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Woojin realized someone had tagged along while he was moving. There was a reason why Jang Yoon had survived while smuggling in this world. It didn’t matter, however, as he could easily shake them off.

Woojin spoke to Miho.

“Let’s go to the hotel.”


Woojin checked into a room. Checking the hotel’s security cameras, it would be easier for them to get out from the hotel room. Woojin called Hwang.

“Can you change the destination of the shipment to Shanghai?”

[Is anything wrong?]

“I think I have to move right away.”

[Sure, but I will need another payment.]

“Of course. And can you send an EMP bomb here?”

[Yes, I’ll get you one.]

Woojin then hung up, transferred the money, and walked to the window. He tried opening it and smiled.

“This should be good enough to jump out.”

“You know it’s twenty-two stories high, right?”

“Yeah, so they won’t even guess.”

They were going to keep watching the door of the 22nd-floor room but Woojin now had a new object. With the Cloak of Vampire Bat, this height was no problem. Woojin threw himself onto the bed and spoke.

“We’ll make a move in the morning. Get some rest.”

“Am I going with you?”

“Why? Should I leave you alone here? You can give me what whatever’s in your memories and I’ll leave you here.”

“No, we can go together.”

Miho then jumped onto the bed next to Woojin. Woojin kicked her out of the bed.

“Go take the sofa.”


She then walked over to the sofa and Woojin closed his eyes. If he got his hands on the object, it was going to be a great help to fight against the ones on Amon’s side. Woojin then began to focus on his spiritual power within his body to absorb it all. And after a while, Miho spoke.

“We’ve got a guest.”

Woojin opened the door and a man handed over a small bag. Woojin nodded and turned to Miho.

“Are you prepared?”


Woojin walked up to the window and glanced around. There weren’t that many cars moving down the street.

“How far away is the place?”

“It’s a bit far. We’ll need a car.”

“Go down and get a car.”


“You can do that much, can’t you?”

“You want me to steal it?”

“Let’s borrow it, and then we can return it later.”

Miho smiled and looked down out the window.

“First, we have to get out of here, but I can’t get out without making a mess from this height.”

Woojin then grabbed her by the waist.

“Hold on.”

Woojin then jumped. His jacket changed its shape to become a wing and they flew over to the roof of the building across from the hotel. Miho laughed as Woojin placed her down.

“You’re good at this.”

“Not that good. I can’t use it too often because it uses spiritual power too.”

Woojin couldn’t fly too long with it yet.

“Well, this should be enough to get away from sight. I’ll go get the car.”

They both went down the building and Woojin saw Miho stopping a car. She received a car key from the driver before putting him to sleep. The whole process was so smooth that he was astonished. She was already beautiful and with the charming power, it was easy to lure a man. Woojin sat shotgun and Miho drove the car.

“I think the security is quite good. We’ll need Jang Yoon’s biological data to open the safe.”

“I’ll just destroy it. Problem is the time.”

“There are a lot of security cameras too.”

Woojin smiled.

“That’s why I got the EMP.”

“But the safe has EMP defenses.”

“It’s okay. I’m going to destroy it.”

Miho then thought if she was wrong for thinking that the work was too difficult.

“So, what is that bronze mirror anyway?”

“It’s a divine object.”

Miho became astonished as she also knew how much value it held.

“I guess it’s worth it then.”

“It doesn’t belong to a man who doesn’t even know what it does.”

There were a few divine objects he still had to collect. Some were in the hands of enemies and he needed to kill them. But even if Woojin got his hands on everything, he still wasn’t sure if he could fight against the otherworldly god.

The car stopped while Woojin was thinking.

“It’s there.”

It was surrounded by a tall wall and there were a lot of people guarding the gate and the area.

“Who are those people? They are don’t look like normal people.”

“I saw them on a hunter-related website. I think they are called Team Orion.”


Woojin frowned. If he was against them, the EMP might not have a chance as the EMP wouldn’t work against their equipment. Woojin flexed and said, “I was going to have you come with me, but I changed my mind.”

“Are you going alone? It’s dangerous.”

“It’s okay. It’s more dangerous to look after you.”

Woojin didn’t have to worry about gunfire. Even if Orion had the heaviest type of bullet, it couldn’t work against Woojin with the wrapped around him. He changed its shape to wrap it around himself up to his nose like a mask.

“Show me the memory I need to see.”

Miho then placed her hand over Woojin’s forehead. He frowned while looking into the house. One of the men was noticeable. He had a scrawny face and a large belly. The man didn’t look human.

“Wait here.”


Woojin then nodded. If hunter team Orion was here, it meant that Jang Yoon was prepared for an attack against the Avatars. Woojin then jumped right before the security camera turned to his direction. He then hopped over the wall and walked over the rooftop. He still had his leather shadow spider boots mask the sound.

He then reached the second floor of the house while avoiding getting caught by the security camera. The location of the safe on the second underground level. He then realized he could no longer able to move without being seen by the camera.

“I hoped to steal quietly…”

Woojin then took a breath and smashed into the outer wall of the building. The wall crumbed and Woojin stomped on the ground. He then jumped as the ceiling was destroyed and he jumped down to throw himself into the ground. He destroyed through the corridor of the second floor, the first floor, and the first underground level, leading him right in front of the safe. He didn’t have much time so he unleashed the spiritual power to destroy it.

He threw the door of the safe at the entrance to block it and walked in. There were a lot of objects in there, but he couldn’t take a lot of stuff with him. He found the bronze mirror which was about the size of his palm and reached out to the glass window. Electric sparks flew at him but Woojin endured it and grabbed the mirror. Orion was already at the front of the gate, trying to walk in. Woojin smiled, “You’re a bit late.”

They would have never met such an Avatar. Even if Sun Wukong became angry for what he did, he had to have this object. Woojin jumped through the hole he made and got out of the house. When he got out, he saw the man coming in through the safe. He had sunken eyes with long arms that seemed to reach the ground even when standing. The man looked up through the hole and Woojin met eyes with the leader of Orion.

“Get him.”

Woojin took out his phone but it had been destroyed by the electrical shock. Woojin then ran toward the direction of the hotel and found a telephone booth to call Miho. He told her to come to pick him up and Miho soon arrived to get Woojin. He then changed the cloak to a jacket shape and looked at the bronze mirror.

“Is that it?”


In the past, one of Chinese Avatars acquired it. This allowed him to kill one of the demons but it died with him since he couldn’t use it well. And then the object was gone. That was when the name was first known to the world.

The Mirror of Heavens.

It was one of the Heavenly Objects. Woojin wasn’t sure how to properly use it yet, but he was sure of its power. Miho asked, “Are they following us?”

Woojin peeked at the rearview mirror and saw three Audis following them. The car behind them opened the window and the hunters’ bodies popped out. They had guns.

Woojin changed the cloak to cover his body up to his nose again and he ordered as he opened the door of the car, “I’ll see you back at the hotel.”

And then he jumped.