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Vampires were very cautious. They slept deep inside the top floor restaurant during the day and had ghouls protect the entrance and opened to party at night. The restaurant was open to the public during the day but it was closed at night. It was to show that they had civilians as hostages during the day, and they were prepared for anything at night.

Woojin thought for a second after listening to Hwang’s calm briefing.

“I have hunters placed where we can fire from range.”

There were only a few places that were capable of attacking the top floor of the Shanghai Tower nearby. There weren’t that many buildings at a similar height. Woojin asked, “Can I borrow a helicopter?”

“Are you going to try to attack from it?”

“Yeah. I’ll start the attack and jump in.”

“You can’t fly that close.”

Woojin smiled and answered, “I’m an Avatar, remember?”

“Yeah, but is it possible?”

He knew what Hwang was worried about. If Woojin failed, the helicopter could easily be traced and Wangjinjin would come after Hwang. Woojin persuaded him, “I’ll pay for it. You can get me a random one. Wangjinjin’s not making any moves right now but you know she could track you if she really wanted to.”

“Yeah, I know.”

They were already related because of Gangzho’s case. Hwang nodded.

“It won’t cost too much to have the helicopter fly near the Shanghai Tower. But if you shoot a missile from it, it won’t be easy for you to hide your identity from the world either.”

Woojin answered, “If I fail, I’ll die anyway. If I succeed, Mr. Sun will cover it up.”

“How can he cover up a missile being fired at the Shanghai Tower?”

“He’s an Avatar that represents China. I’m sure he can do it.”

“Okay. If that is what you are ready to accept, I’ll count on you. When are you leaving?”

“I’ll do it tonight.”


Woojin looked at the PZF-III. It was a powerful anti-tank rocket launcher. Wooojin then placed it back into the case. Its huge size made it difficult to carry around.

“I’ll send you the money right now.”

Woojin sent the money and Hwang said, “I wish for your success.”

“Thank you.”

And while Hwang went out to prepare the helicopter, Woojin devised a plan with Miho.

“I’m going in after the strike. You come in from the roof.”

“You don’t need my help?”

“Not this time.”


When Woojin finished, Hwang came to him.

“It’s all done. Will you go now?”


Hwang reached out to Woojin and they exchanged a handshake. Woojin then into the car Darkling had prepared for them and moved to the place where the helicopter was ready for them with weapons inside. Woojin gave the Desert Eagle and HK416 to Miho.

“You want me to be armed too?”

“Yeah. Are you ready?”

“I’m ready.”

Woojin then equipped himself with aN HK416 and Desert Eagle also. These were the best weapon to use against ghouls. These ghouls were 1st generation ghouls, and their power equaled that of the 3rd generation. However, they were also slow since they were ghouls.

Woojin took a deep breath. If this went well, he would be taking a step closer to Amon, but it wasn’t an easy task. What’s fortunate was that Woojin had already killed two from the 2nd generation. If a vampire’s direct creation died, their power decreased. She was still stronger than the 2nd generation still, but she was probably much weaker now.

Woojin then readied the PZF-III as the Shanghai Tower came into sight.

“Get ready.”

He placed the launcher on his shoulder and looked at the restaurant on 127th floor and pulled the trigger.

As soon as he fired the missile, Woojin jumped out. The rocket exploded and Woojin’s cloak turned into wings. He then ran through the explosion at the top floor. After he broke in, he saw figures rising up after being blown off by the explosion and fired his HK416. Ghoul heads exploded and the 3rd generation vampires moved as their bodies were on fire. Now, Woojin was able to follow their movements. He avoided their attack and pulled the trigger on the enemy’s chin. Another 3rd generation vampire’s head exploded and turned into ashes. Woojin rolled on the ground as a sharp claw shot passed him but Woojin then pulled his trigger again. Another 3rd generation vampire was killed.

Woojin then changed the cloak to make it wrap around him like a piece of armor and jumped out to pull the trigger. That’s when a Japanese man jumped in and Woojin blocked his claw with his HK416. It was cut in half and Woojin pulled out his spear as soon as he found out that the enemy was Yamato.

However, Yamato had no way to fight against Woojin as he was too powerful. Yamato backed off and six vampires appeared behind him. As Woojin looked, a woman whose clothes were half-burned appeared. She was a beautiful woman and the burned cloth revealed her alluring body lines. She narrowed her eyes, “So, you’re the one who killed my kids.”

Woojin looked at Wangjinjin and sighed. He didn’t expect much, but the PZF-III only killed the ghouls. Wangjinjin, Yamato, and six 3rd generation vampires were left.

“Yeah. And I am the one who will kill you too.”

Wangjinjin’s eyes turned red. Woojin knew she was trying to hypnotize him but he smiled. It seemed like he had earned immunity against hypnosis after being hypnotized by Galf. Wangjinjin bit her lips as she saw that Woojin did not budge from her hypnosis. She then glanced at her underlings and the 3rd generation vampires charged at once. Woojin knew what she was trying to do.

She was going to use the 3rd generations to make a room for her and Yamato to deliver a decisive blow. If that was so, then it wasn’t time to use the Mirror of Heavens yet. Woojin took out a syringe and injected his neck. Cocktail-Demon rushed into his body and his heart began to pound. Woojin began hurling his spear at the vampires.

A 3rd generation vampire’s head was pierced and Woojin swung at the next vampires. The vampire was thrown down onto the floor and Woojin took a step to stab another. His spear quickly killed three vampires. Putting their arms up to block the attack didn’t work as the spear just penetrated everything altogether. Woojin was going to kill all the 3rd generations before his cocktail effect wore out.

Wangjinjin narrowed her eyebrows. Woojin was quicker than she thought. There weren’t many that were as fast as him even when considering all Avatars. It seemed like his speed rivaled her own. Wangjinjin then looked at Yamato who then nodded and jumped. Wangjinjin then pulled out a spear. It was a weapon that Amon had prepared for her.

This was a divine object that Amon gave to her after he told her how strong Woojin’s body was. She figured she didn’t need to use this object when she was with Amon, but she didn’t’ think Woojin would be this powerful. Wangjinjin took in a breath. She sent Yamato but if Yamato was also killed, that might be more dangerous since the shock would affect her. Therefore, she needed to finish him while Yamato drew Woojin’s attention.

Wangjinjin clenched the spear and lowered her body, ready to jump out whenever she could. She then saw Woojin killing the fifth vampire. That’s when Woojin clashed with Yamato.

Yamato realized Wangjinjin’s intentions. He needed to draw Woojin’s attention away from Wangjinjin and when he did, Wangjinjin was going to charge. Her speed was so fast that it was hard to even track her with one’s eyes. Wangjinjin then stabbed forward with her weapon that looked like it was made out of bone.

Gáe Bulg.

Even if Woojin had metal-like body, this would be enough. Woojin then allowed Yamato’s attack to hit him and he used his spear to deflect Wangjinjin’s Gáe Bulg. Wangjinjin was thrown back and Woojin gripped the wound that Yamato had inflicted on him.

It ripped his cloak and made four long cuts. Blood gushed out from the cuts, but fortunately, if he was attacked by Gáe Bulg, it would not have ended with just some cut.

Woojin then took out the Mirror of Heavens and flashed it.

“Now, it’s only you two.”

It was time to use the mirror.