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Omikami sighed as she faced that person.

“Tsukuyomi, I didn’t expect you to come.”

Tsukuyomi looked at her silently as Omikami continued, “Why are you trying to kill me?”

“Because you will get in the way of the plan.”

“Plan? You mean the plan to reveal the otherworld to reality?”

Tsukuyomi nodded and Omikami clenched her fists.

“Why? Why is that necessary?”

Tsukuyomi raised her hand, “Because that will allow the creation of the true Empire.”

Omikami realized that Tsukuyomi had made her decision. And like before, there was no way to change her mind.

“If that’s the case, I will have to stop you.”

“I knew you would.”

Tsukuyomi began to unleash her energy and Omikami glanced around.

“They have one more.”

“We have one more too.”

Bihyung smiled and looked at his opponent.

“She’s the God of Rain, Ameno. You don’t stand a chance.”

Bihyung laughed.

“Don’t think I am still the old me.”

He then took out the Iron Fan. Omikami grinned.

“Where did you get that from?”

“I was lucky.”

Bihyung fanned himself, “We’ll see how it goes.”

Ameno was a difficult opponent, but he had the Iron Fan which could control wind, giving him a fighting chance. Yet, Bihyung couldn’t tear his eyes away from Tsukuyomi. He could sense her terrifying demonic energy. It seemed like he would have to help Omikami as fast as he could.

“Hurry up and get over here, Woojin…!”

The bamboo spear was nicked after clashing with Gram. The durability of a dragonslayer sword was amazing; however, Woojin’s surprise didn’t match Poras’ shock.

“What kind of Avatar are you?!”

It was a strength that he had not expected in the slightest. The speed didn’t fall behind his either. He was within the top ten in terms of strength, yet his opponent’s strength was almost the same as his.

Poras smiled as his sword mercilessly attacked Woojin who tried to deflect it but Poras was too fast and powerful. Woojin grimaced and moved quickly. Fortunately, he was a bit quicker than Poras. In response, Poras swung Gram with a wide angle to push Woojin back and unleashed his spiritual power.

Woojin also focused his power to change the shape of Cloak of Vampire Bat. He felt his cloak wrapped around him surging with power and charged forward. He attacked the enemy and Poras brought his sword up to push away. Woojin repeated the attack and Poras stepped in. That’s when Woojin stopped.

Poras lunged in to thrust his sword and Woojin also charged in. Poras scoffed, thinking Woojin was now too close to attack him with a long spear and thus he aimed his sword at Woojin’s heart. Woojin then twisted his body slightly right when the sword touched his chest. The strengthened skin was cut and blood gushed out but Woojin was able to place his right hand on Poras’ left stomach. Poras swung his left fist but Woojin was faster at summoning Gáe Bulg from his hand.

Gáe Bulg pierced through Poras and spread out inside his body the moment it stabbed through. Poras felt severe pain and couldn’t attack further. Woojin then jumped back. He sighed as his wound wasn’t healing. It seemed like the power of the dragonslayer sword was stopping his dragon blood from regenerating. Woojin then saw Poras not standing straight with Gáe Bulg in his stomach.

“Where did that come out from?”

Poras did expect Woojin to have Gáe Bulg, but he thought Woojin didn’t have it after seeing that he was only fighting with a bamboo spear. But to think Gáe Bulg could appear from the hand… Poras gritted his teeth. Gáe Bulg’s spear chomped opponents whenever it attacked. It wasn’t possible to easily pull it out.

Poras grabbed Gáe Bulg and pulled it out. Blood gushed out and he charged at Woojin anyway. Woojin then threw his spear and Poras used his Gram to deflect it. Woojin then summoned another spear and deflected Gram again. Poras threw Gram back up and Woojin dashed back to get away from the sword. Poras thought he had won as there was no way for Woojin to avoid being attacked in that stance.

Yet Woojin was smiling. And before Poras could think of the reason, something flew forward and penetrated his back. Gáe Bulg pierced through his heart.


Blood gushed out from his mouth and Woojin thrust his other spear into Poras’ mouth. He was killed instantly. Woojin then retrieved the spears and fed the spirit stone to his Fang and wrapped his shoulders with the cloak. He then heard explosions coming from Omikami’s room.

Woojin also picked up the Gram and jumped up. He had to go to Omikami as fast as possible. After plowing through five ceilings, he felt vicious energy from above. Woojin then got up and looked around. They were fighting 3 on 3.

Bihyung was fighting against a water-type enemy and Shinatsu was fighting a God of Lightning. They seemed equal to be in power but Omikami was different. She was losing.


Sister of Omikami, and the God of the Moon.

“There’s a full moon today.”

Woojin unwrapped the cloak and Poras’ dried up body fell to the ground. Then, Woojin put it back on his body. It seemed like the cloak was moving more smoothly now after drinking Poras’ blood. He had gotten much stronger after killing Poras. Woojin took out the spear and the Mirror of Heavens. He couldn’t use the mirror in the previous battle since Poras didn’t give him time to pull it out, but he now had time to use it.

Woojin used his increased spiritual power and flashed the light at Tsukuyomi. She turned to Woojin. He thought this would give them a chance at victory but it seemed like Tsukuyomi was unaffected. She pointed toward Woojin and he jumped back instinctively.

The area around him was devoured by the demonic energy that filled the area. Woojin put the mirror back into his pocket. These gods were all natural beings. They weren’t unholy for the mirror to work on them.

Woojin then jumped again as the energy attacked again. It looked like Tsukuyomi was not letting her guard down against Woojin although she was fighting Omikami.

Woojin threw his spear at Tsukuyomi. His powerful muscle strength allowed the spear to shoot past the interference of demonic energy. Tsukuyomi seemed to be surprised that it did, but she easily snatched the spear in the air. She then transferred the energy into the spear and threw it back.

Woojin ran up to receive the spear. Rampant demonic energy grasped his arm but his cloak ate it away this time. At least this would allow him to fight.

Tsukuyomi was astonished. Woojin smiled and jumped. He grabbed Gram and he felt like he could swing it at her to cut her down but he felt something coming down toward him, so he hopped back.

A man with long hair jumped down with a long sword where Woojin had been. Woojin recognized the man.