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Chapter 60: Divine Object (2)

Woojin got out of the hotel and climbed into the Humvee. The distance wasn’t far from him. He saw it moving when he got out of the parking lot. There was young man driving into the hotel on a convertible and Woojin sighed. The Red Boy knew where he was and came straight to him. If he met Miho, that would cause another problem so Woojin rammed his Humvee into the Red Boy’s car.

Red Boy almost fell while getting out of his car and glared at him. Woojin then waved and backed his car up before he turned his car around and ran. Red Boy got back onto his car and followed.

Woojin couldn’t shake him off as they drove fast through the city. He couldn’t fight Red Boy in the middle of the city. Sun Wukong allowed Woojin to not cause too much trouble so Woojin ran through the city even if it meant that he had to ram through other cars. Red Boy scoffed, “Wow, look at him go.”

Red Boy realized that the man who rammed into his car was the one he was looking for. He heard about his parent’s deaths when he got out of his training. It was Jang Soso, his step-mother who brought him the news of the death of Wuma and Somi. And from her, Red Boy learned that there was another hunter involved who was responsible for their death. It was Hunter Ko Woojin. Red Boy was going to kill Woojin first and go after Bihyung.

He couldn’t dare to have this car chase go on for long as it will furiate Mr. Sun. His eyes turned red and Humvee’s tire bursted into flame and exploded. The car slammed the pole at the entrance of a bazaar. A man ran out of the car and the Red Boy smiled. But the man ran straight into an alleyway.


All he needed to do was to be careful about the spear. Red Boy chased him in but Woojin was waiting for him.

Woojin was relieved when Red Boy was following him. His eyes would allow him to burn down the Humvee as a whole but just burning up the wheel meant that Red Boy was wary of Sun Wukong. This meant he will not unleash big power that might endanger those around them.

This was his chance. That’s why he ran just enough for Red Boy to follow him. Woojin jumping to an adjacent building and hopped up to the roof. Red Boy soon followed him up and asked, “Is this the end?”

Woojin then looked at Red Boy.

“Red Boy?”

“Yes. I am the Red Boy.”

He looked like a high school student, but his power was more dangerous than Dokkebi Fire in some way.

“You are Ko Woojin?”

“Do you know me?”

“My stepmother told me. My father and mother. You killed them, didn’t you?”

Woojin sighed, “What do you want from me?”

“You should pay with your death. You killed my family, so I’ll start with you and finish all of your family.”

“That won’t be possible.”

Red Boy was one of the stronger Avatars but he was no match against Granny Mago.

“Wuma came for my family with Wangjinjin’s request and Somi came for my friend. Based on your logic, it is destiny for me to kill you then.”

Red Boy then bumped his fists together and they sparked in fire. His power allowed him to start a fire wherever he wanted but he couldn’t make it too easy. He was going to burn this man alive slowly. Woojin scoffed and pulled out the Desert Eagle.

Red Boy dodged and got closer to Woojin.

He frowned, “What?”

He was shocked by the fact that he couldn’t get away from the bullet. Woojin then changed the cloak into an armor shape and charged at the Red Boy.

Red Boy was shocked yet again. Woojin was too quick to be a human. When Red Boy swung his fist instinctively, Woojin easily dodged it and threw his fist at the Red Boy’s stomach.


It was a powerful attack that looked like it would penetrate his stomach. Red Boy tried to reach out to Woojin with his hand but Woojin had already punched Red Boy’s chin and Woojin pounded him.

Red Boy was bruised, his teeth broke and his chest bones were shattered. He couldn’t get himself together against the unimaginable brute force. Woojin then kicked down on his head and the Red Boy dropped to the ground. Woojin brought out his spear when the fire exploded in front of his eyes.

What Woojin first did was to take Red Boy’s sight. He thought taking away his sight would cause him to lose his aim to start fires but Red Boy seemed felt a sense of danger and exploded with fire.

Woojin jumped up to avoid being engulfed in flames. The entire roof was swept by the flame and the Red Boy was standing up in it. He still had no sight but he brought the fire everywhere with him. Now Woojin needed to kill him for the sake of the safety of people.

The cloak then changed and shaped it with Woojin’s spiritual power to increase his strength. Woojin then threw the spear. Red Boy engulfed himself in flames to defend but the spear flew through the flames and Red Boy altogether.


The spear pierced through Red Boy and Woojin took out another spear. He couldn’t go into the flames as the Starfish Fang was weak against heat. He had to finish him before going back down.

Woojin then threw another spear and it penetrated his head. The fire disappeared as Red Boy was killed. Woojin walked up and took out the spiritual stone. As he looked down at the yellow stone, Woojin hesitated. The Starfish Fang took in every stone but this stone was special. It had the power to wield fire. Could it still be eaten? What if it ruins the Fang? Woojin then decided that he still had time. If the Fang disappeared after taking this stone, then he can always get a new Fang.

Woojin then fed it and realized one thing. Red Boy’s stone had huge spiritual power and gave him a great boost. However, it didn’t seem to give him the power to make fire.

“So it can take any spiritual stones.”

He now had more spiritual stones that boosted power. Woojin looked down at the Red Boy’s body.

“What should I do with this?”

Woojin then took out the cloak to put the body inside it and shaped the cloak to that of a carrier and dragged it down.

He climbed into Red Boy’s convertible and got to Hwang.

“What is it?”

“Can you send this to Doctor Ahn?”

“A delivery job? What is it?”

Woojin then opened it and Hwang asked, “Is this some kind of mummy?”

Woojin wasn’t sure what he meant and looked down. There was a scrawny looking mummy without a single drop of blood inside. Woojin then remembered the name.

The Vampire Bat Cloak. It drank blood.