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Takemi and Ameno ran away. Woojin couldn’t move and Bihyung and Shinatsu were also injured so they had no way to chase after them. Bihyung handed over the spear to Woojin who changed it back to the bracelet and Bihyung reached out to Shinatsu.

“Give it back now.”

“I am jealous. Tell me anytime if you want to sell it.”

Bihyung scoffed. He was borrowing it too. But of course, Bihyung didn’t say this to Shinatsu. Instead, he was looking at Woojin with a rare smile.

“I will pay whatever price you want.”

Shinatsu would be really powerful with the Iron Fan, but Shinatsu returned it to Bihyung without any hesitation. Woojin spoke while Miho helped him stand up, “Anyway, we should move. We can’t stay here.”

They all nodded. The area had been decimated by Susanoo’s attack and Omikami wasn’t well. Omikami brought took out her phone to make a call and Woojin asked Miho to help him walk over to Susanoo.

He let go of the Cloak of Vampire Bat and the cloak began to absorb the blood splattered all over the ground. He couldn’t get the spiritual stone, but at least he was able to get the blood. The cloak returned and there was no more blood. When Woojin tried to walk toward Tsukuyomi’s body, Omikami grabbed his wrist. She asked with a pale face, “Are you going to suck her blood too?”

Their bodies were going to perish anyway. Woojin was going to absorb them so he could be prepared for more powerful enemies. Woojin nodded and Omikami said, “I will take the spiritual stone out for you, but I don’t want to see her become like that.”

Woojin then looked at Susanoo’s body. The half-sliced body had turned into a mummy. Woojin nodded. He couldn’t dare to make Omikami become his enemy now. And she already allowed him to take the spiritual stone.


Omikami cut open Tsukuyomi’s body herself and pulled out the spiritual stone. She then placed it over Woojin’s heart. With her two hands together, light began to shine and the spiritual stone was absorbed into Woojin’s chest.


Woojin was shocked as he was going to feed it to his heart, but now the stone had come into him. He felt the stone placing itself in his heart and looked at Omikami. She smiled.

“It is your job to melt it away.”

Omikami realized that whoever Woojin was, his problem was his lack of spiritual power. The only way to solve it was to plant it into his body.


Planting it into Woojin’s body was enough for Omikami to reach her energy limit. She coughed blood and Woojin helped her.

“Are you okay?”

“No. I should get some rest now.”

Omikami turned to Hutodama, “Please carry Tsukuyomi.”


Hutodama went over to pick up Tsukuyomi and Ryota walked toward them. Omikami asked with a faint smile, “Can you help me?”

“I’m honored.”

Ryota helped her and Omikami answered with a smile.

“Thank you.”

Ryota seemed like he was happy too and Woojin asked, “Where are we going?”


That’s when a helicopter flew over to them. Soon, they were on the aircraft, flying toward Tokyo.

They all checked into a room at the Tokyo Station Hotel and got some rest. Woojin couldn’t move freely stuck lying down on the bed. The spiritual stone and the piece of Omikami’s spiritual stone had been placed within his heart, but he had overused the spiritual power and couldn’t move. Miho was at his side, helping him.

“I can’t heal you in your current state even with the orb.”

“I know. And I don’t want you to use the orb.”

Woojin couldn’t ask her to use the orb because he knew what it meant to her. Right now, he needed time to heal. He tried to prop his body up and Miho helped him. Woojin laughed and leaned his back against the wall.

“Can you turn on the TV?”

Miho turned on the TV with the remote control and Woojin flipped through some channels. He looked at various news channels and frowned.


The Day of Chaos was a success. All news was reporting special news of miracles and fights happening between Avatars.

“Britain and France have been hit.”

Representatives of Britain and France had been killed. The Chinese press on the other hand was silent, meaning Sun Wukong had defended himself. It was also good to see that India was quiet too.

“Can that be shown on the news?”

Woojin saw a Werewolf howling above London’s city hall and there were gargoyles picking off people from the air in France.

“That’s what they get for not heeding to Bihyung’s warning.”

It wasn’t only Britain and France however. Most European countries showed Avatars and monsters in the news. It only meant that their representatives were either killed or badly injured. Woojin sighed and Omikami came in with a wheelchair. Ryota was pushing it and Bihyung, Shinatsu, and Hutodama followed behind.

Woojin turned and Bihyung noticed the TV, “So, you were watching.”

Omikami added, “There have been multiple sightings of monsters and Avatars in Japan too. I put a stop on them, but I don’t know how long we can hold it off.”

It was good that they stopped it for Japan, but Europe had lost it so it was only a matter of time. This was also why Amon started this phenomenon globally. Woojin sighed.

