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It was at dinner time when Ryota answered Woojin’s offer.

“I will join you.”

The arrival of Shinatsu confirmed for Ryota that working with Woojin had promise. Woojin then decided to meet with Bihyung and Miho to introduce Ryota again.

“This is Ryota, the Avatar of Bake-danuki.”

Bihyung had a glass of whiskey and Miho was spinning her Desert Eagle. Ryota swallowed nervously.

“Nice to meet you. I am Ryota.”

Bihyung turned to Woojin.

“He’s a hacker?”


“And we need him? I see that he’s good with hacking, but he can’t find Tsukuyomi. It won’t work on Avatars.”

Woojin shook his head.

“That’s because there’s no program to find Avatars. But with some additions, it will be different.”

“Are you saying Ryota can make such a program?”

“Yeah. We won’t lose any traces of those who show themselves in the real world.”

Woojin emptied his drink and put it down on the table and refilled it. He was looking at Ryota.

“There aren’t any Avatars who aren’t unique.”

Bihyung then turned to Woojin.

“But this one smells like a money-sink. How much do you think was spent to make Eagle Eye? We’re talking about spending at least that much, right?”

“Why? You don’t have money?”

“No, but I want to know what I will gain by spending that much money to make a program that tracks down Avatars.”

“Finding Avatars we want to find. It can even track down demons. You think for a second.”

Bihyung then looked at Woojin.

“What do we need?”

Woojin gestured to Ryota, and he answered.

“We need military satellites. There is one on the market sold by Russia right now. We need at least three.”

“Good. Do you know the price?”

“Two hundred billion per satellite, I reckon.”

“Tell me who is selling it, and the model you need. I’ll bring it to you.”

Ryota then finally realized what he had gotten into. He knew Bihyung was the representative of Korea but hadn’t realized that he had that much money. If he didn’t have to worry about money, he would be able to make a program that far exceeded the extent of Eagle Eye. Woojin spoke calmly.

“First, create a program at the level of Eagle Eye. We’ll need a few improvements to track down Avatars but I’ll work on that.”

“A program to track down Avatars…”

Ryota nodded and returned to his room. Woojin then turned to Bihyung and Miho. He was thankful to them for not raising any objections to the new crew.

“How powerful is Shinatsu?”

“His sheer strength? He’s really powerful. But he’s got a temper.”

“Worse than you?”

Bihyung laughed, “I use fire and he uses wind. We don’t get along.”

“So, he’s that powerful?”

“But I will win now. I have the Iron Fan, remember?”

Woojin smiled. He knew that the Iron Fan would boost Bihyung’s power greatly. They now needed to fight with both of them on the same side. Bihyung asked, “Do you have a way of fighting Susanoo?”

Woojin nodded.

“We have Omikami on our side. We don’t need to worry.”

Late night, under a bright full moon…

A woman with long hair was looking at the old ryokan from afar. It was a place where the strongest Avatar of Japan and her sister were currently residing in. She turned back to the man standing behind her. A man carrying a two-handed sword. Poras.

He was a demon but was here to help the man who ignited the deep desire within her heart. The man gave her light when she lived in the shadows of her sister.

Poras glanced at the ones standing next to him. There was a man with small eyes with his arms crossed, and a short hair, blue-eyed woman who was yawning.

Takemi Kazuchi no Ono-kami

Ameno Kikumari no Kami

An Avatar of the God of Thunder, and the God of Rain. It was all due to the work of Amon. The Day of Chaos was upon them, starting today. Poras then turned to the back. There were hundreds of Oni Avatars. They were the army that Tsukuyomi had raised, and she only said a single word.


The Oni began to move toward the ryokan. When they got there, the ryokan’s lights came on and screams were heard. They didn’t care if they killed civilians as their purpose was to show the world of their existence. Then, gunfire was heard from within as Poras scoffed. Guns weren’t enough to kill Oni. Poras turned to Tsukuyomi.

“We should go now.”

Tsukuyomi nodded.

There was a scream. Woojin grabbed his Desert Eagle and shouted, “Ryota, stay here!”


Woojin left the room as Bihyung and Miho came out from the opposite room across the hall. Woojin directed them.

“Bihyung, go to Omikami. I’ll go check what’s happening.”


Woojin turned and Miho nodded with a smile as they began to move. Screams were heard from all over. They saw a red-skinned man ripping a person apart and Woojin fired his gun at his head. The armor piercing bullet penetrated and burst into flames as the enemy dropped without a scream. Both of them ran past the motionless corpse.

“They’re Oni! Be careful!”

The Japanese version of Dokkebi. Their power was in their strength and durable skin, but they had no other powers. At least it was easy for Miho to kill them as she was using the Starfish Fang which allowed her to move as fast as vampires. She alone was enough to deal with the Oni. While Woojin was killing Oni with Miho, Bihyung glanced at Shinatsu standing in Omikami’s room and asked Omikami, “Is it Susanoo?”

“I don’t know. But ones that attacked are Oni.”


Bihyung frowned and saw people getting ripped apart by the red-skinned Oni on the security camera monitors.

“Did Susanoo control Oni?”

“No. Never.”

“Then, what’s going on?”

“I’m not sure, but they are not enough to fight us.”

“I know. Woojin and Miho went there, so they will take care of them. But we need to be prepared for the real one.”

Shinatsu then spoke.

“Wait. This feeling… I know who this is.”

Shinatsu walked up to the window and continued.


Omikami frowned.

“It isn’t Susanoo then.”

“Takemi? The God of Thunder? Whose side is he on?”


Bihyung then sighed.

“Then I guess we have to be prepared for the worst.”


“That we might have to fight Susanoo and Tsukuyomi at once.”

Omikami laughed as if that wouldn’t be possible.

“Should we run or something?”

“Stop joking around. If Taekmi’s here, he’s here to see you.”

Shinatsu smiled viciously.

“Yes, he’s probably here because he was told that he can meet with me. Crazy bastard.”

“That means we have at least Tsukuyomi and Takemi here. If they are the only ones, it won’t be much of a problem.”

If Omikami fought Tsukuyomi and Shinatsu took on Takemi, the Korean teammates would be enough to take on the Oni.

“Good. That will do.”

“Not exactly.”

Omikami spoke to Bihyung.

“Tsukuyomi is stronger than me when a full moon is up. We have no chance.”

“I’m with you, don’t worry,” Bihyung answered. He was now much stronger than before with the Iron Fan. He felt that they had a good chance.

Woojin separated from Miho to hunt the Oni. She was enough to handle them alone and Woojin had told her to run away if she encountered any strong enemies. While he was reloading his gun after killing another Oni, he felt someone charging at him, and he backed away. A sword crushed the floor where he had been standing.

“You’ve got good reflexes.”

Woojin looked up at Poras, who was grinning while pulling out his sword. Woojin didn’t know who he was but he was able to recognize the sword.


The sword that killed a dragon. The man seemed to be a demon.

“You came for me?”

“Yeah. You’re the one who killed Galf, right?”


Woojin smiled and pulled out his spear.

“I am Ko Woojin, the end to all demons.”