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Woojin didn’t care if Jaha was shocked. Or rather, it was more accurate to say that he couldn’t pay attention to her. The mirror absorbed his spiritual power and was now absorbing the power from the entire area. Jaha became shocked and quickly stashed her objects into her bag. The bag looked special as she sighed in relief after putting everything back.

Woojin then looked down at the mirror and Jaha sighed.

“What did you do? How is it absorbing the energy from the land?”

Woojin wasn’t sensitive in sensing spiritual power, but he knew something was changing in the mirror. It was absorbing the energy, and the effect was physical. Leaves were sucked into Woojin’s direction before they dropped and Woojin frowned.

He didn’t have much spiritual power and if it sucked his power like this, then it was a problem. However, he couldn’t put down. If it was doing such a thing, it was proof that the mirror wasn’t just any ordinary item. He had to make it his own. The mirror not only stopped at sucking every bit spiritual power Woojin had but it also stimulated the frozen spiritual power within Woojin’s body. He smiled as the frozen spiritual power began to come loose.

As he looked, the mirror shot bright light up into the sky. It felt like he was being purified just by looking at the light. Soon, it began to truly purify everything around it. Woojin then realized how it was able to kill the demon. This purification light was probably powerful against demons.

“It is amazing, but it has its problems.”

Woojin turned to Jaha, the celestial lady.

“It absorbs all power around it after a long slumber, but it cannot produce such output through its own power.”

This item was extremely powerful as it had just purified all of Mount Jiri, but he did not need such range or strength.

“And this takes in too much spiritual power. You’ll need a lot of it if you want to use it.”

It definitely depleted a lot of spiritual power. All of Woojin’s power was sucked in, but it actually helped him.

“Yeah. Anyway, thanks for helping me out with it. I’ll have to study this to put it to good use.”

“Sure. I am done with what I can do.”

“Any problem with your belongings?”

Jaha opened her bag and checked her items.

“They’re okay.”

Woojin smiled.

“That’s good. We should go back then.”

“I’ll be fine on my own from here. My home is close by.”

“Thank you again.”

“I just helped Bihyung.”

Jaha then walked away and Miho came up to Woojin.

“I’ve only heard about the Mirror of Heavens, but this is amazing.”

Woojin then smiled and looked at the mirror. Miho then also looked at herself in the mirror and suddenly swayed.


Woojin was confused. As soon as Miho saw her reflection in the mirror, her spiritual power was sucked in. Woojin checked it himself. He felt his spiritual power being sucked in a little when Miho looked at her reflection, but it wasn’t a lot.

“What is this…?”

“Why? What’s going on?”

“Oh no. My spiritual power’s stuck. I can’t move that well.”


Miho was an Avatar of an imp. Her power was far from pure. The mirror paralyzed her when she saw her reflection, but this did not use much of Woojin’s spiritual power. Woojin saw his face in the mirror and felt the energy from the environment pouring into him.

“Hm… Is this it?”

Woojin then reflected Miho again. She frowned.

“This is strange. I’m still stuck.”

Woojin then flashed it Beom who looked at himself and picked his teeth.

“I’m fine.”

Woojin nodded slowly. It seemed like the mirror froze beings that were considered corrupt based on its own standards, which would help.

“Let’s return. I have to check a few things.”


Woojin returned to Seoul and Bihyung asked, “The bright light ray in the south. Was it you?”

Woojin flashed the mirror.

“It happened when the seal broke.”

“It purified the entire region. You should’ve seen that,” Miho interrupted and Bihyung was astonished.


Beom nodded.

Bihyung commented, “If purifying the land is all it can do, I don’t know what to say about it.”

Woojin smiled.

“I’ll have to check a few things, but I think it’s useful against corruption. It has power to bind the spiritual power of the target.”


Spiritual power was not everything, but it was a huge part of an Avatar’s power. If the object was able to bind the power, then it was very valuable.

“If I can use this, then I have a good chance at fighting against vampires.”

“Well, you killed those 2nd generations without it, so I’m sure you have a chance.”

“I’m going to make preparations before going to Shanghai. Can you erase my trace?”

“So that they can’t follow you into Korea?”


“Sure, I’ll do that.” Bihyung then added, “Let’s have a drink first.”

Bihyung then poured the whiskey into the glass.

“Yeah. We can take a break today.”

Woojin opened his eyes while grabbing hold the mirror. After checking it out for a few days, he realized the mirror increased the recovery of his spiritual power whenever he held onto it. Miho constantly complained about it binding her power, but she didn’t leave since her tails increased when she was with Woojin. Meanwhile, Woojin also melted his frozen power, so he now had twice the amount of spiritual power he had before.

He knew that flashing the mirror against the target would paralyze half of the enemy’s power. However, he wasn’t sure if this was definite since the only one he could this with this object was Miho.

Woojin gave Miho a one day break. He told her that they were going to be leaving for Shanghai the next day and he asked Bihyung to get the jet ready before he went to see Doctor Ahn.

Doctor Ahn looked much better than before.

“You look good.”

Doctor Ahn sighed, “I eat to relieve stress. Don’t mind it.”

“Haha, but you look better than before.”

“Yeah. Anyway, how did you take out the blood from the Red Boy’s body? It didn’t even have a drop of blood.”

“It’s the power of the divine object.”

“Does it suck blood?”


“That is interesting.”

Doctor Ahn became intrigued and Brunhilde cut in, “You know you don’t have time to study divine objects.”

“Yeah, I know.” Doctor Ahn smiled, “Do you remember the research that I was working with your blood? To create a Cocktail that works on Avatars?”


“I made something that seems to work, but I am not sure how dangerous it can be.”

“What did you mix?”

“It reacted when I mixed it with demon blood. I think it’s a positive reaction, but I’m not 100% certain.”

Woojin was surprised. A Cocktail with demon blood was the final Cocktail that he remembered. Cocktail-X.

“Can we test it right now?”

Woojin knew of its danger but he knew he needed every bit of help he could get. He had to test the result of the prototype.

“I was waiting for you to say that.”