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While running, Woojin, turned to Miho after glancing back at his chasers.

“Miho. We should split up and hide. Get away with Ryota.”

“It’s okay. Isn’t it more dangerous to be separate?”

“They are only here for Omikami and Shinatsu. It’s best for you to get away safely.”

Bihyung also nodded.

“Don’t be a fool and get away from us.”


“You are dragging us behind. Run!”

Bihyung then looked at Shinatsu.

“Buy us some time.”

“I’m a patient, remember?”

Shinatsu quickly swung his Iron Fan. As the giant gust of wind blew enemies to the back, Miho hid her trace and sped off. Ryota also shapeshifted himself they disappeared. Woojin then said, “Omikami. We can’t run for hours.”

They were too quick to follow. Shinatsu was keeping them at bay but his spiritual power wasn’t infinite either, not to mention that he was injured. They couldn’t be on the run until sunrise.

“We need to find a person.”

“Do you have someone in mind?”

“I need to find Hutodama.”

“Where is he?”


It wasn’t far, but Tokyo was crowded with people. There was no going back if the enemies ran rampant in the middle of the city. Woojin gritted his teeth and sped up. His spiritual power was recovering slowly, but Woojin was fast without it anyway, enough for his enemies to be shocked by his speed. Woojin glanced back. Shinatsu’s wound wasn’t getting any better but the Iron Fan gave them a chance. Woojin said to Omikami, “Have Hutodama come our away. We’ll meet in the middle.”

Omikami then took out a phone and placed a call. After talking on the phone briefly, she hung up and Woojin asked again, “Why didn’t you ask for help earlier?”

“He’s not very useful at fighting.”

“And how is he going to help us now?”

“We need the golden bell that he created.”

“Golden bell?”

Omikami nodded.

“That will stop Tsukuyomi’s power.”

But holding back Tsukuyomi’s power wasn’t the only problem here. What about Susanoo? He had lost miserably and Susanoo seemed to be fine. Woojin then felt Tsukuyomi’s demonic energy from below and jumped. The place he jumped up from was destroyed instantly. He sped up even more. They couldn’t get caught yet. He wasn’t sure what Omikami was trying to do, but she said that finding the object will take care of Tsukuyomi. Then they would only have to deal with Susanoo. Omikami asked, “You ran out of spiritual power. What happened?”

“I used it all while fighting Susanoo.”

“Then I will give some to you.”

Omikami then placed her hand on Woojin’s back and sent her spiritual power into Woojin’s body. The amount he received was almost equal to the energy he originally had. He felt it and quickened his pace. Bihyung ranted, “Shinatsu. Do you have anything you can give to me?”

“Shut up.”

Shinatsu then swung his fan, but the enemies seemed to have learned how to avoid being pushed back by the fan now and they were much closer.

As Woojin ran, he saw a Mini Cooper approaching from the other side. The car stopped immediately and a white-haired man came out. Omikami identified the man. “It’s Hutodama.”

Woojin flew up and landed in front of Hutodama who opened his eyes wide in shock.

“What happened?”

“My second and youngest siblings are trying to kill me.”

Hutodama then turned to Bihyung and Shinatsu who just arrived.


“Hutodama. What are you doing here?”

“Omikami-sama called me. It seems like I shouldn’t meddle with this problem.”

That was when Tsukuyomi and her allies arrived. Hutodama sighed as he realized Tsukuyomi’s demonic energy.

“I see why you called me.”

Omikami spoke with a faint smile, “Help me.”

Hutodama nodded and pulled out the golden bell.

“I can control that energy, but I will need a chance. I can’t press it down from afar.”

Omikami chuckled, “I didn’t expect to receive help from the bell that once stopped me.”

“Remember, you need to get me as close as possible.”

Bihyung then turned to Shinatsu, “Shall we do it together?”

“Do what?”

“Make the wind.”

Shinatsu brought up the fan and swung it while Bihyung snapped his fingers. The storm then combined itself with the Dokkebi fire. It was a powerful attack. As the fiery storm gushed out against the enemies, thus hindering their view, Hutodama began ringing his bell. He then began reading some enchantments and the demonic energy began to subside. That’s when Susanoo’s wave of spiritual power began to sweep the storm out.

“Someone needs to put this bell on Tsukuyomi.”

Woojin reached out.

“Do I just need to put it on her?”


Woojin nodded and jumped out. As Susanoo was putting out the fiery storm, Woojin ran past the enemies. He had enough spiritual power to break through. Takemi launched thunder at him, but he wrapped himself with the Cloak of Vampire Bat and dashed forward. He then saw the space in front of him becoming distorted but didn’t stop his charge. He felt crushing pain coming from his leg, but it was only his skin and muscle. His bones could endure it. Soon, he was in front of Tsukuyomi. Woojin threw his fist with the bell into her stomach.


The bell began to flash words of golden light, wrapping itself around Tsukuyomi. Woojin then quickly hopped back as he saw Tsukuyomi’s energy.

The sword dropped where Woojin had previously been. Susanoo reached to take off the bell, but there was a curse on it that did not allow him to touch it.


Susanoo turned to Hutodama behind Omikami. He hid himself behind Omikami at Susanoo’s glare. Woojin sighed, “This will make things equal.”

Susanoo then glanced at Tsukuyomi who seemed to be in pain and put the sword over his shoulder while smiling viciously.

“I guess I should teach you why I am called the God of Storm.”

His energy then began to grow violent. Woojin then realized the Susanoo he fought against earlier wasn’t at his full power. Bihyung said, “We sealed Tsukuyomi and awakened Susanoo.”

“It feels like we just walked into a lion’s cave.”

Bihyung and Shinatsu commented and Woojin snapped.

“Just tell me how we should fight him.”

“Omikami can handle Susanoo’s spiritual power, but it is up to you to stop his body.”

Woojin nodded to Bihyung.

“Just stop his spiritual power attacks and I will pin him down,” Omikami said to Woojin.

“We just need to hold out until sunrise.”

“We will try.”

Woojin walked up, blocking Omikami and Hutodama said, “I will protect you, Omikami-sama.”

He was a shaman who was scared of fighting, but knew basic magic tricks that would help him survive. Woojin then walked out. Susanoo smiled coldly. He enjoyed fighting Woojin, but he couldn’t let their plan to fail.

Susanoo charged and Woojin also did the same. That’s when fierce light was unleashed upon Susanoo. Susanoo tried to cut the light away with his sword but Woojin got close and struck Gram down. Susanoo brought his sword up to defend. However, he couldn’t put his spiritual power into the sword as he had to defend against Omikami so the shock made the ground crack.

“I am astonished.”

Susanoo spoke honestly and focused spiritual power to swing Woojin to the back. Woojin was surprised. He didn’t know there was a way to focus spiritual power into one place to make it become much stronger. He glanced and saw that Bihyung and Shinatsu weren’t doing too hot either.

“So, I have to defeat you then,” Woojin said in front of the strongest Japanese Avatar.