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After having symptoms like having a bad cold, Miho woke up and noticed the changes to her body. Her power had grown. She looked at the ceiling of the hotel while laying down. It wasn’t sure how, but the number of tails had increased. Miho then got up. She saw a man while reading the memory of the divine object and saw the blood seal made through the man’s death. After that, she felt terrible pain.

It was a horrible pain that made it feel as if her entire spiritual power had been frozen. If it did not stop, she felt like she could die from it. However, she now had one more tail thanks to it and Woojin had given all of this to her. Miho also guessed that it was Woojin who helped her get out of that pain. She glanced around and found Woojin walking into the room.

“Are you awake?”


“Good. We have to go back to Korea. I was wondering if I should leave you here or not.”

“The number of tails increased. There’s five now.”

“That’s not the problem right now. We have to go to the airport right away. Bihyung’s private jet is here.”

Miho smiled as she realized Woojin had waited for her even though he was in such a hurry. Woojin looked at her weirdly.

“Cut the grinning and get up. We have no time.”

Miho got up and began to get ready. They soon left the hotel and took the cab down to the airport to board the private jet.

Miho asked as they got on the airplane, “Why are we going back into Korea?”

“I am getting help.”

“Help? What kind of help?”

“I need to break the seal.”

“Is it really a seal?”

Woojin nodded. They soon reached Korea and rode the car that Bihyung had prepared for them. It was Kim Beom who was driving it.

“Long time no see.”

Woojin greeted him first and Beom smiled, “I heard a lot about what you did over there.”

“It’s nothing.”

“Every Avatar is talking about the one who wiped out half of Wangjinjin’s family.”

“It’s not half if Wangjinjin is still alive.”

1st generation vampires were some of the strongest Avatars. Half of it seemed too exaggerated considering that fact, but Avatars were happy to see vampires gathering to protect themselves rather than actively seeking revenge.

Woojin then realized how furious Wangjinjin would be with the current situation.

“How’s Jeju?”

“We’ve bought a lavish townhouse property and built a fortress. It’s not known, but hunters are on guard 24/7.”

“That would’ve cost a lot.”

“Yeah, but it’s necessary.”

Woojin thought it was fortunate to have Bihyung look after the people and their families. He was able to move freely because of that. They soon reached Bihyung’s office.

Bihyung was waiting on the sofa with a glass of whiskey. Woojin then saw a woman sitting next to him. She opened her eyes. Woojin did not remember her from the past, nor was she an Avatar. Bihyung asked, “You wanted to break a seal?”


“Then she’s the one you need. Jaha, the celestial lady.”

Woojin sat down and the woman stated, “I came here because Bihyung asked me. Can I take a look at the object?”

“It’s this.”

Woojin took out the bronze mirror and the woman raised her eyebrow. Bihyung was also shocked.

“Wait, you…?”

He knew Bihyung would recognize what it was, and he also knew that Bihyung would not be tempted by it.

“Where did you get this?”


“Did you really go that far?”

Bihyung then turned to the woman.

“You should take a look.”

The woman grabbed the mirror and Biyung explained to Woojin, “She’s one of true Gurus. She’s better than any of the Avatars in breaking seals.”

Woojin was astonished. Gurus in the otherworld were very rare, and in most cases, they never went out of their way to lend their aid since they weren’t interested in most affairs.

“The Avatar that made this seal was really strong. I cannot break this seal with my own power.”

“Then what do I need to do?” Woojin asked.

“If you want to have the power to break the seal, we need to move down to Mount Jiri. And you need to come with me.”


“You need to give me your power if you want to try to use this.”

“Of course.”

He was doing this so he could use it himself. However, the woman’s expression turned serious.

“This seal is not just a simple seal. It was created by Avatar blood. If you break the seal, you might also inherent its curse. You have to endure it yourself.”

“So I need to take the curse?”


“I don’t mind. We should go right now.”

The woman was shocked. Taking the curse was not a simple problem but Woojin agreed to it too easily.


Bihyung laughed.

“I’ll get you a helicopter. Let’s talk about how you’ve been lately.”


Jaha couldn’t help but be surprised by what Woojin had done while he was gone. She was here to break a seal and had come across one of the disappeared heavenly items of Korea. That alone was shocking itself but the owner was the famous one who had wiped out half of the Wangjinjin family.

Gurus were not so keen on businesses in the world but they were aware of infamous vampires. She also heard of a man who was destroying the family and was shocked to see the man in front of her eyes. And the things he had were even more amazing.

His clothes were interesting too, but the bracelet was even more amazing. She couldn’t even determinedrippedount of power it held. Bihyung told Woojin, “Chopper’s here. I can’t go down, but you can go with Beom.”

“Yeah. I’ll see you when I get back.”

“Sure. Stop by before you return to China.”

Woojin then moved up to the helipad with Beom, Miho, and Jaha. They then flew south to Mount Jiri. They followed Jaha to a remote area in the mountains where no one was around.

She then got to a place and took out a few objects. She laid them down in the area and turned to Woojin.

“Come inside.”

As Woojin went in, she asked for the mirror and mumbled to it. The mirror floated into the air.

“Give it a drop of your blood.”

Woojin cut open his finger with the Starfish Fang and blood dropped onto the mirror. Jaha then asked Woojin to use both hands to grab the mirror, mumbling something very quickly. Woojin felt the mirror shaking within his grasp and saw a red glow seeping through the spaces between his fingers.

He looked at it if that was the curse, but his bracelet also shined red and the red glow disappeared.

Jaha became dumbfounded and stopped.

Woojin asked, “Is it over?”

“Huh? Uh, y-yes. But what happened there?”

Woojin didn’t explain and looked down at the mirror. It seems the seal had been broken since the feeling was different now.