realized they were just normal humans and quickly knocked them out. They didn’t even realize what was coming at them.

Woojin then destroyed the door and stood in front of the elevator. He punched in the passcode but it didn’t work.

“Did they find out already?”

Woojin then destroyed the elevator door and jumped down. Elevator was coming up, but he punched through the elevator and got down. When he opened the door, he was met with gunfire. Woojin had his Hydra leather armor so he brought both arms up to hide his face and charged. People were thrown to the wall as if they were struck by a truck.

Woojin glanced around and walked in. There was blood everywhere. Woojin summoned his spear and destroyed all the machines. It was to stop controlling the temperature, thus ruining all the blood here.

Woojin then got out and returned to his hotel. Miho was drinking hard liquor. Woojin sighed, “How much did you drink?”

There were ten empty bottles on the floor. A human would have died already. Miho grinned, “I felt like I would forget who I am if I don’t drink…”

“Isn’t this the opposite?”

It seemed like the 2nd generation vampire was too much for Miho. The chaos in reading memories would bring destruction to her consciousness. Woojin looked at her and slapped her head. Miho was knocked out and Woojin sat next to her. He picked up a bottle of liquor and drank it.

“It’s good liquor though.”

Woojin then looked out to the window. It was a busy day, but he had gotten a lot. Woojin smiled as he looked down at the Glove of Ban Gu. It increased his spiritual power and strengthened it. The spear was a great weapon but he didn’t know how to use it well yet so the glove was now a powerful weapon in his arsenal. And Woojin knew that if his spiritual power increased, his glove would become much more powerful in return.

While Woojin was feeling the spiritual power reacting better to him, Miho woke up.

“What are you doing here?”

“You’re awake now?”

Miho then closed her eyes for a second and then opened them again.

“Yeah, it’s clear now. Thank you.”

“That’s good.”

Miho didn’t seem to remember that she was knocked out by Woojin.

“There’s something you need to learn.”

“What is it?”

Woojin answered, “Sniping.”