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Wangjinjin became tense as Woojin pulled out the Mirror of Heavens. If the enemy pulled out an item, it had to be a divine object in such circumstances and if that was true, then it had to have some kind of special power. Wangjinjin was annoyed as her hypnosis didn’t work. Not all Avatars were immune to her hypnosis and it was very rare for her to not be able to hypnotize an opponent.

If she was able to use hypnosis, she couldn’t be finished with Gáe Bulg already. She didn’t know how to use spears but the weapon just allowed her to attack with it. And even if her attack didn’t make it, Yamato had inflicted a deep injury already. But that divine object could change everything.

She cautiously lowered her stance. Woojin brought it up while smiling at his enemies as they were obviously wary of what it might do. But focusing on the object was going to lead to their doom. As Woojin held it up, Wangjinjin flinched. He was surprised as the mirror took a lot of his spiritual power away this time.

“Don’t look at the mirror!”

Woojin quickly jumped out as he saw Wangjinjin becoming rigid. Yamato quickly backed away as he saw Woojin charging in with the spear, but he realized this too late as he was too focused on not trying to look at the mirror. Woojin’s spear penetrated Yamato’s thighs. Yamato tried to counterattack but Woojin grabbed his arm and snapped it in the opposite direction. Woojin then slapped him down into the ground and stab the spear into him, skewering him into the ground.

Wangjinjin tried to move, but her frozen spiritual power did not move. Woojin turned and Wangjinjin sighed, “I’ve never seen that.”

The Mirror of Heavens was not known at this time. Woojin summoned another spear and put the mirror back into his pocket. Miho couldn’t move freely for five minutes looking into the mirror. Wangjinjin was much stronger than Miho, but Woojin believed that she too would be paralyzed for at least a minute. That was enough time.

Woojin then charged. Wangjinjin also swung her Gáe Bulg to deflect Woojin’s spear, but Woojin was stronger even without the effect of the mirror. Wangjinjin was quickly losing. After five exchanges, Woojin deflected the Gáe Bulg to the ground and thrust his spear at Wangjinjin’s stomach.

He thought it would be the end, but Wangjinjin’s stomach turned to fog and the spear just shot past it. Woojin tried to pull his spear back, but Gáe Bulg pierced into his leg. The spear began dividing itself to move through his entire leg.


Woojin didn’t expect the attack to bring this much pain. Woojin then swung his spear at Wangjinjin’s wrist and her wrist turned foggy again. She jumped back without Gáe Bulg and smiled.

“It is my victory.”

Woojin realized he had to cut off his leg if he wanted to pull the spear out. The spear had embedded itself that deeply into him. He gritted his teeth.

“What is this?”

Wangjinjin did not answer and moved to pick up a pistol. She aimed at Woojin and spoke.

“I heard you are stone skinned, so I prepared armor-piercing bullets. Let me see if it works.”

She pulled the trigger and Woojin brought his hand up to hide his face. His skin turned hard like a turtle shell and deflected the bullet. Wangjinjin frowned.

“So, the bullet doesn’t work then.”

Woojin then took out the mirror again and Wangjinjin scoffed.

“It sure is powerful for paralyzing my spiritual power, but I don’t think that will work anymore.”

Woojin had lost his mobility so Wangjinjin was confident that she could avoid looking directly into it. But Woojin spoke while aiming the mirror at her.

“I didn’t know I had to go this far.”

Wangjinjin looked down at his chest, trying to avoid looking into the mirror. She also prepared herself to move away. Woojin did not hesitate and focused his spiritual power into the mirror. The mirror had two uses. One was to paralyze an unholy being, and the other was to cleanse the area by using the light coming out from it.

Woojin unleashed the light upon Wangjinjin. It was weaker than the first time it unleashed its light when it was unsealed, but it was enough to inflict severe pain ton Wangjinjin.


Woojin saw Wangjinjin’s body turning into stone as she faced the light. This worked better than her looking into the mirror. Woojin then threw his spear and she couldn’t turn into a fog like before. The spear penetrated her body and blood began to gush out.

“There we go.”

Wangjinjin couldn’t even say anything as she was frozen solid like a stone. Woojin walked slowly up to her with Gáe Bulg in his leg. She was paralyzed entirely when she was attacked by the light. And with the rapid loss of blood, she couldn’t do anything.

Woojin walked up to her and threw his fist at her chin. Her bones shattered as she fell to the ground and Woojin slumped down. He looked down at the Gáe Bulg and grabbed it when Miho came into the restaurant. She glanced around and saw Woojin with Gáe Bulg in his leg and ran up to him.

“What happened?!”

“I failed.”

He then grabbed Gáe Bulg with his hand. He was trying to pull it but the Gáe Bulg pulled his spiritual power instead. He then realized Gáe Bulg’s roots had embedded themselves into his leg, absorbing the dragon blood.


“What is it?!”

Woojin brought his hand up to stop her from coming over and looked at the spear. It was sucking in spiritual power and the dragon blood. What was it trying to do? Woojin spoke as he became exhausted.

“Read Yamato’s memory first. That will help you.”

2nd generation vampire. Miho now had five tails so she probably could read his memory with no problem. Miho walked up to Yamato. He couldn’t use much of his power as he had lost too much blood. Miho sat on top of Yamato’s back and placed her hand on his head.

While Miho was reading Yamato’s memory, Woojin saw Gáe Bulg making a move, as if it was trying to move in through his veins. But it wasn’t painful. Soon, Gáe Bulg was absorbed into the leg and disappeared into it.


He moved his leg and frowned. The Blood of Guisoo made him gain sturdy skin, but Gáe Bulg had now entered his body and became a part of his bones. Starting from the leg, it spread itself throughout his entire body to become. He got up and felt his body becoming lighter.


This wasn’t good. Melting the dragon blood compensated for his lack of spiritual power but after having Gáe Bulg into his body, all the dragon blood disappeared. Woojin sighed and walked up to Miho. She got up and turned to him.

“I read his memory.”

Woojin checked and saw that Miho’s tails did not increase and looked at Wangjinjin. They didn’t have time to read her memory here.

“Okay. Wait here.”

Woojin pulled out the spear from Yamato and thrust into his heart. He turned into ashes and Woojin picked up the bloodstone and the other bloodstones of the 3rd generations. Now, all of his spiritual power had been sucked by Gáe Bulg. He needed to use other methods to get stronger. Woojin went up to Wangjinjin, brought her two hands together, and pierced them with his spear.


She woke up from pain and Woojin struck her chin to knock her down and picked her up on his shoulder.

“Let’s get up to the roof.”

There was a helicopter flying around the roof. Woojin grabbed Miho’s waist and jumped. As soon as he got into the helicopter, and threw Wangjinjin down and made a phone call.

[I saw the news. What have you done?]

“I called to give you the recipe.”