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“It’s a good day for you to die, asshole!”

Dukgoo charged with a shout and Woojin read his movements in the darkness. Vampires were faster than average avatars. He was with the 9th generation of vampires that moved into Korea. Fortunately, Dukgoo was not from the older generations like the 6th or above. If so, Woojin wouldn’t be able to read his movements even with the help of Cocktail-B.

Although Woojin could read his movements, he still couldn’t keep up with the speed. That’s why he taunted him instead. As sharp nails flew in to rip him apart, Woojin reached out with both hands. Dukgoo quickly retracted his hands since knew what Woojin was holding onto now, but it was too late. Woojin had already grabbed Dukgoo’s arms.

This time, however, Woojin did not have a spiderweb in his hands. As he pulled, Dukgoo scoffed and also pulled in his direction. Woojin then let Dukgoo pull him away and wrapped the web onto Dukgoo’s arm.

Dukgoo opened his eyes in shock as he witnessed the web slicing his arm off.


Dukgoo’s eyes grew wider, and when Woojin’s eyes met his, Dukgoo tried to exert a powerful hypnosis spell with his eyes. However, Woojin just poked both eyes with his fingers.


Woojin then quickly moved past Dukgoo and wrapped the web over Dukgoo’s neck. A vampire’s hypnosis was strong, but it didn’t work against strong-willed humans.

Thankfully, Woojin’s mind that had been trained over 10 years in search of vengeance was not that weak. Dukgoo realized something had been wrapped around his neck and begged.

“D-Don’t kill me!”

“Tell me one good reason why I should let you live.”

It was just a matter of pulling on the string to cut the head. Dukgoo shouted frantically.

“M-money! I’ll give you money!”

“How much?”

“I have 1 billion in cash! I can give you more! J-just don’t kill me!”

Dukgoo’s arms were cut and his eyeballs were destroyed, but those injuries were not from a silver weapon so he could always recover with some human blood. That’s why he desperately wanted to be spared.

“And where is the money?”

“In the basement! It’s in the safe!”


Dukgoo flinched.

“I need proof that you won’t kill me.”

“Oh? Nevermind then.”

Woojin tugged lightly on the string and Dukgoo shouted as he felt web straining him.


Woojin memorized the number and loosened the string. Dukgoo panted as he dropped down and Woojin asked, “Who’s behind you?”


“You tried to kidnap people. Who are you working for?”

Dukgoo became silent. Woojin pulled on the web again and Dukgoo spoke.

“It’s from the family head.”

“Are you from the House of Dmitri?”


There were two 1st generation vampires, Dmitri and Wangjinjin. It wasn’t strange for Dukgoo to spill it so easily as Dmitri wasn’t someone Woojin could handle at this point.

“Okay. I’ll forgive you for 1 billion in cash.”

Dukgoo sighed in relief, but then Woojin yanked hard on the web. Dukgoo’s head was cut off instantly. His mouth opened as his head rolled on the ground, but it soon turned into ashes. Woojin said as he looked down, “Forgive you my ass. I suffered for ten years because of you.”

Woojin then went down to look for the safe and opened it up. There were packs of blood and cash. Woojin stashed it all in a bag he found inside the house. The cash was divided into two bags. Woojin searched the house again, but there were no weapons. Dukgoo probably assumed that the ghouls and his own power were enough. Moreover, vampires were extremely influential beings that many could not afford to meddle with. That’s why Dukgoo and the other vampires did what they did ten years ago.

“Well, one billion will get me good equipment.”

During his ten years as a hunter, he started out with nothing. He later acquired equipment worth billions. One billion wasn’t a large amount of money, but it would help for now.

Woojin carefully checked all the rooms and found a locked room that looked like storage. As he broke it open, there were two women lying on the ground with dazed looks. Woojin sighed as he looked at the two who were brought here as offerings. Their families were ripped apart in front of them. They were hypnotized right now, but they would now live with the nightmares that they’d seen. There was no way to save them from that nightmare.

“But you must live. You must survive.”

Woojin left them in the room, went back up, and searched through the remains of the dead ghouls and Dukgoo. There were a total of five bloodstones. Bloodstones were extracts of a vampire’s spiritual power. The bloodstone from the vampire was much better in quality than the ones from the ghouls.

Woojin picked up Dukgoo’s cell phone. It was stolen. Woojin then called 911 to report that there were unconscious people at the address and left with the bag and Dukgoo’s clothes.

Woojin heard the sirens of the police cars and firetrucks. Those women were going to live, even if it meant that they had to live through their nightmares. However, in order for them to live, Woojin needed to kill the crazy vampires in Korea.

He took a cab and returned to the Yeonbeon streets. Soon, he was before the old man again.

Woojin placed the bag and bloodstones in front of the old man. Woojin arranged it so that the four bloodstones from ghouls were in front and Dukgoo’s bloodstone was at the back.

“You know what this is, right?”

“What have you done?”

Woojin looked straight into the old man’s eyes and placed one bag up on the counter.

“I’m hunting. Can you get anything if I have the money?”

The old man looked at Woojin with a frown. Even if the Korean vampires were young, they were known for protecting each other, which made them famous across the globe. That’s why even most avatars did not choose to meddle with vampires.

However, the boy just said he hunted vampires.

Only two types of people would do his. He was either a complete fool or a real hunter with the power and courage to hunt vampires.

And if Woojin was the latter, he was valuable.

“If you have the money, I can get you anything,” the old man smiled.