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Chapter 58: Gangzho (2)

Woojin couldn’t use his traps as Gangzho had flown over but he didn’t care. He was thankful for Gangzho bringing a divine object. The problem was that he was too quick. Gangzho’s claw attacked Woojin’s body and he struck down with his spear. But Gangzho quickly retreated and came for Woojin’s neck this time. He knew his skin could harden but he didn’t want to try it with his neck. Woojin dodged it and tried to grab the wrist but Gangzho dodged it again and kicked Woojin, throwing him backwards. Woojin tried to get up but Gangzho was already on him

Woojin needed precise time for his Glove of Bandu to work or he will run out of his spiritual power before making a decisive blow. Woojin pulled up the spear to defend himself against the claw. At least the spear was a good defense against a spiritual power attack. Woojin then brought up his spiritual power. He couldn’t win this fight without using it. His muscle strength increased and his attack became more powerful.

Gangzho jumped way into the back and stood by the corner of the roof and looked at Woojin. He thought Woojin was a speed type but he unleashed his power and almost broke his claws. It was time for Gangzho to do it for real. Gangzho’s eyes turned red.


Gangzho used hypnosis when he met eyes with Woojin. He knew it wouldn’t work against an Avatar, but it will at least give a slight stop and that was going to be a decisive moment. Woojin didn’t even flinch. Instead, Gangzho had gotten injured from the spear for the first time. His cloak was ripped apart and it cut his shoulder.

If it damaged his cloak, that was a divine object. Gangzho realized his hypnosis did not work and moved away. He then realized his bleeding did not stop.

“This is more than I expected.”

Woojin smiled. He felt his spiritual power loosening up as he freely fought with his powers. It was as if ice was melting away. Woojin then jumped at Gangzho. The vampire dodged and tried to fight but after seeing what his spear could do, Gangzho became less aggressive. He was also shocked by the fact that his power did not work at all.

Gangzho realized he couldn’t win at this rate so he sped up. His claw came after Woojin’s body and Woojin focused his spiritual power at the impact point. The claw penetrated through the leather armor but it couldn’t penetrate the hardened skin. When Gangzho’s eye turned wide in shock, Woojin grabbed his wrist. Gangzho kicked Woojin with his wrist grabbed but Woojin endured it by hardening his body. Woojin then thrust his spear into Gangzho’s chest but Gangzho backed away. He had cut his own arm.

Gangzho then realized that Woojin’s biggest weapon was not the strength or speed. It was defense. He realized he could not win and decided he should attack next time.

When Gangzho tried to jump down, Woojin charged. Gangzho didn’t think Woojin would move toward him Woojin would fly down building. There was nowhere for Gangzho to avoid it. He just jumped fast as he can, but he couldn’t get away from Woojin as he stabbed his spear at Gangzho.

Gangzho dodged it and kicked Woojin, thinking it would push Woojin back but Woojin snatched his foot. Gangzho thought for a second that if he had to cut down his foot but Woojin pushed forth with his spear. Gangzho then collided against the spear and hugged Woojin to bite his neck.

Woojin sent his spiritual power but Gangzho’s fangs cut down into his hardened skin. But while they were falling from the fifty story height, Woojin was relieved. There was nowhere for Gangzho to go now. Woojin brought his spear back to his bracelet and grabbed Gangzho’s face. His strength was unimaginable. Gangzho’s face was going to be crushed before he could put his fang into Woojin’s neck. Gangzho then used his claws to penetrate Woojin’s stomach, thinking Woojin could only harden his skin in one place. Woojin couldn’t harden his stomach and the claw pierced through his skin.

Woojin vomited blood and increased his grasp with his spiritual power. That made the power to harden the skin on the neck to decrease and the fang reached the veins. Gangzho smiled but Woojin’s hand destroyed his face.


Gangzho opened his mouth to scream and the fangs were pulled out. Woojin then reached out with his right hand and dropped with Gangzho’s head on the bottom and pulled out the spear on his left and stabbed Gangzho’s heart. Gangzho shook and turned into ash. Woojin grabbed the bloodstone and the cloak. The cloak that changed shape to cover Gangzho’s body had turned back into normal cloak again. As he placed his hand on it, his power was sucked into the cloak. It seemed the cloak refused to be touched by Woojin. Woojin focused while falling down and the cloak soon grasped his body. Woojin then opened his eyes. He was almost at the ground. Wojin tried to use the cloak to make it fly, but he couldn’t control it yet and the cloak didn’t change from its current shape where it wrapped Woojin’s body like how Gangzho did. Woojin then bit on his lips and focused the remaining power on his two legs and dropped to the ground.

The ground trembled and cars next to it were bumped up. Woojin had grit on his teeth from the shock coming through his leg. Fortunately, he was able to avoid being hurt. Woojin found ghouls running out of Yangryou’s building and charged.

He was almost empty of his spiritual power. Woojin fed Gangzho’s bloodstone to the Starfish Fang and charged at the ghouls. Thanks to the stone, he now had a speed that overcame a 3rd generation vampire. He was easily able to kick and punch ghouls into their death. And then one ghouls’ heads exploded. Woojin looked up and saw that Miho fired from the roof.

Woojin then brought out the spear to attack the remaining two ghouls and killed them. He picked the bloodstones and jumped on top of the car roof next to it and jumped again to step on the light pole and disappeared.

Wangjinjin shook while getting up from the table. Gangzho was also killed. While she was shaking heavily, someone walked in. Wangjinjin glared and the person came to help her stand. After helping Wangjinjin to sit down, Amon sat across her.

“You seem to have gained taken a huge blow.”

Wangjinjin glared. This happened after she decided to side with Amon. She didn’t care when the low-ranking vampires were killed, but the death of the 2nd generations she made herself made her angry.

“Why are you here?”

“I wanted to help you.”


Wangjinjin asked and Amon smiled.

“There’s a man out there that clouds my vision.”

Wangjinjin looked at Amon in annoyance and Amon continued, “I think the man killed Yangryou and Gangzho.”

Wangjinjin just felt Gangzho’s death. But how did Amon know that? Wangjinjin held back her fury and asked, “You didn’t tell me even when you knew?”

Amon shook his head.

“Everything was blurry this time. I only got to see it clearly after he died.”


“I came to help you so we can kill him.”

Wangjinjin then smiled at Amon.

“I’m happy to hear what kind of help you will provide.”