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Strike of the Giant.

This attack had to be timed precisely as Woojin could not yet control this skill yet. Its power was unmatched but it required all of his spiritual power. However, without his instincts, Woojin couldn’t think of such a thing. He couldn’t lose his chance and he just unleashed the best attack he could think of.

Susanoo had to take the attack and hope that his spiritual power armor would withstand it. However, he was a bit confident in doing so. The spiritual power from the Glove of Ban Gu was too powerful. It destroyed his armor and crushed him.


As he was thrown away, he pulled the sword with him. It had been a long time since his armor shattered and he was wounded. But he couldn’t lose. Blood gushed out of the wound and Woojin didn’t care. He was already bound by anger and hatred like a warrior in berserk mode and he threw the spear at Susanoo’s heart.

Susanoo quickly brought up his sword to defend, but he couldn’t deflect it fully and his left side was hit. Susanoo got up and pulled out the spear. Blood began pouring out but he couldn’t focus on that yet. Woojin was charging in again without any spiritual power. However, he wasn’t much without any spiritual power now.

Susanoo laughed. He didn’t expect to be dragged into such a dogfight. He had gotten into such a fight only when he fought Yamata no orochi in the past. Susanoo swung his fist at Woojin and Woojin landed a fist on Susanoo’s face. He then grabbed Susanoo’s arm and twisted it. Woojin’s sheer strength was able to twist Susanoo’s arm that was protected by spiritual power. Susanoo pulled his arm back and injured Woojin’s face.

Woojin’s face became bloody but he rammed his head at Susanoo too. They began to fight like savages, but without any spiritual power, there was no way for Woojin to win against Susanoo.

Susanoo threw him down and stepped on him to pin him down. He looked at his wound but the blood did not stop. He then grabbed his sword to cut the wound out and he focused on recovering.

The bleeding stopped but it was only a temporary fix.

“That is a terrible spear.”

He never heard of such a spear. Susanoo then kicked Woojin’s chin to knock him out and looked up. There was still a fierce battle going on. Susanoo looked down and realized the stench was disappearing from Woojin. He felt his nose bleeding and wiped it off. It had been a long time since he fought so fiercely, but he had come on top. He then brought up his sword and pressed it down on Woojin’s heart. Woojin’s skin turned hard but it soon was pierced, along with the heart.

Susanoo then jumped up to the top floor.

After Susanoo disappeared, Miho came out of hiding and ran toward Woojin. The Cloak of Vampire Bat was sucking his wound, drinking his blood. Fortunately, it was going to stop the heavy bleeding, but he was going to die soon.

“Wake up!”

Miho tried to wake him up while pulling the cloak from the chest, but he didn’t wake up. He was already half-dead. Miho then brought up her orb and placed it in her mouth before she kissed him. Woojin’s mouth was open and the orb went in. The orb then came back out from Woojin’s mouth and returned to Miho. The size began to grow smaller and tears welled up in Miho’s eyes.

“I worked so hard for this.”

Miho then slapped Woojin’s chest.


Woojin woke up and Miho took a step back. Woojin then touched his lips and glanced at the orb.

“You saved me?”

“Yeah. I saved you.”

Woojin knew how important the orb was to Miho. It was a must for her to become a Gumiho, but she used it to save him. He was thankful. Woojin then remembered the process required for using the orb and blushed. Miho also blushed.

Woojin got up and checked his chest. If Miho had come a bit late, he might have died.

“How long was I out?”

“Three minutes.”

If Susanoo joined the others, three minutes was enough to change the outcome. Woojin tried to get up but he felt dizzy.


He focused on his wound and the Cloak of Vampire Bat slowly left the wound. Woojin let out a hollow laugh, realizing that his cloak would eat him if he were killed.

At least the wound was healing. Woojin got up while feeling extreme pain.

“You just came back from death. Don’t move.”

“I have to go.”

Woojin retrieved the spears to change them back into bracelets and he grabbed Gram while looking toward the top floor of the ryokan. Based on the powerful demonic energy storm from above, it seemed like Omikami was still alive.

Woojin turned to Miho.

“Stay here. It’s too early for you.”

“The same goes for you too.”

Woojin just laughed and jumped. When he got up, Omikami was in a corner, drenched in blood. Bihyung and Shinatsu didn’t look good either. It was all due to the fact that Woojin had lost to Susanoo. Woojin’s reappearance shocked Susanoo.

“You came back from death?”

Woojin let out a breath and swung his Gram. He used the Cocktail to fight earlier, but he lost control and almost died. He had lost all his spiritual power also and was in no condition to fight, but he couldn’t let everyone die. Susanoo swung his sword lightly. He was wounded but his spiritual power was still intact. Woojin then stopped breathing as the wave of spiritual power unleashed at him. Even with Gram, he had no way to cut that now. He then jumped at an angle and stepped on the wall to drop in front of Omikami. He flicked his finger and Bihyung swung the Iron Fan. The storm pushed their enemies away and Bihyung and Shinatsu also gathered up.

Bihyung asked, “Are you okay?”

“No. I almost died.”

If Miho did not help, he definitely would have died. Woojin thanked Miho in his mind and asked, “Omikami. Do you have a plan?”

“Not unless we see sunlight.”

“Then we should run.”


“We can’t defeat them, but we can run, right?” Woojin whispered. The enemies were readying themselves also. Woojin told Bihyung, “Hand over the Iron Fan.”

“For what?”

“Give it to Shinatsu for a second.”

If Shinatsu, the God of Wind, used the Iron Fan, it would bring out a different result. Bihyung looked unwilling but he gave the fan to Shinatsu anyway. Shinatsu grabbed the fan and looked down at it with a weird expression.

“This is crazy.”

He then looked up and asked, “Why didn’t you give it to me earlier?”

With that, Shinatsu swung the fan and unleashed unimaginable destruction. Susanoo swung his word and Tsukuyomi controlled the demonic energy but it only allowed them to barely save themselves. They couldn’t help being blown away.

Bihyung laughed. The difference was like night and day compared to when he used it.

“I’ll take the rear.”

Bihyuung then glared at Shinatsu, “If you lose that, I’ll kill you.”

Shinatsu swung his fan again instead of answering Bihyung. The next attack threw the opponents back also. The fan did not allow Shinatsu to deliver a decisive blow, but it was easy for him to blow them away.

Woojin helped Omikami and Miho appeared with Ryota.

“Let’s go.”

Woojin jumped while Miho and Bihyung followed behind. Shinatsu then swung his fan to help speed them up. As they ran, Woojin heard Susanoo’s voice coming from behind.

“Move out of my way!”

A merciless wave of spiritual power swept toward Shinatsu. He tried swinging the fan but he knew it wouldn’t be able to handle Susanoo’s attack. Shinatsu swung his fan to help him jump up instead but Takemi threw down a bolt of lightning, penetrating Shinatsu’s shoulder. Therefore, Bihyung helped Shinatsu jump up.

Tsukuyomi also came to attack but Bihyung shouted, “Run!”

They rode the wind made by the fan to jump and Tsukuyomi’s demonic energy destroyed the entire ryokan. Tsukuyomi then left the destroyed ryokan to chase after her enemy. Susanoo sighed and followed her along with Takemi and Ameno.

The moon was going down in the west.