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Susanoo’s appearance was unexpected. They knew he was coming, but to see him siding with Tsukuyomi… that was the worst case scenario.

Omikami shouted with a frown, “What are you doing here?!”

Susanoo looked around with his sword. His appearance shocked everyone so much that all sides paused fighting. Susanoo then turned to Tsukuyomi.

“You’re late.”

Susanoo nodded and Omikami gritted her teeth.

“Why have you two betrayed me?!”

She shouted sadly but Susanoo brought his sword up. Woojin got up and looked at him. What Susanoo had was the weapon he obtained after killing Orochimaru, the weapon named Kusanagi no ken. It was one of the three divine objects of Japan. It wasn’t going to be easy to fight Susanoo.

Bihyung shouted at Woojin, “You take care of him!”

That was easy to say. Woojin grabbed Gram and got up. Kusanagi no ken was a powerful sword but Gram was also a legendary sword. Woojin turned to Susanoo but he swung his sword at Woojin without any hesitation. A powerful wave of spiritual energy flew at him. Woojin then smashed it down with Gram. The wave was divided into two and traveled behind him, destroying the wall. Susanoo then turned to Woojin for the first time.


Woojin felt a chill as Susanoo was focused at him. If Sun Wukong was the most powerful Avatar in China, then Susanoo was the most powerful Avatar in Japan. Sun Wukong seemed to be much stronger, but Susanoo wasn’t that far off.

Woojin brought up his Gram and replied, “Woojin.”

And then Susanoo disappeared.


Woojin brought his sword back to defend against the attack, but he was thrown into the air. Susanoo then continued attacking Woojin, thinking he had no way of landing after being in mid-air. Yet the cloak turned to a wing and pulled Woojin up. Susanoo’s spiritual power was too strong. Susanoo scoffed, “Interesting.”

He then jumped up toward Woojin like a cannonball and in response, Woojin pulled back. Susanoo swung his sword and the wave of spiritual energy swept above Woojin’s head. The power was too much for Woojin to cut, nor could he avoid it. He had to wrap himself with the cloak like a ball. To him, it felt like a truck had rammed into him as he slammed into the floor. He was sent five stories down into the parking lot and Susanoo followed him cracking a smile as he saw Woojin swinging his Gram.

The sword didn’t have any spiritual power, but he was able to counter Susanoo’s attack. Woojin was struck away, but he got up from the ground anyway. He looked down and smiled. The attack was powerful but his defenses were enough to allow him to endure it. Woojin looked at Susanoo who got down on the ground. Woojin required the wing from the cloak to fly, but Susanoo seemed like he could fly just by using his mighty spiritual power.

“You endured it.”

Woojin answered, “If that’s all you can do, I’ll can much more than that.”

Susanoo smiled and swung his sword horizontally. The spiritual power threw all the cars away and Woojin brought up Gram. Woojin sliced on the wave to open a way. Although the wave had been cut, it still gave him the same amount of shock as if a gun had fired at him. But that didn’t stop Woojin. He dashed toward Susanoo. It seemed like Susanoo was starting to become annoyed. He swung his sword again while Woojin brought his spear back and threw it.

Woojin was thrown back helplessly but the spear pierced through the entire wave, and Susanoo struck it down with his sword and looked at it. He was interested in the spear that had pierced through his waves. That’s when gunfire was heard and a bullet flew at Susanoo. Yet it soon slowed down and dropped. The spiritual power around Susanoo was enough to make bullets to fall even before arriving at its target. Susanoo turned and swung his sword at the direction. Part of the ryokan was destroyed but Miho had already pulled herself out and was behind Woojin.

“Why are you here?”

“I’m done with the Oni.”

“You shouldn’t be here.”

Miho smiled, “Doesn’t it feel nice to see me here though?”

Woojin laughed.

“Do you need to flirt even at such a moment?”

“What are you talking about?”

Woojin laughed and gave Gram to Miho.

“Grab this and back up.”

“What is this?”

“Gram. It’s a divine object.”

“You’re not giving to me, are you? This is too big for me.”

“Stop joking and move back.”


Miho then moved back and Susanoo decided that Miho didn’t pose any threats but Woojin was different. The bamboo spear was especially dangerous since it pierced through his armor that was made from spiritual power.

Susanoo decided to go all out. He increased the energy surrounding him. Woojin then took the Cocktail-Demon. He had finished all the preparations he could make, but his dragon blood should have suppressed the Cocktail but he didn’t have any dragon blood now. His eyes turned red and Susanoo scoffed, “You smell of filth.”

Woojin was already charging in. Then anger and hatred from within had been awakened. Susanoo was not interested in an unconscious enemy. He ran in with a much faster speed than before. Yet Woojin reacted to it instinctively. He thrust his spear into Susanoo’s chest and Susanoo laughed, speeding up a bit more. The spear missed and hit nothing but air while the sword reached Woojin’s side. It barely made a cut and Susanoo frowned. The attack was too light. Susanoo then charged in further to push the attack but Woojin dodged it instinctively. He still received wounds but he was moving faster than his normal maximum speed. Susanoo was astonished.

It seemed like the enemy’s physical stats had outpowered their small spiritual power to move at such a speed. He had never seen an Avatar that was this fast and strong. Susanoo thought he made a good choice to come and he decided to end it soon, “Let’s finish this.”

It was only a slight difference in power but if one couldn’t overcome their limits, then there was no way to win. Susanoo thrust his sword and Woojin twisted his body so that his lung was penetrated instead. The sword got stuck and when Susanoo tried to pull it back, Woojin swung his left fist. And the fist had a large amount of spiritual power stacked on it to look like a giant’s fist. There was no way to escape.