“The world will fall into chaos.”

“Yeah. What should I tell those fools that didn’t listen to my warning?”

Omikami then turned to Woojin and asked, “What will happen now?”

“This is only the beginning.”

They began to make a move after the Day of Chaos. They drew the attention of Avatars and prepared to summon the otherworldly god.

Whatever happened, happened. There was no going back.

“How many Bakeganis do you catch per year in Japan?”


Omikami didn’t really pay any attention to that. A Bakegani was a crab-shaped monster that was hard to hunt because of their tough shell. Avatars would die while hunting them but Avatars had nothing to gain from killing them anyway so they never really touched the Bakegani.

Shinatsu answered instead, “We set up a barrier and kill those that come out of it. We can’t waste time killing them.”

Hutodama also nodded, “I think we kill probably one or two a year.”

“Then I guess there’ll be a lot inside?”

“I haven’t checked it myself, but I guess so. Yes.”

Woojin smiled, “Can you tell me where the barrier is then?”

“What are you trying to do?”

“Since the barrier between reality and the otherworld is broken, Avatars won’t be enough to stop them.”

Bihyung was confused, “Yeah, but what does it have to do with the Bakegani?”

Woojin turned to the Avatars in front of him.

“We can’t only rely on Avatars now. What we need now are hunters.”


The Avatars frowned as they were aware of how pitiful hunters were in terms of power.

“They are not a big help now, but that’s why we need to kill monsters like the Bakegani, and the others.”

“You want to arm hunters by killing Bakeganis?”

Woojin nodded and Bihyung asked, “Do you think armed hunters will be a threat to Avatars?”

“No, not to that extent, but they will be strong enough to hunt down monsters.”

Woojin knew that Avatars did not like the idea of hunters growing in power. However, he also knew that even if the hunters’ equipment got better, they wouldn’t dare to attack Avatars anyway.

“We’ll see things happen that we never imagined before. We can’t stop everything with only Avatars.”

Bihyung heard Woojin say those words with certainty and he asked the question he had long been wondering about.

“Ko Woojin.”

Woojin turned and Bihyung started calmly, “I always thought you had a good hunch. I thought it was your intuition or some sort. But Omikami was attacked as you said, and now things that shouldn’t have happened have really happened.”

Woojin became silent and Bihyung asked, “Do you see the future? Like Granny Mago?”

Woojin hesitated at Bihyung’s question. He had witnessed this with these people before, and he had faced it all with them, including the difficulties that lied ahead.

“I saw the future.”

There were Avatars who could read the future. And there were some who were highly accurate at that too.

“Demons will move the Avatars from behind and unleash monsters in the world. It will take a long time for the world to fight back, and they will prepare to summon the otherworldy god. And when the god is summoned, this world will come to an end.”

Bihyung frowned. Granny Mago didn’t say a lot of things because she was bound to the rule of the skies, but she said that the skies had stopped moving forward at some point. Maybe it was proof that the world was going to an end.

“That’s more detailed than any future reading I’ve ever heard. But it is convincing.”

“I told you I saw it.”

Bihyung decided to believe Woojin. If his words were even slightly true, they had to be prepared. Bihyung turned to Omikami and she turned to Bihyung, “I will do whatever I can.”

Woojin then turned to Shinatsu.

“Let’s ask Avatars to kill some Bakeganis then.”

Shinatsu frowned. He was one of highest ranking Avatars among Avatars. But to ask others to help hunt Bakeganis?


Shinatsu looked coldly at Woojin but Woojin answered calmly.

“We need Bakeganis. As much as possible.”

“Do you want avatars to move for such thing?”

Bakeganis were like insects to Shinatsu. He could only be annoyed for needing to move for such a petty job. Omikami then asked, “What are you going to do after catching them?”

“Send them over to Korea.”

“You want Bakeganis in Korea?”

Woojin nodded and Omikami turned to Bihyung, not understanding what was going on. Bihyung also turned back to Woojin and asked, “What are you up to?”

“I will upgrade the hunters’ weapons. We’ll need a few monsters starting from the Bakegani, to upgrade the weapons to fight back.”

“Against who?”

“The ones who started all this.”

Omikami clenched her fist. The one that Woojin spoke of was the culprit behind that made her fight against her siblings.

“Shinatsu. Call all Avatars and hunt down Bakeganis. I want you to oversee it.”

Shinatsu bowed, “I understand.”

Woojin then turned to Bihyung.

“We’ll go back to Korea. We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

“I’ll get on it.”

And when Woojin heard Bihyung’s answer, the sky became to brighten up. It was a brand new day in a world where the chaos had begun.