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[Recipe? After all the mess you made? Did you get Wangjinjin?]

Woojin glanced at Wangjinjin.

“Yes. I have her.”

[Hah. So you want me to cover this up?]

“If you don’t like it, I’ll just call back to tell you the recipe after I kill Dmitri.”

[Hahaha. So, you’re going after Dmitri too?]

“He started it first.”

[Haha. Okay. That was a good laugh. Give me the recipe.]

Woojin then told him the recipe and Sun Wukong informed him of the final decision.

[I’ll have this labeled as a terrorist attack.]

“Thank you, sir.”

[So, did you wipe out Wangjinjin and all the 3rd generations?]

“I didn’t bother with the 4th gen or the weaklings below them.”

Woojin was surprised that he could now speak about those vampires like that but it gave him some kind of excitement. This meant that he had become that much stronger and was much closer to Amon.

[They will either fall or be absorbed by Dmitri. If you find any other recipes, call me anytime.]

“I will do that, sir.”

Woojin hung up and the chopper took him to the location. Darkling was waiting. His eyes widened as he looked at the bleeding Wangjinjin. Woojin smiled as Darkling rarely showed his feelings.

“Let’s move to the safehouse. I need to interrogate her.”

Darkling nodded and guided him to the car. Woojin threw Wangjinjin into the backseat and sat next to her to bring the spear back. Her petrified body wasn’t recovering and her wound was still bleeding. Woojin asked without taking his eyes off from Wangjinjin, “Did you see Amon in Yamato’s memory?”

“No, he wasn’t in there.”


Woojin then looked at Wangjinjin. The blood had soaked the seat and dripped to the ground. With losing all the 2nd generations and heavy blood loss, she was pale as if she would die right away. But she was still a powerful avatar, and that would keep her alive. At least her weakened state might give a Miho a good chance to give it a try.

The car stopped and Woojin walked up to the building with Wangjinjin on his shoulder. He placed her down in the room and Hwang came in.

“You really got her.”

Woojin nodded and Hwang turned to Miho, “Are you going to read her memory?”


“It won’t be easy. Even if she lost all her children and has been weakened, she still is a 1st generation vampire.”

“I know. But we have to try.”

“How about you buy this then?”

Hwang pulled out a six Vajra.

“Is that…?”

“If you put this down in six directions around her, it will create a powerful field that will bind the target. This will weaken her power greatly.”

“How much is it?”

It was a rare item used by Vajrayana for their rituals but they didn’t sell these things to the public.

“1 billion won in Korean currency.”

“I’ll pay.”

It was not useful for fighting, but he needed it to help Miho grow.

“I’ll show you how to use it.”

Hwang placed it in six different places around Wangjinjin and red lettering appeared from within. It then began the binding process and Wangjinjin woke up while shivering. She looked around and gritted her teeth.

“Do you think you will get away with this?!”

Hwang then took out a mirror and glanced around to speak.

“With this, nobody will be able to read what has happened to you.”

Her eyes widened and Hwang turned to Woojin.

“Then it’s all yours.”

Woojin nodded and turned to Miho.

“Flash her memory.”


Wangjinjin was too weak to do anything. Miho walked up to her and placed her hand over Wangjinjin’s head. She tried to move away but Miho was easily able to place her hand on her. Woojin saw Amon coming to her to give her the Gáe Bulg. Miho flinched and Woojin hastily said, “You don’t need to read him. Just find out where he went.”

Amon turned into a blur, but they kept going. They still could read his voice. However, Amon did not tell her where he was going and just told Wangjinjin to stop Woojin. Nonetheless, there was a vital hint.

“He can’t read me?”

He thought Amon could see him with his power. However, it seemed Amon couldn’t see what Woojin was up to. They moved further back but Wangjinjin only met with Amon a few times. They also tried to find her memory about Dmitri but there wasn’t much there either.

And soon, the flash was cut off. It seemed that Miho had reached her limit. Woojin saw Miho twisting with full of sweat and picked her up to place her down on a bed. She had read the memories of a 1st generation vampire and her sixth tail was trying to come out now. Woojin placed his hand on her forehead. His cold hand seemed to comfort her a bit, but the pain still remained. Woojin then turned to Wangjinjin.

“I don’t think reading the memory is enough. Let me ask you directly.”

“Hah. Do you think I’ll just tell you?”

Woojin took out the Mirror of Heavens.”

“I know you won’t die, but you will crave blood more you lose it. I don’t plan to waste too much time here.”

He was going to run away before Sun Wukong found something out. It didn’t seem like he was going to come after Woojin, but he had to get away before Sun changed his mind.

“If you don’t tell me where Dmitri resides, it will be painful.”

“I won’t lose to such a threat.”

Woojin then focused his spiritual power into the mirror. He made it so the light shot out like a threat at one point.


The light began to turn her into stone and gave her terrible pain. Woojin demanded, “Tell me where Dmitri is.”

“I-I won’t tell you!”

Woojin then focused the light onto her wound.

“I thought you two weren’t friends?”

“That doesn’t mean I will tell you!”


Woojin kept on flashing the light onto her. She screamed and tried to break loose, but she couldn’t get away from the bind. She was too weak. Soon, she shivered and bit her lips, glaring with her reddened eyes.

“I won’t be hypnotized.”

However, her glare turned into a smirk. Her body then began to burn and Woojin quickly got up to her and grabbed her neck but she was turning into ashes already. He didn’t think a vampire had a way to kill herself. Wangjinjin seethed as she turned into ashes, “You will soon die too.”

What was left was a bloodstone that Woojin had never seen before. He looked down at it silently and took out his Fang to feed it. His body then shook. The stone only increased his agility and it did not give him any of the power she had, but the increase in agility was enough. He was now faster than any 2nd generation vampire. Now, he could fight Dmitri as an equal. He then brought out all stones he collected to feed to the Fang. But this time, the stones didn’t give him any boosts, or maybe it was so little that he couldn’t feel it.


It seemed he couldn’t increase his agility anymore with the bloodstones. Woojin then glanced at Miho. Even with her six tails, her fighting wasn’t strong enough yet. Woojin called Hwang.

[How did it go?]

“It wasn’t enough, but it wasn’t too bad. Can you get me something?”

[What is it?]

Hwang now had high expectations of Woojin since he even got Wangjinjin.

“Can you get another Starfish Fang?”

[I don’t have any in stock at the moment. But I’ll ask those who have it if they will sell it. That means it’ll be pricey though.]

The Starfish Fang’s true potential was not known yet, so it still didn’t matter.

“That’s okay.”

[Good. I’ll send it over to you as soon as I get one.]

Woojin then hung up and walked up to Miho and placed his hand on her forehead. Her fever was going down, so she was probably going to wake up soon.

“I’ll give you a gift when you wake up.”