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Woojin was strapped to the bed again. His current power was too powerful to hold him down with a bind but this was just a precaution. If Woojin were to cause a problem, a metal plate was going to drop down on him from the ceiling.

“Problem is your skin.”

His skin hardened whenever a knife or blade of some sort tried to cut through. Doctor Ahn had prepared a special syringe in the shape of a small gun.

“What is this?”

“I used a stinger of a Daeok hornet to make it more versatile.”

A Daeok was a hornet that was categorized as a monster. Its stinger was harder than any normal metal and Doctor Ahn seemed to have hardened it even further.

“This is for you.”


“The prototype is named Cocktail-Demon.”

“I hope it works.”

“We’ll see it soon.”

Woojin placed his head back down and Doctor Ahn pulled the trigger on Woojin’s skin. Woojin felt an entirely different sensation. The Cocktail-Demon entered his veins and began to run rampant. He felt his heart beating stronger and felt his blood rushing through his body. As coursed through his body, the demon blood was quickly eradicated within himself, but in turn, his dragon blood was stimulated instead to make his blood rush.

“I think it works. Can you get me out of this?”

Woojin was freed and he swung his fist as he got up. The blood rush made him move much more quickly than before. As Woojin checked his speed, Brunhilde felt tempted to try to fight him. Woojin moved with his power. She clenched her hand and held her fighting instinct back.

Woojin then stopped and let out a breath. Doctor Ahn was astonished.

“So that’s how avatars move.”

“How many did you make?”

“I have about ten right now.”

“How many can you make if you make more?”

“Probably a hundred.”

“Can you do it?”

“How about we alter it before increasing the number?”

Woojin then decided to explain his thoughts, “Honestly, my senses have not increased. My own blood reacted to the demon blood when it came in. The blood began rushing through and it allowed me to move much faster.”

“If it reacts to the demon blood, I guess the effect will decrease the more you use it.”


“Okay. I’ll give you what I have for now so you should use it. I’ll see if I can tinker with it while you’re gone.”

“Thank you, Doctor.”

Woojin then received ten Cocktail-Demons and left Doctor Ahn’s lab.

“This will do.”

He was going to fight Wangjinjin’s family in Shanghai. It was time for him to go fight. They would have set traps for him, but he was a hunter who had the power of an Avatar. Hunting was his expertise.

Woojin became curious when he saw Miho again. She seemed to be more calm.

“Where have you been?”

“I went to Mount Jiri.”


“That place is the best training spot in Korea.”

This was surprising. She wasn’t a type to train as she was more of the lazy type.


“Did you think I’d just stay home and drink all day? Aren’t we going to fight vampires?”

“Yeah. We’re going to Shanghai.”

“That’s why I trained. I couldn’t stabilize myself after the number of tails increased so quickly.”

“Good job.”

Miho was increasing her power much faster than in the past and she was working hard to get accustomed to it without even Woojin telling her to do so. Woojin tapped Miho’s head instinctively and Miho’s eyes grew wide and turned soft. He then took his hand off and coughed.

He was close to Miho in the past but he wasn’t this close. They were a human hunter and Avatar pair before and she had a certain coldness then. Yet this time, she seemed a bit cute.

Woojin said, “Let’s go.”

They then went to meet up with Bihyung.

“Are you going to Shanghai?”


“If the Wangjinjin family has gathered up, they’re prepared to fight you.”

Woojin realized it when the Red Boy came after him. If he was seen by a mirror that could read memories, Amon probably saw him through his eyes to see the past. Perhaps they had found a way to defeat him. But Woojin was also prepared. He had the Mirror of Heavens and Cocktail-Demon.

“It’s okay. Can I ask you something though?”


“It will cause a huge problem if I attack first. Mr. Sun will not be too happy about it so secure a route for me to run away without getting caught.”

“Are you not going back into China?”

“At least until his anger subsides.”

Bihyung laughed, “Yeah, I’ll get you a chopper. Hop on it when you’re done.”


Woojin knew Sun Wukong would be okay if he gave him the recipe. But he still had to run away first because he was going to stir up a large commotion. If he ran away, Mr. Sun would have no choice but to clean things up. Bihyung tapped on Woojin’s shoulder.

“Be careful. The 1st gens are powerful.”

“I know. That’s why vampires are still alive.”

Even if the vampires had a huge influence, they would’ve been wiped out if the 1st generation vampires weren’t so strong.

“Let’s have a drink when you’re back.”

Woojin then took the helicopter Bihyung had prepared for him and boarded a private jet to fly to Shanghai.

Woojin called Hwang when he got to Shanghai. Hwang was eating chicken noodles at a street vendor. Woojin went to him and Hwang asked with a smile, “You want a bowl?”


Woojin then sat down and ate. Miho also ate and after eating five bowls of chicken noddles, Hwang asked, “So, what do you need?”

“I don’t think my current weapon is good enough for attacking groups. Can you get me PZF-III?”

“Sure, but is it okay for you to use that thing?”

“I’m going to run away after.”

Hwang laughed loudly.

“Sure, I’ll get you one then. Anything else?”

“I need to know where the Wangjinjin family is right now.”

Hwang answered casually, “They are not hiding this time, but it doesn’t make it any easier to attack them.”

Woojin answered, “It’s okay. I still need to start with a ranged attack.”

“Where are you staying right now?”

“I can’t let anyone know I’m in Shanghai. Can I get a safe house?”

“Money can get you everything, my boy.”

“Then get me one please.”

“Sure. I’ll pay for your noodles.”

“Thank you.”

“Take the back door. You can take the car there to your safe house.”

“I’ll see you next time.”

“Sure will.”

Woojin then got to the back and Darkling was waiting for him with an old minivan. They got into the car and they departed. They soon arrived at an old apartment building crowded with people. But they weren’t interested in Woojin or Miho. Woojin was astonished. It seemed like he had been taken to a hideout for black market merchants. Woojin knew that these were highly-trained men. This wasn’t just a safe house, but their own headquarters.

Woojin entered the room and sat down. Miho asked, “Old Hwang, right?”


“Didn’t he retire?”

“Somewhat. He was in Korea.”

“I see.”

Miho nodded knowingly and asked, “Then why is he here?”

“I don’t know.”

He was probably here to watch Woojin.

“Take a rest. It won’t be easy to read the memory of a 1st generation vampire.”

Miho smiled. She thought she had made the right choice in following Woojin.