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Chapter 57: Gangzho (1)

“Get it together. You missed.”

“It’s the wind!”

Woojin looked at the target with his arms crossed. The distance was about 500 meters away. He couldn’t have her try longer distances yet, so they were firing at Yangryou’s room that could be seen from afar. It seemed like no one was coming to investigate, which meant that Gangzho was already working on it.

“Again. Your target is the wine glass on that desk.”

Sniping against the wind on top of fifty story building was no easy task. Woojin took a long time to get to where he was now. But the person practicing it was an Avatar heightened senses. They could even feel the slight breeze in the air.


Miho took a breath and pulled the trigger. The wine glass shattered. Miho became excited but Woojin simply moved on. “Good. We can now wait.”

Miho moved away from the scope and turned to Woojin.

“Who are we waiting for?”


“Do you think he’ll be shot down?”

“No, but we can get his attention. He won’t be able to jump across here.”

Woojin was prepared to fight against Gangzho already. He had set up traps across the roof. Gangzho was famous for his strength. Unlike Yangryou and Yamato who worked to increase their own forces, Gangzho only worked with Wangjinjin to take care of her business.

Woojin chewed on his jerky while Miho munched on her snack and mumbled, “How long do we have to wait?”

“It won’t take long. The police are not coming, which means that Gangzho has already worked things out. He’ll come soon. At least by tonight.”

“Do we have to wait until night then?”

“Of course.”

Miho asked, “Can I drink?”


Woojin then looked out at the sky. The sun was going down already. A hunter’s fight was always like this. They were always up against much stronger beings and they always had to set down traps and wait. Waiting was the first thing required of hunters.

Gangzho answered the conference call and saw Wangjinjin’s face popping up. He frowned as he saw that her face was pale with the sign of disease.

[Yangryou is dead.]

“I will be at the scene soon.”

Her eyes turned red as she glared at Gangzho.

[Do whatever you can to kill the one responsible for this. And bring me their head.]

“I’ll bring it over to you soon.”

[I’m counting on you.]

Gangzho hung up and placed his back against the seat. He had gotten into a problem against the black market while investigating Shayna but he didn’t care. Shayna would not have died if they hadn’t sold their weapons. The car stopped and Gangzho got out of the car. A man walked over to him who was guarding the building. He was the head of police.

“I told people to stay out like you said.”

“Thank you. You can go now.”

“Of course.”

They began to move away and Gangzho behind him. There was a man protected by six ghouls. Gangzho met eyes with the man and walked into the building. After what happened yesterday, the building was emptied out. The elevators no longer worked because of the EMP and Gangzho jumped up the emergency stairway. Ghouls followed him and the last ghoul a the weak-looking man on his arm.

Gangzho became surprised when he got to the top floor.

“What is this?”

He was curious about which Avatar killed Shayna and Yangryou. So he checked all the Avatars within China but he couldn’t find anyone. And based on what happened here, it was evident that guns and bombs had been used. But that wasn’t enough to kill Yangryou. It was when Gangzho found the destroyed corridor that he stopped. The entire corridor was destroyed from top to bottom, left to right.

“What is this?”

Gangzho looked back and the weak-looking man asked, “Should I take a look?”

“Read the memory.”


The man placed his hand on the ground and mumbled, “Man and woman… they use pistols. They are good at taking out ghouls. The man is good at fighting. He kills ghouls with ease.”

“Check this place.”

The man then walked up to the destroyed place. The man was the Avatar of Baku. He had a way of reading memories of objects and eating a person’s dreams. Gangzho then looked up. He saw something shining on the roof of the opposite building and saw the outcome right away.

Baku’s head exploded and Gangzho turned to the building. He then jumped to the side for cover and realized that the enemy was waiting for him here. He jumped out of the window.

When Gangzho appeared, Woojin was prepared to fire. He saw the man standing by the ghouls. He knew who this man was.

“Miho. We need to get him first.”


“You see the man next to Gangzho?”

“The one who has his hand on the ground?”

“Yeah. He’s an Avatar of Baku. He can read the memories of objects. We have to take him out first.”

Miho nodded and pulled the trigger. Woojin then spoke after he saw Baku’s head blow up.

“Now, fire at Gangzho.”

Miho fired at Gangzho right away but Gangzho got away. He was then running toward the broken window. Woojin then took out the HK416. He saw Gangzho had a cloak on his back. The cloak then turned to that of a wing of a bat and Gangzho flew over the building up to them. Woojin pulled the trigger.

“Cloak of Vampire Bat… dammit!”

It was famous divine object related to vampires. It allowed the wearer to fly. It also had high defensive capabilities.

Woojin shouted, “Miho! Get back!”

Miho quickly got back and disappeared and Woojin fired at Gangzho again. The part of his cloak protected his body to defend against the bullets and Gangzho dropped in front of Woojin.

If Woojin didn’t back away, he would’ve been killed. Woojin looked at Gangzho. Gangzho smiled, “I’ve got you now.”

He seemed to be excited that he was finally able to find the man behind the vampire murders. Woojin fired his remaining bullets and the cloak moved by itself to deflect them. Woojin then threw down his gun and took out his spear. Gangzho also increased his nail into claws and the cloak turned into black clothes.

“Are you Batman or something?”

Gangzho ignored Woojin’s comment and said, “I just need your head.”

He charged and Woojin moved forward with his spear. Thanks to his Starfish Fang, he was now as fast as a 3rd generation vampire. Gangzho frowned and dodged the spear and analyzed Woojin. It was very quick, meaning he seemed to be a speedy-type Avatar. But it wasn’t too fast. Also, the spear didn’t even make a scratch on his nail, which meant it was nothing special.

It was weird that he was using a gun, but this alone wasn’t enough to kill Yangryou. Gangzho realized it and unleashed his spiritual power. the cloak absorbed the power and changed shape. It turned to make him move faster.

Now, Woojin couldn’t even touch Gangzho with his spear. He didn’t know the cloak had such power. He wanted it.