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Biyung was quick to move. He had Kim Beom to take over his job and called each Avatar. Some heeded Bihyung’s warning but some scoffed at it. After calling all of them, Bihyung threw his phone and shouted in annoyance.

“Curse those arrogant bastards.”

Woojin glanced at Bihyung who shook his head and got up.

“I already called Japan. We can go now.”

“Have you made an appointment with Amaterasu?”

“Yeah. Get ready.”

“I’m ready.”

Woojin got up as Miho reassembled the gun she was cleaning and stood up. Bihyung glanced at Miho and asked.

“Are you trying to be a hunter now?”

“She’ll do that until she gets a good divine object.”

And even if she did get a divine object, firearms would still be good alternative support.

As they boarded the private jet to fly over, Woojin thought about what he had done until now. All Avatars were informed of what might happen on the Day of Chaos. What would Amon do if he found out that the Avatars were told of this? Woojin closed his eyes and laid his back on his seat. He knew that Amon couldn’t read what Woojin was doing. He figured that what he was doing was happening after he came back to the past. He was technically outside of this time frame, and even Mago couldn’t read him. And if that was the case, Amon would definitely think of a new plan.

However, at least he was different now. In the past, it took him three years to be established as a renowned hunter. But now, he was already an Avatar, and he had Bihyung and Miho with him. They joined him at least seven years later in the past and were injured on the Day of Chaos. This was a huge difference.

“I need to meet up with the others.”

There were other hunters that Woojin had teamed up with before. He thought of looking for them too. And there were also Avatars who had fought together with him. Of course, he was going to save Amaterasu and the others who couldn’t fight alongside him before.

He needed everyone he could get on his side to fight Amon.

A giant dragon that was twenty meters long fell to the ground. The man, who had penetrated his sword into the dragon’s head, had a deep gash on his shoulder that was still bleeding. Yet he didn’t care as he sat down and smiled.

“What brings you here, Amon?”

Amon glanced at the dragon and spoke.

“I have a favor to ask.”

“I need to hunt dragons.”

“It will be more entertaining than that.”

The man pulled his sword from the dragon and drank the dragon blood before walking up to Amon.

“Who do you want me to kill?”

Amon smiled.

“I am not asking you alone. Avatars in Japan will help you meet him personally.”

“It’s always good to hunt together with others. If the hunted has such value, that is.”

“He sure does. He’s the one who killed Galf.”

The man then smiled coldly.

“Oh? You should’ve told me that earlier.”

“I’ll take the necessary steps.”

“And I’ll get his head.”

The man, Poras, answered and Amon asked.

“Can I take the dragon’s body?”

“Do whatever you want with it.”

Poras only found joy in hunting. That’s why Amon liked him.

They arrived at Hakone, a town near Tokyo, and checked into a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn. Woojin glanced at Miho who seemed excited to stay at a ryokan, then looked at the man walking in front of them. He was probably an Avatar, but Woojin did not recognize him. Maybe he had died when Amaterasu died.

They arrived at the top floor of the ryokan. There was a woman wearing a kimono sitting down, and she smiled when she saw them.

“Long time no see, Bihyung.”

“Yeah, been a while.”

Bihyung walked up and sat in front of her. She smiled again as women started entering to place food on the table.

“Give me a drink.”

Woojin also sat next to Bihyung and Miho also sat down. The woman looked at all of them and asked, “Is he the one who killed Wangjinjin?”

Bihyung glanced at Woojin and said, “Where did you hear that?”

“He’s famous these days.”

Bihyung drank his sake and answered, “Yeah. He wiped out the Wangjinjin family.”

“I am Ko Woojin.”

“Nice to meet you. I am Omikami.”

Amaterasu Omikami.

The representative of Japan, and Goddess of the Sun. Woojin commented, “Thank you for the invitation.”

“Bihyung told me an interesting story so I had to hear it from you directly.”

Woojin smiled.

She added, “I heard a lot of avatars are unconvinced.”

“Well, it’s because it isn’t convincing in the slightest.”

Avatars had power over governments and the press. They didn’t see the need to become worried about things they had full control over. However, at least Omikami seemed like she was open to listening.

“Shouldn’t you have more guards around?”

Omikami looked at Bihyung with interest, “Bihyung, do you believe in that story?”

“Granny Mago told me to.”

“Hmm… so she said that?”

The weight of the words from Mago was different. Omikami seemed to realize the seriousness of the situation.

“What did she say?”

“She said the death of Wangjinjin changed the fate of the sky. She told me that things might be different because to it,” Bihyung answered.

Omikami turned to Woojin.

“So, you are saying that it will endanger the Avatar representatives of each country?”

“Yes. Unless the representatives are in control, media control is not possible.”

According to what Woojin saw, Sun Wukong covered up what he did in Shanghai; there was nothing they couldn’t do with their powers. Omikami smiled and answered, “In the first place that would mean that those planning should have such power.”

Bihyung placed down his sake and answered, “Galf appeared in Korea a while ago.”

“Galf? One of the seventy-two demons?”

“Yeah. That Galf.”

The name of a demon was not something to be considered lightly. Omikami was surprised and Bihyung continued, “I think this has something to do with demons.”

“Why are you telling me that now?!”

“We’re not 100% sure yet. I came here to help, so I thought I would tell you so you can be ready too.”

Omikami grabbed her cup and downed her sake. Woojin glanced at her smooth neck as Miho elbowed him. He turned to Miho quizzically.

“Stop peeking at her.”

Woojin laughed and drank his sake. Omikami said, “Then we should get ready.”

“Who are you calling?”

“I need my second and last siblings.”

Woojin then looked at Omikami in surprise.

“Aren’t those two the most dangerous?”


Omikamo became confused as Woojin explained, “Aren’t those two the only ones who can place you in danger?”

Omikami then turned to Bihyung and he replied with a serious face.

“Yeah, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo are dangerous.”

“You think they will try to kill me?”

“Well, I can’t deny the possibility.”

Omikami couldn’t answer. If those two were to betray her, she would surely be in danger. But would they really betray her? They were still her siblings. She refilled her sake cup and turned to Bihyung.

“What do you want me to do then?”

“We will protect you.”

Omikami looked at each of them as Bihyung continued, “You will need to increase your protection. Don’t let any Avatars come near you from now on.”

“Do you think you will be enough to protect me?”

Bihyung grinned, “I’m Bihyung.”

Omikami then turned to Woojin.

“Or maybe I should trust Woojin who killed Wangjinjin.”

Woojin smiled.

“I’ll protect you.”