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Woojin got off the car and turned to throw his EMP bomb. The bomb exploded and the cars skidded off the street. The last car that tried to fight to stay stable on the street opened its window and a hunter pulled his trigger at Woojin. In response, Woojin brought both his hands up to defend himself against the bullet and when the car came up to him, he smashed its hood.

The car was thrown up into the air and over Woojin. As for the other two cars, one smashed a pole and the other rammed into a building. Woojin then turned to move back to his hotel, but he saw someone bursting out of an overturned car door. He was the scrawny man with a big belly and long arms. Woojin looked at him and scoffed. He was Agui. He wasn’t an Avatar, but an imp. Imps had too low spiritual power that didn’t allow them to have their own Avatars so they had to come into the material world in their own bodies. Therefore, if they were killed it would mean the end of their life.

Agui pleaded loyalty to the humans if his hunger could be solved. Woojin cracked his neck and Agui charged at him. Imps usually did not dare to fight against Avatar if they were sensitive to spiritual power. However, Imp Agui did not have such discretion as the shock of getting his car overturned made him resort to using only his instincts.

Woojin also charged and Agui swung his long arm which Woojin dodged easily and punched it. Yet, Agui did not scream and instead he grabbed Woojin. When Agui widened his eyes, Woojin sighed. He had killed Agui in the past. Agui was a human eater.

Woojin pulled Agui off him and pushed both hands into Agui’s mouth. It was so big that it allowed Woojin to shove both hands in so he could rip the mouth apart from top to bottom.


Woojin then grabbed Agui’s head and slammed it down on the floor multiple times. After making Agui stop moving, Woojin sighed. He then got up. He heard from Hwang that Jang Yoon was bad news, but he didn’t expect Jang Yoon to do such thing as hiring Agui, a human eater, to be his guard.

Woojin then went to Jang Yoon’s house. Woojin changed his cloak to a wing and flew high up into the air to jump down into the hole. As he dropped to the place where the safe was at, Jang Yoon and two men turned around.

There was no hunter here. Two men were thrown back and into the wall and when Jang Yoon turned, Woojin had already stomped on the man and punched his stomach.


If he wasn’t careful, he could’ve killed him in that one blow. As Jang Yoon vomited everything he had eaten, Woojin grabbed his neck and threw him into the safe. Jang Yoon was then thrown to the electrified glass and was electrocuted. He then dropped to the ground while drooling unconsciously, but it didn’t seem like he was dead yet. However, the damage was bad enough that he would not be able to live a normal life from now on.

Woojin crouched down in front of him and spoke.

“Run if you want to live. I will tell Mr. Sun that you hired Agui.”

Jang Yoon became pale. His nerves were paralyzed so he couldn’t move or make faces, but he seemed to understand what Woojin said. Woojin then jumped out from the hole.

As Woojin was running, a car came up and stopped in front of him. It was Miho.

“Why did you come back?”

“I was annoyed.”


“Yeah. The man had Agui.”

Miho became surprised, “So, the one in the memory was Agui.”


Woojin got into the car and Miho asked, “So, what did you do?”

“I gave him a good beating and told him that I’m going tell Mr. Sun that he had Agui.”

“What happens if he knows?”

“He’s done doing business.”

Smuggling was one thing but using Agui was another.

“Then it’s over for him.”


Miho added, “I didn’t read all of his memory, but everything I read proved that he wasn’t a good man.”

Woojin didn’t respond as he placed his back against the seat and looked outside the window. Woojin sighed. When they got to the hotel, they woke the man up from his sleep, returned him and the car, and moved to the building roof across their hotel to fly back to their room. They didn’t have to worry about Jang Yoon anymore, but they still stuck to their plan.

“Go rest.”

Woojin then sat down on the sofa and Miho came up to Woojin and asked, “Are you not sleeping on the bed?”

“I have to do something.”

“Then can I sleep on the bed?”


Woojin laughed at Miho who seemed to be suspicious and took out the bronze mirror from his pocket. It didn’t feel like Glove of Ban Gu which felt like it fit him, nor the Cloak of the Vampire Bat that tried to take away his spiritual power.


Most divine objects reacted to any kind of spiritual power but this didn’t respond in any way. It seemed as if there was a seal on it. Woojin then called to Miho.


“I knew it. You don’t want me to sleep in the bed, don’t you?”

“It’s not that. Come here.”

Miho came up to him and Woojin gave her the mirror.

“Can you read the memory of an object?”

“Yeah, but isn’t that a divine object?”


“I’m not sure if it’s possible then.”

Woojin also became concerned. There were no risks with reading the memory of an old artifact or treasure, but divine objects posed a danger if the ones related to the creation of object had higher ranks.

“Flash it. I’ll wake you up if it becomes dangerous.”


Miho then began focusing on the mirror. Woojin then began to see the memory in the mirror. He saw Jang Yoon’s face for a second and was sent back. Everything turned to darkness, which seemed like it was before it was excavated. Miho also seemed to realize this and began making it go faster into the past. Nothing changed but he was able to feel that time was going back much faster. How far were they in the past? He saw a man. Woojin wasn’t sure what kind of man he was, but he just guessed he was an Avatar. Then the man killed himself in front of the mirror. And it was then that Miho screamed.


Woojin opened his eyes and turned to Miho. She was shivering with her body turned backward. The Mirror of Heavens was sealed. And that man was the one who had probably sealed it. Woojin grabbed her shoulder and pushed her down.

“Wake up!”

Miho shivered as if she was having a seizure and Woojin sighed. This was too much for her with her four tails.

“Go to sleep for now.”

Woojin then flicked her forehead and she fainted.

He thought getting his hands on the mirror would solve everything but he didn’t expect for an Avatar to seal it by killing himself.