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Chapter 59: Divine Object (1)

Hwang greeted Woojin wholeheartedly.

“Haha. I heard it already, but I didn’t expect to hear Gangzho to have died already.”

Woojin flashed his left hand.

“Thanks to this glove.”

“That fully belongs to you now.”

Woojin smiled and gave the Hydra leather set to Hwang.

“Huh? Where did you get this? Ouch, look at the hole in this expensive suit!”

It was the armor that Woojin had used himself. It had done its duty.

“Can you make an alteration to this size?”

Woojin gave the size to Hwang and he smiled, “Are you going to the friend you hang around with?”

“Did you know?”

“Well, we do have eyes on you too.”

“Yeah, but you shouldn’t sell my information to vampires.”

“If we didn’t respect our code as merchants, we would not have be where we are today.”

Of course, it was proven when two of their stores were destroyed by Gangzho but they didn’t spill Woojin’s information.

“So, how long are you going to stay here?”

“I’m going to Japan, but I need to prepare some things first.”

“Are you going to kill Yamato?”

Woojin just smiled and Hwang answered, “I guess you do need to get Yamato if you want to destroy Wangjinjin family, but Yamato has connections with politics. It won’t be easy.”

Woojin answered, “I’ll finish it before the other Avatars come to bother me.”

Yamato had influentce over Japanese Avatars but it wasn’t likely for them to move to avenge Yamato. Woojin was going to kill Yamato and get right out.

“I’ll send it to you in three days to your hotel.”

“And can you get me basic hunter equipment?”

“Basic equipments? Other than guns?”


“I’ll prepare those also.”

Woojin then returned to the hotel. Miho wasn’t drinking and was working on cleaning out the guns. Woojin smiled.

“It was a shame this time.”

If she had read Gangzho’s memory, her fifth tail might have come out but Woojin had no way to subdue him. Miho placed down the gun and said, “If I’m a help, then how about you share plans with me moving forward?”

Woojin asked Miho who seemed more determined then usual, “Why are you interested now?”

“Because I think it’s better for me to know what’s going on rather than just being dragged around.”

Woojin shook his head.

“Not yet.”


“For you to help, you need nine tails. I’ll tell you when the time comes, so for now, just trust me.”

Miho didn’t ask further and Woojin handed over a tablet machine.

“What is this?”

“It’s a program for hunter training.”

“Huh? You want me to look at it?”

“Yeah. I’m going to test you later.”


Woojin then returned to his room and began his training. What he was focusing on was the Vampire Bat Cloak. It had the ability to change shape according to the wearer’s will so he had to make it shape it on him like a jacket. There was a lot of things he can do with the cloak. It can change its shape to fly or be worn like armor. If it wielded spiritual power, it could be strengthened also.

It was hard at first but Woojin soon got the hang of it. He changed the cloak to a wing shape and tried to move. It felt like if he now had a another body part. He then changed it back to wrap around himself. It was going to take some time to change its shape instantly, but it was still a good find.

Sun let out a smoke. He had tried to save it but he already used all of the balls that Woojin had gotten him.

“Yangryou and Gangzho are dead.”

Nam came up to Sun and spoke and Sun sighed after puffing out the last smoke.

“So, he’s going to finish them for real.”

“Yes. There is no going back now.”

Sun Wukong cackled and Nam continued, “We have a report that the Red Boy appeared at Guangzhou.”

“Red Boy? Why is he there?”

“We have a report that Ko Woojin is related to death of Wuma and Somi.”

Sun laughed, “Then I can’t bring him back. I have no reason to jump in a fight between Avatars. Especially if it’s such a private matter.”

“Should I send a message to let him know?”

“No. We can’t help him. I just hope he tells me the recipe before he dies.”

Sun then looked out the window.

Woojin focused on training on his cloak and was able to achieve enough progress. Miho also mastered the training program. Woojin was going to purchase all equipment that was in the program to train her when Hwang and Darkling came to visit him.

“Didn’t think you would come by yourself.”

“Well, it’s expensive.”

Woojin smiled. Darkling put down the bag and there was Hydra leather armor cleanly fixed with basic hunter equipment.

“How much is it total?”

“About a million yuan.”

“Do you want it transferred to your account?”

“That will do.”

Woojin made a transfer and Hwang walked up to the window to look out. He then turned to Woojin.

“Yamato moved.”

It seemed he was having his eyes on Yamato already.

“Where is he now?”

“He’s in Shanghai. And all 3rd generation vampires hace gathered.”

Woojin frowned. He can kill 3rd generations with ease now, but he couldn’t fight 2nd generations with such ease. Wangjinjin was a 1st generation. He was going to fight her after killing all others but if they were grouping up, there was no way to fight them.

“If they are going to hide away, then I’ll let them.”

“Huh? Will you let them be?”

“Yeah. I wasn’t only here to fight them.”

He came to China to kill Wangjinjin’s family but he had to find something too. He couldn’t dare to attack the Wangjinjin family when they were getting ready to defend. It was better to take the chance to look for what he wanted to find.

“I need directions to Mr. Jang who smuggles ancient artifacts in Machuria.”

Hwang was confused.

“Jang? You mean Jang Yoon?”


“What about him? He’s not a clean type to work with. If you need something from him, I’ll get it for you instead.”

“I need to see him directly.”

Hwang then nodded.

“It won’t be hard to make an appointment with him.”

“Yeah, please.”

“Good. I’ll let you know. But I’ll need payment for it.”

“Of course.”

“Haha. Sure.”

Hwang then was going out and stopped to speak.

“Oh, and the Red Boy has come down to Guangzhou. Sound familiar you?”

“Red Boy?”

Woojin frowned. There was no way Red Boy would come to Guangzhou without reason.

“Did you find his location?”

“I just heard he just arrived this morning.”

Woojin nodded.

“Thank you for letting me know.”

“No problem. I just thought maybe it’s related to you. Do you want me to take a look?”

“No, that’s okay.”

“I’ll call you later.”

Hwang left and Woojin took the bag to Miho’s room.

“What is it?”

Woojin walked in and put down the bag.

“This is for you.”

“For me?”

Woojin nodded and opened the bag to take out the equipment on the table. Miho also seemed to be interested in gear and weapons now and checked each thing. Woojin smiled and took out the Hydra leather armor.

“And this is your armor.”

“Huh? Hydra’s leather amor?!”

“Put it on. It should fit.”

“Is it mine?”

She was more eager than when she saw hunter gear. It was an expensive item so it was natural for her to be excited.

“Can I put it on?”

Woojin nodded and Miho quickly went into the bathroom to change. With the leather clothing on, it showed her alluring lines well. She also had beautiful face that combined with the clothes, she was going to allure nine out of ten men on the street for sure.

Woojin said, “Check on the gears here.”

“Of course. I’ll do my best!”

Woojin smiled and got out. He had the Desert Eagle, the Starfish Fang and the spear, but this was the best equipment he could get for now. He then glanced at the watch. The directional needle was moving.

The Red Boy.

Son of the Bull Demon King and the Iron Fan Princess. If he came for him, he was here for revenge. There was no getting out of it.