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Susanoo attacked. Woojin brought his Gram high up into the air. He wasn’t used to fighting with spiritual power yet, but he had learned how to use the little amount of power he had. It was a skill to send spiritual power to where he needed it to go. He tried to focus the power into his leg, but it didn’t work that well. He still jumped anyway. As Woojin ran forward, Omikami shot a ray of light out, covering Woojin and decreasing Susanoo’s spiritual power coming from the other side. Susanoo had to defend himself from the light with his spiritual power and when his armor was removed because of that, Woojin swung Gram.

With his spiritual power and Omikami’s help, Woojins’s power was much stronger than when he fought with Susanoo earlier. On the other hand, Susanoo was also different. And that difference pushed Susanoo back as he brought his sword up to defend. Woojin then pulled back and threw his fist at Woojin. Susanoo, however, dodged it and rammed into Woojin with his shoulder.

Woojin focused spiritual power onto his chest, but the pain almost vibrated through his bones. Woojin was barely able to prevent being thrown to the back, and he then threw his head at his enemy. Susanoo also threw his head at the same time. However, Woojin smiled. The headbutt was only a diversion.

Woojin summoned Gáe Bulg from his hand that grabbed Susanoo’s neck and Susanoo quickly swung in that slight moment. It almost cut Woojin’s hand off if he wasn’t fast enough, but the attack was a success. He had a cut that ran from his elbow to his wrist, and Gáe Bulg was stuck. It was already spreading itself over Susanoo’s chest. Susanoo couldn’t pull Gáe Bulg out. It now had penetrated his heart and lung, so pulling it out meant instant death.

Susanoo laughed hollowly, realizing that Woojin did not use Gáe Bulg even when he lost his consciousness. If he used it then, Susanoo would have been ready for it. He looked up and saw Omikami behind Woojin.


He vomited blood. He then brought up his sword and focused all his spiritual power into it. The spiritual power that seemed to go beyond the limit of the sword and Woojin couldn’t dare to attack. There was only one way to stop it. Woojin reached out to call Gáe Bulg back. Susanoo was pulled out of the spear that penetrated his heart and lung and blood began to gush out like a waterfall.

The Cloak of Vampire Bat tried to fly toward the scent of blood, but Woojin ordered it not to move. The spiritual power coming from Susanoo’s body was more than Tsukuyomi’s demonic energy under the full moon. Omikami then put up her mirror and sent a ray of light at Susanoo. It didn’t seem like it was going to work as it was too concentrated now.

Omikami then shouted, “RUN!”

Woojin shook his head. He had no chance to run anymore as Susanoo was already holding up his sword. Woojin then threw his spear since that was the only chance he had of piercing through the overbearing spiritual power. The spear penetrated its target, and instead of slapping the sword away, Susanoo took in the spear. He then threw down his sword.


He had swung his sword but it felt like the sky was falling apart. Woojin knew he had no way to attack through that with his Gram. That’s when Bihyung and Shinatsu walked up to use his Fan.

Shinatsu and Bihyung worked together to create the fiery storm again and Omikami sighed as she placed her hand on Woojin’s back. All of Omikami’s spiritual power began rushing into Woojin’s body. He felt like he could do anything with such power.

Woojin focused on Gram again. The spiritual power sizzled as if Gram contained the sun. It was so powerful that Gram began to crack. It would only last for one attack.

Woojin slashed it from top to bottom.

The attack could cut open the sea and the sky. In the end, Susanoo’s body was cut in half. He was shocked by the fact that he was going to die. He knew he was dead, but the wave of energy he unleashed destroyed the streets in the surroundings and even the local forest. Woojin and the others were the only ones that remained.

Woojin’s Gram then shattered and turned into silver dist. He then realized what just happened. A ground almost equaled a town was swept away by Suanoo’s attack. If Woojin did not block his attack, the spiritual power would’ve probably done much more damage than just wiping out some town-sized piece of land.

Susanoo smiled in his defeated state and smiled. His body was cut into two and blood was gushing out from his chest, but he hadn’t perished yet.

“That was a good sword.”

And with that, he was cut into two and the smoke began to burn from his heart. Woojin frowned. It meant the spiritual stone was being removed. That meant only one thing — he had attacked his own spiritual stone.

Takemi and Amano looked at each other with shocked expressions and began to run while carrying Tsukuyomi. Woojin took Gáe Bulg outbut he began to tremble.


Blood began dripping from Woojin’s nose. It was because of the fact that the spiritual power too strong for his body and had passed through him. Woojin fell to his knees and Hutodama shouted, “We can’t let them run!”

Woojin turned to Bihyung.

“Bihyung, I’m counting on you.”

Woojin handed one of the spears over to Bihyung who then laughed.

“I guess I’m the only one who’s healthy.”

Bihyung wasn’t free of injuries of course, but he chased after the enemies and Shinatsu followed him. Woojin then vomited blood and Omikami came up to him to place her hand on his back.

“Try this.”

Omikami was also pale. Susanoo’s attack was that powerful so Omikami had to use all of her spiritual power to defend against it. However, she didn’t think Woojin would have used all the power she gave to him although it allowed them to defeat Susanoo.

Susanoo had now lost his Avatar. It would take hundreds of years to create another Avatar, but Omikami had to help Woojin as she couldn’t let Tsukuyomi get away.

The spiritual power Omikami gave this time was different. It moved into Woojin’s body and moved on its own. It felt like Woojin had just taken in a sun, or a spiritual stone inside him. It was small, but it was enough to increase his spiritual power by two folds. It was a new feeling of spiritual power.


The recovery of spiritual power did not heal his wounds, but at least it gave him enough power to launch one last attack. Woojin pulled Gáe Bulg back and looked at his enemies running away in the distance. They were still in range. Woojin then focused his spiritual power and the cloak expanded. And with its power, Woojin threw Gáe Bulg.

Gáe Bulg pierced through the air like a lightning bolt and Takemi quickly called the lightning upon it. Yet, the spear still penetrated through. The lightning clash did decrease Gáe Bulg’s power but they slowed down because of it and Takemi had to stop to deflect Gáe Bulg.

Bihyung and Shinatsu caught up to them and began to attack. Wojin then focused on Gáe Bulg. While Bihyung and Shinatsu attracted their attention, Woojin moved Gáe Bulg and it flew toward Tsukuyomi and into her heart. Tsukuyomi dropped and Woojin also dropped to the ground. He couldn’t even move anymore, but saw Omikami looking to where Tsukuyomi had fallen.

Woojin silently watched the tears welling in Omikami’s eyes.

“I am alone again.”

Woojin felt sorry after hearing the sad voice. He had killed both Susanoo and Tsukuyomi himself. He then looked at the full moon and a face popped up in his view.

“Are you okay?”

Woojin smiled at Miho who was hiding his view.

“Why are you back?”

“To take your body back. Just in case, you know?”

Woojin laughed. She should have come later if that was her real purpose. And she shouldn’t have weapons in her hand if she was going to lie.