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A text message popped up on the phone. Woojin walked down from the helicopter with a bag and a man approached him.

“I’ll guide you from here.”

Woojin also saw a minivan waiting there. The phone rang at that moment.

[I’ll arrange the transportation. Will it help?]

“Thank you.”

It was better to use whatever help he could currently get.

[I’ll see you later.]

Woojin hung up and checked his equipment again. He slipped the Desert Eagle into the holster on his waist and tucked the magazines inside the leather jacket. Viktor was also a junior vampire, but he was much stronger than Dukgoo. He was from the former generation and he used to control all of Korea before Dukgoo came in.

In the past, Seoul was busy trying to find the murderer while Dukgoo ran to Busan to smuggle out his kidnapped offerings. It was before the ghouls started doing their job. If Woojin were to get to Viktor right now, their plans for Korea would fail. They would prepare something again, but Woojin had enough time to stop them.

The car stopped.

“It’s that house over there. He hasn’t been out since he returned at dawn.”

Woojin nodded and got out of the car. The wall around the house was too high to look in. Security cameras had also been installed on the wall.

“Can you look after my bag?”

“Sure. I will leave in 5 minutes.”

Woojin nodded and pulled the mask over his face. Five minutes wasn’t enough time for him to kill and ransack the entire house. Woojin injected Cocktail-B and sprinted.

He quickly took a step on the wall and used the pole to climb over. As he jumped over the wall, he pulled out the Desert Eagle, installed the silencer, and then pulled the trigger.

With two shots, Woojin rammed himself into the window and jumped through, pulling the curtain to let the sunlight in. He then pulled his trigger at the figures appearing.

Five bullets pierced the ghouls’ heads. Three more ghouls charged from behind and Woojin replaced the gun with the Starfish Fang. He then dodged a ghoul’s hand and slashed it with his blade.

He then stabbed another ghoul’s neck and dodged the last ghoul’s kick to slash up from the belly to the chest.

When the last ghoul fell, Woojin rolled on the ground. The opponent was well-prepared. Not only did he have security cameras, but he also had automatic rifles. Woojin hid behind a sofa, put back the blade, and pulled out Desert Eagle to reload.

“You look like a hunter. How dare you attack a vampire? Don’t you know that the Italian Hunters Guild was sacked recently?”

It was common knowledge for hunters that the Italian Hunters Guild was destroyed due to the vengeance of the vampires. Woojin scoffed and poked his head out to check. He then kicked the sofa to move along with it.

The opponent’s ankle was visible near the bottom of the sofa and Woojin pulled the trigger.

“AAARGH! Silver bullet?!”

Silver bullets were powerful weapons against vampires. Higher vampires had ways to endure the silver weapons, but Viktor could not. Viktor fired his rifles in Woojin’s direction as he fell down on the ground but Woojin was experienced in this.

Woojin knew this was going to happen so he was already off the ground, jumping up into the air. He fired toward Viktor’s wrist and jumped down on Viktor’s neck with his knee. Woojin tried to finish him off by putting the gun over Viktor’s head but Viktor quickly moved to grab ahold of Woojin’s wrist. When Viktor tried to snap Woojin’s wrist, Woojin did not resist and instead pulled out the Starfish Fang and stabbed Viktor’s neck.

Viktor’s eyes shone bright red. He was trying to hypnotize Woojin, but Woojin had pulled out his blade already and struck the eyes.

“Young ones like you have no chance.”

Woojin checked his wrist as he saw the vampire turning into ashes. The effect of the drug nullified the pain but the wrist was swollen already. It seems that Viktor had not started on his plans yet as he only had eight ghouls.

Woojin was now left to ransack the place. He only had three more minutes. He picked up those bloodstones and went down to the basement. As he ran down, he fed Viktor’s bloodstone to the Starfish Fang. The weapon became stronger, and it also shared the power it ate with its owner.

If hunters fed vampire bloodstones, Starfish Fangs would grant power equal to the strength of those vampires.

Woojin found the safe and used his blade to cut it down. The Starfish Fang that had already devoured two vampire bloodstones easily cut down the thick safe. Woojin whistled as he looked down.

“He’s got a lot down here.”

There was a pile of cash and gold ingots.