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As she felt her conscious coming back, she realized she had become much stronger after reading Wangjinjin’s memory. Lee Miho opened her eyes and glanced around. She heard Woojin’s voice.

“Are you awake?”

She turned to Woojin and he looked at her. She became more alluring after getting one more tail. Even the flick of her finger had a sense of flirtation in it.

“How do you feel?”

“This is more than what I expected.”

Her charm had increased and so did her pure strength. But her fighting power was still weaker than most Avatars. Woojin gave her a Starfish Fang. It was the new one that absorbed only vampire bloodstones. It only had the bloodstones of 3rd and 2nd generations so the Fang had turned red.

Miho was confused, “What is this? It looks like a Starfish Fang, but the color’s different.”

Woojin then had her grab the Fang and Miho’s eyes widened. She probably had realized how amazing this was.

“There’s a secret to the Starfish Fang.”

“A secret?”

“Yeah. When it eats stones, it grows stronger. But it eats only those that have spiritual power. When it eats, it gains a special power.”

“So, this is…”

“I fed this with Yamato and the 3rd generations’ bloodstones.”

“You fed those?!”

She was surprised as she knew what kind of value they might have.

“There’s a catch though.”


Woojin nodded, “Do you know about the Starfish Fang’s weakness?”


“Yeah. That doesn’t change. So long as you are careful around fire, you can use the spiritual stone power that the Fang absorbed. For now, this will allow you to move fast like those 3rd generation vampires.”

“Yeah. I can feel it too. I think it suits me well.”

Miho was an agility-type Avatar, so she liked it. She moved her body a bit and smiled.

“I think I can move like Yamato with this.”

“You can speed up like a 2nd generation vampire.”

Maybe the specialty was the difference. Woojin was astonished and Miho nodded, “This is amazing though.”

“Yeah, but don’t be too confident. Even with that power, there’s always danger. Learn the ways of hunters as much as you can.”

“I might even be the strongest Avatar at this rate.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Ugh. I can dream though.”

“When you become a Gumiho, master a hunter’s power, and acquire a divine object that fits you, then it will be enough.”

“Enough? When I become a Gumiho, I’ll be the SHIT. I think you don’t know much about the Gumiho.”

Woojin laughed. Even if the Gumiho was strong, she wasn’t any stronger than the other powerful Avatars in the past.

A wine glass dropped to the floor and shattered.

Amon frowned, “When will you stop that?”

Dimitri turned to Amon with a grim look. He pointed a finger at himself and spoke.

“My sister is dead.”

“Wangjinjin is your sister?”

“Yes. I didn’t know, but I felt her death.”

“She had Gáe Bulg and still couldn’t kill an Avatar. She even had all those 3rd generations and 2nd generations. She deserves it.”

The desk was slammed and shattered and Dmitri got up from his seat.

“But she’s still my family.”

“You haven’t seen her in hundreds of years, yet you still call her your family?”

Dmitro glared at Amon coldly.

“It’s all because of you.”

Amon became serious.


Dmitri looked at Amon silently. They shared the same goal, so that’s why they were together. But he even asked Wangjinjin to join and she died. Dmitri hadn’t seen her for hundreds of years and did not know how sad he would be after she died. Amon looked at Dmitri.

“So what do you want?”

“Let me kill him.”

“I will make him die, of course. But you can’t go after him by yourself.”

Dmitro lowered his head slowly. Amon walked up to him and placed his hand on Dmitri’s shoulder.

“We will speed up our progress.”

Dmitro looked at him and Amon smiled coldly.

“We will bring the Day of Chaos faster. Find Ko Woojin. Just find him. I will kill him on my own.”


Amon then walked up to the magic rune where the offering was placed.

“He will soon realize that he can’t change anything by himself.”

It was shocking for Amon to know that there was a being who couldn’t be read with his power. So he used Wangjinjin to get rid of it, but she died and now Dmitri was showing a hint of opposition. But that was it.

There was nothing he could do alone to change fate. It seemed like he needed a more powerful method this time.

Woojin returned to Korea in Bihyung’s private jet. He asked Hwang for information about the Dmitri Family and met with Bihyung to move down to Jeju. Miho went off to Mount Jiri to recover before coming back.

They decided to take a week off and Woojin went to meet his family. They were soon at the gated community that Bihyung had purchased. There were hunters everywhere guarding it.

“It’s heavily guarded.”

“The outside guards are armed with pistols, but the ones inside have rifles and other weapons. They even have armories in there too.”

“How many hunters reside here?”

“A hundred.”

It was enough to know how much Bihyung had spent to protect the place.

“Don’t worry about the place.”

“Yeah. It looks good.”

Woojin knew that this wasn’t enough if they were up against an Avatar but he didn’t need to point it out. Avatars were not going to come to Jeju so easily since Granny Mago was here.

Soon, they reached a home and Woojin found his mother working on a small private field.


Woojin hugged his mother. She touched his cheek and teary eyes.

“It’s been so long!”

“Where’s Father?”

“He went to feed the chickens. I guess we should have one to eat today.”

Woojin laughed. He didn’t expect his parents to enjoy the farming life in such a lavish home. But it was good to see his mother look so happy. Bihyung then walked up to them.

“I’m here too.”

“Oh, President Bi!”

Woojin turned to him and Bihyung smiled.

“We’ll all have a drink today.”

“Yeah. I guess we need to have two chickens.”

Woojin’s father also came out after hearing the noise and came running up to Woojin to hug him.

“Are you going to stay for the night?”


“Then let’s have a drink.”

At midnight, Woojin climbed up Mount Halla with Bihyung. As they got up to the peak, Bihyung guided Woojin into the fog and soon they were at Granny Mago’s house. Unlike before, there were small houses in the area. As they got up, someone came out from the kitchen.

“Huh? Woojin?”

It was Eunseo. It seemed like she had gained a bit of weight.

“How have you been?”


She ran up and hugged him. Woojin patted her back.

“Where’s Granny Mago?”

“She’s inside. Granny!” Eunseo shouted and Mago opened the door to the room.

“What are you doing there? Come in.”

Woojin bowed and walked in with Bihyung.

Mago smiled, “So what brings you here?”

“I’m on vacation.”

“Haha, I see. Good.”

Mago turned to Eunseo.

“Can you prepare breakfast for us?”


Eunseo went out and Mago turned to Woojin.

“It seems you have gained some interesting toys.”

Woojin nodded as he realized she noticed that he had the Glove of Ban Gu.

“It’s quite useful.”

“It’s not just useful.”

Mago then reached out to him and grabbed his hand.

“But there’s one that you are not using it to its full potential yet.”

Woojin was shocked.


Gáe Bulg appeared from his palm and Woojin turned to Mago with a bewildered expression. She spoke with a smile.

“It became one with you because of your dragon blood. Didn’t you know?”

He didn’t know. He just thought his bones had grown stronger, but he didn’t realize he could summon Gáe Bulg again.