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Woojin wrote down a list of what he needed and handed it to the old man.

“A HK416 and 10 magazines of 30 round silver 5.56mm bullets… and Desert Eagle 50AE and 10 magazines of 7 round silver bullets and 10 magazines of Hollow Point bullets… and you need 10 magazines of armor-piercing incendiary bullets?”

“Can you get it in 2 hours?”

The old man continued, “And you also wrote the Barrett M82?”

“Because I’m sure you can’t get the XM109 yet.”

The old man furrowed his eyebrows.

“It takes time, but I can get it and it will be expensive.”

“I need it quick. Can you get it all in 2 hours?”

“2 hours? Is there a reason?”

Woojin spoke calmly, “I need to get to Busan before sunset.”


The old man then looked down at the list again. He wasn’t sure when he saw those bloodstones, but this man was certainly going to go hunt vampires.

“You’re going to fight Victor.”

“I need to go before the sun goes away. Can you get them or not?”

“I can. The Barrett will take me two days as it’s not usually sought after in Korea, but the other things will take me about an hour. Either way, I don’t think you have enough time to go down to Busan before the sun sets…”

“Yes. So, I was going to ask for a stolen car too.”

“Wait a second.”

The old man tapped on his old calculator, “You know it’s going to be expensive in here, right?”


“If you can cough up 200 million, I can get you a chopper down to Busan. You can take it down and come back to Seoul for dinner.”

“Then give me the address and location to Victor’s place on top of that.”

“Good. Is there anything else you need?”

“10 sets of Cocktail-B and 1 Cocktail-C. Do you have any armor?”

“What kind do you want?”

Woojin thought for a second and answered, “Do you have top and bottom set with the Wyvern leather?”

“That will be 200 million.”

That price was good considering this was a black market. The old man was really honest with his deals.

“That’s good. And do you have dagger-type weapons?”

The old man then took out a catalog from under the desk.

“I don’t know how much you have right now, but here are some useful ones. I have those right here.”

Woojin looked down and narrowed his eyes. He didn’t imagine to find those weapons at this stage.

“Starfish fangs. How much are they?”

“Those are listed as 500 million each. There isn’t much to go around. You know starfish are hard to find.”

One starfish fang for 500 million. That was because this was 10 years ago. The price jumped a lot after Doctor Ahn discovered what it could do in the future. A starfish fang that had been well taken care of was much better than any other ordinary relic.

“I’ll take it.”

“Good. The total will be 930 million. Will you pay in cash?”

Woojin opened the bag and took out the money in bulk. The old man picked up the phone and went down the list of weapons. Then he took the money and went inside.

Soon, he was back with a 30 cm long starfish fang with its handle covered in Wyvern leather.

“You can check it.”

Woojin took it and unsheathed it.

“It’s good.”

“I’ll give you a heads up. Starfish fangs are weak against fire. You might melt away 500 million if you are not careful.”


Woojin then wrapped the blade by his waist and the old man also brought out the top and bottom armor made with Wyvern leather. It looked very similar to a leather jacket and pants.

As Woojin equipped it on himself, the old man took out a business card and handed it over.

“Take it as it seems like you will be my regular. So, will you sell the bloodstones too?”

Woojin then nodded and handed over the ghoul’s bloodstones.

“I’ll sell these.”

“Why not the vampire one? That will be 100 million a piece.”

“I need this elsewhere.”

“I see.”

Woojin stashed Dukgoo’s bloodstone back into his pocket and received 8 million for the ghoul stones. He then checked the old man’s business card. Old man Hwang’s business card was not easy to get. If Woojin didn’t come here with Dukgoo’s bloodstone, just using 1 billion would not have gotten him the business card.

In the past, it took him 3 years to get the business card.

Woojin asked, “So, can I call you Old Hwang?”

“Yeah. I don’t give that to just anyone.”

Before Woojin could say thanks, someone came into the room. It was a man with a black coat, Old Hwang’s assistant. Woojin also saw him a few times in the past. He was called Darkling because of his coat – Coat of Darkling.

The man placed the bag he brought up on the counter and stepped aside. Woojin walked up to the bag and opened it. There were the weapons that he ordered.

“I added in a complimentary silencer. But, do you know how to use guns?”

“I was in the military.”

Woojin took out the weapons and checked them one by one. As he checked the firearms thoroughly, Hwang and Darkling narrowed their eyes. These weapons were not something that an ordinary man, even with military experience, could handle. But Woojin seemed to be experienced in using them. Woojin checked everything and placed everything back into the bag and held it up.

“Is the chopper ready?”

Hwang turned to Darkling and the man nodded.

“Yes. I’ll send you the location while you move. Will that be better?”

“Yes. How much is the intel?”

“It’s okay. I’ll give you that for free. I just want you to sell me the ones you get this time.”

Woojin didn’t intend to side with the Old Hwang, but he needed his help until he became a licensed hunter.

“Follow him.”

Darkling moved out and Woojin followed. As they walked out, a car was out ready for them. Woojin smiled bitterly as the car moved to a nearby hotel. The car and hotel were all owned by Old Hwang. A helicopter was waiting for them on the roof of the hotel and as Woojin got on it, Darkling pulled out a cellphone and handed it over to Woojin.

As the helicopter began to fly up, Woojin pulled out the starfish fang to check it and took out Dukgoo’s bloodstone. The legend of the starfish was known to swallow everything, but it was actually more selective than what the rumors said. Woojin placed the bloodstone near the blade and it was soon absorbed. Woojin smiled as he saw the blade turn blood red.

If it took in good ingredients, it served to pay the price. Woojin just fed it a 100 million dollar bloodstone, but it felt good.