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Woojin took the mummy and spoke to Hwang.

“It’s body of the Red Boy. It doesn’t have blood but it should still be useful.”

“It’s the Red Boy?” Hwang asked in shock.

“Yeah. He lost too much blood while fighting.”

“This looks like a vampire sucked all of his blood out.”

Woojin didn’t explain any further.

“Oh, and do you know what divine object the Jade Faced Princess has?”

“Are you talking about the Mirror of Reflection?”

“Mirror of Reflection? She has that?”

The Mirror of Reflection was a mirror said to be placed at the entrance to hell that showed what the person did in the past life. It was more than just a divine object.

“It’s a replica but it’s still good enough to be called a divine object. It showcases the past.”

Hwang nodded, “I wondered how the Red Boy found you. So it was her.”


“I think we have a way to cripple her item.”

“Is there?”

“It’s this.”

Hwang brought up a mirror. Woojin looked at it and Hwang explained, “This can be used to erase the trace.”

Hwang then flashed it Woojin and the body of Red Boy.

“The Mirror of Reflection won’t be able to read you now.”

“How much is that?”

“I don’t sell this. We use it to erase the trace.”

It seemed like it had more power to it then just erasing the trace of memories. Maybe it was going to help prevent memory reading by avatars like Miho or Baku.

“You have a great object there.”

“Consider this a complementary service.”

“Thank you. So how much is the shipping cost?”

“Let’s see. I think 100 thousand yuan should do.”

“Oh, and I got into an accident near the hotel. Can you take care of that?”

“I need a separate payment for that. I need 500 thousand yuan.”

Woojin paid and left with the carrier. Hwang looked down at the body and became curious.

“How did he even have a carrier ready?”

Woojin returned to his hotel and looked at the carrier. He didn’t see it sucking blood when he wore it but it drank all the blood from the Red Boy. He expected to show a great power since it drank up all that valuable blood. He tapped on the cloak that covered his body as he touched it. He then took the Fang and sliced his arm that was wrapped with the cloak. It didn’t cut open.


It was a divine object that had the ability to grow. This meant that he could feed the stones to his Fang and the blood to the cloak.

“This is more than I expected.”

He got a call from Hwang and was told that appointment with Mr. Jang had been made. He had to travel down to Harbin, so taking a plane was necessary. Woojin asked Hwang to transfer his weapons and asked him to arrange transportation for him to Harbin.

Woojin then called Bihyung.

[It looks like everything went well. Wangjinjin’s family is in mess.]

“I killed Gangzho, Yangryou, and Shayna.”

He didn’t even have to name the ones under the 3rd generation. Bihyung shouted in astonishment,

[So, that’s why Yamato went to Shanghai.]

“Do you have eyes on the Wangjinjin family?”

[Yeah, I was curious.]

“Let me ask you a favor.”

[What is it?]

“I need to move with weapons, but I need to take a flight.”

[You have to ask Mr. Sun if you are going to move within China.]

“Is there any other way?”

[I guess I can make things work. What is the weapon?]

“A dagger.”

[That won’t be a problem. You’re at Guangzhou, right? Where are you going?]


[I’ll send the private jet. Take it down there. It will be at the airport in six hours.]

“Thanks. Have any other Avatars come into the country since I left?”

[No. I was watching out for vampires and Were-families, but none have come in yet.]


[So when are you coming back?]

“After I wipe out Wangjinjin’s family.”

If he could read Wangjinjin’s memory and locate Amon, that was the best possible outcome. At the very least, he’d be able to find Dmitri’s location.

[Okay. Let’s have a drink when you come back.]


Woojin then hung up and went to Miho. She was listening of an expert hunter training lesson with the Hydra leather armor over her.

“Studying hard?”

“Yeah, this is actually fun.”

“Hunters have been developing that for a long time.”

“But why does it only show tactics against monsters?”

“Because Avatars don’t fight in packs. They also all have different powers so regular tactics don’t work against them.”


Miho nodded and Woojin smiled, “So, don’t study too hard on the tactics. What’s important is to learn how to use weapons and when to use them.”


Woojin took out a beer and handed one over to Miho. She opened her eyes wide and asked, “Can I drink?”

“Just one. We have a flight to take later.”

“Where are we going?”


She expected she was going to move when Darkling took all the weapons, but she didn’t expect it to be that far. Woojin smiled, “I have to find something.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a secret. But there’s something you have to do.”

“What is it that you need me to do then?”

“You can read memories without placing your hand over them now, right?”

Miho looked at Woojin in surprise. It was the power she got after getting the fourth tail. How did Woojin know this?

“I can’t flash it though.”

“I don’t need it. Is it possible?”



Woojin only heard that Smuggler Jang Yoon was currently holding the item he was looking for, but he wasn’t sure when the man got his hands on it. He still needed to check to make sure.


Woojin and Miho moved to the place of the appointment. It was inside a certain restaurant. Other than a fat man who sat by the window and few men standing behind him, there was no one else in the restaurant. Woojin walked over and Miho followed cautiously. Woojin sat across and Jang Yoon said grumpily, “I came for Mr. Hwang’s sake. So, what is it that you want from me?”

Woojin spoke calmly.

“I am Ko Wojin.”

Jang Yoon curtly, “Jang Yoon.”

“I believe you have a certain object I want, so that’s why I came to see you.”

“I’m sure you know what objects I sell.”

“Yes. I promise that it will not bring any trouble. I’m not buying it to sell it else where.”

“Is it for collection?”

Woojin nodded and Jang Yoon’s face softened. If Woojin was looking for a collectible, maybe it was going to be a good deal.

“So, what is it that you’re looking for?”

“Do you have a list of what you have?”

Jang Yoon reached out to the back and the man took out a tablet and showed it to Woojin.

“Take a look. If you have what you need, I’ll sell it to you for a good price for Mr. Hwang’s sake.”

Woojin smiled. That was a lie. He knew that this kind of man would not care. Woojin then glanced at Miho and she placed her hand below the table to read Jang Yoon’s memory. Woojin scanned through the tablet but he couldn’t find what he wanted and turned to Miho. She nodded and Woojin returned it to Jang Yoon.

“Are there any others that aren’t listed here?”

“Nothing expect my own collectibles.”

“I see. I don’t think what I’m looking for is here.”

“If you tell me what it is, I’ll have a look around.”

Woojin shook his head and rose up.

“Thank you for your time.”

“How about you eat with me?”

“I’m in a bit of a hurry. Thank you.”

Woojin then bowed and walked out and Jang Yoon narrowed his eyes.

“So, he doesn’t want to tell me what he wants…”

Jang Yoon was sure that Woojin didn’t have what he wanted in the list from the look when he scanned the catalog. That made him more curious.

“Put a tail on him.”


Woojin got into the elevator with Miho.

“Did you check it?”

“It’s in his private safe.”

“He has it then.”

If Jang Yoon didn’t have it on his list to sell, he hadn’t finished analyzing it yet. Not all divine objects were known. However, Jang Yoon knew it wasn’t just any object and he kept it to see how it could be used, so it was an open chance.

“Let’s go get it.”