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Doctor Ahn passed out from the intense pain and Brunhilde turned to Woojin. He didn’t say much. Doctor Ahn’s body was changing into the body of an Avatar. The pain was more than what Woojin could bear even though he had experienced many types of pain. Thus, there was no way Doctor Ahn could withstand it. For the doctor, it was better he passed out.

Doctor Ahn’s body kept on trembling even in his passed out state and soon calmed down. Brunhilde wiped the sweat off from Doctor Ahn and asked, “Do you think it worked?”

“It looks like it worked.”

He wasn’t twisted nor had his strength increased. It looked like he used more of Somi’s blood. Doctor Ahn then opened his eyes. He looked around with his reddened eyes and gasped. Brunhilde took out the towel from his mouth and he said, “Get me off please.”

Woojin released the bindings. Doctor Ahn rose up and covered his eyes while breathing heavily and asked, “Did you always live in such a world?”

Woojin answered with a smile.

“It must be a new feeling. You never tried a Cocktail on yourself, did you?”

“I did once. I never wanted to feel that loss again, so I never tried it again.”

Doctor Ahn then put down his hands, looked around, and flexed.

“Hmm… so this is spiritual power?”

Somi was an Avatar who used spiritual power extensively. It seemed her blood allowed Doctor Ahn to be more sensitive to spiritual power. He stood up to look into the mirror and he was surprised.

“I didn’t become younger.”

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t become an Avatar.”

Doctor Ahn still looked like a middle-aged man, but he was going to age very slowly from now on. It seemed he needed more time to adapt to his heightened senses. Doctor Ahn then realized that his brain had awakened. It looked like he could use the spiritual power to do studies and research. Maybe he could even try creating a divine object.

Doctor Ahn then turned to Woojin and flinched. From his clothes to the long box he was holding, there was spiritual power in all of those items.

“Is that a divine object?”

Woojin then thought he should use a spiritual power seal the next time and took out the sword. Doctor Ahn was astonished and Brunhilde asked, “Isn’t that the Kusanagi no ken?”

“You recognize it?”

“How did you get it? It belongs to Susanoo.”

“He is dead.”

Brunhilde looked at Woojin in surprise. Doctor Ahn asked, “Can I analyze this for a minute?”

“Of course. How long do you need?”

“I don’t know. Let me give it a try.”

Doctor Ahn began studying the sword and busily started creating something. Woojin decided to wait. After two hours, Doctor Ahn came back with a bright smile on his face.

“I did it.”

“What did you make?”

“It’s a portable analyzer. This will let you analyze a piece of equipment from anywhere. Try putting it down closely.”

“How about we do it outside?”


Woojin explained, “I’m going to have a drink. Why don’t you guys come too?”

Brunhilde hesitated and Woojin continued, “Hasn’t it been a while since you went outside?”

Brunhilde looked tempted as she certainly hadn’t gone out of the building very often after staying with Doctor Ahn and the doctor finally nodded.

“Okay. I guess we can do that.”

Doctor Ahn then prepared himself with a bag full of stuff and turned to Woojin.

“Let’s go. You put the analyzer in your bag.”

Woojin then grabbed the sword and analyzer in the bag and came out. Brunhilde was waiting for them in a Cadillac Escalade.

Doctor Ahn got into the front seat and Woojin took a seat in the back.

“Where are we going?”

“We are going to Bihyung’s office.”

Brunhilde seemed to be happy while driving and Doctor Ahn reached out to grab her right hand. Woojin just sat in the back seat silently. He then became curious about Doctor Ahn’s reaction to the Iron Fan since he had Somi’s blood. They went to Bihyung’s office and they also found Kim Beom and Yeohong there, already drinking. Bihyung was surprised to see them.

“Huh? Doctor Ahn? Brunhilde?”

Doctor Ahn or Brunhilde never usually left their lab and Woojin said, “I think we need more drinks.”

“Of course. Come and have a seat.”

Doctor Ahn and Brunhilde sat down and Beom gave them makgeolli, or Korean rice wine. They began to drink. Bihyung kept on offering more drinks and Woojin drank away.

Bihyung talked about what happened in Japan and after a while, Doctor Ahn’s face was flushed, seemingly drunk. He looked at Bihyung and asked, “Bi. What’s that on your chest?”

Bihyung took out the Iron Fan.

“Oh this? This is the Iron Fan. Anyway, Shinatsu was better at using it.”

“Can I have a look?”

“Go ahead.”

Bihyung gave the fan to Doctor Ahn. The doctor smiled and flapped it lightly. A small storm gushed out in Bihyung’s office and turned the table upside down, throwing the Avatars off their seats. Woojin jumped but the second wind stopped him and before he got to Doctor Ahn, Brunhilde had already appeared and knocked Doctor Ahn down. She then grabbed Doctor Ahn and apologized, “I’m sorry.”

Bihyung shook his head and took the Iron Fan from Doctor Ahn’s hand, “Since when he did he become an Avatar?”

If Bihyung knew Doctor Ahn could use spiritual power, he would not have given it to him. He was not able to control the power and he was drunk. The party was over now.

Brunhilde answered simply, “Today.”

Bihyung then turned to Woojin. He knew Woojin had become an Avatar, but knew it wasn’t an easy thing to do. He then gave a card to Brunhilde.

“Go check in at the hotel in the next building over. I will need to talk with Doctor Ahn when he wakes up.”


Brunhilde then went out and Woojin tried to follow but she shook her head. Bihyung also grabbed Woojin’s shoulder.

“Where are you going?”

Woojin then turned around. Kim Beom and Yeohong were cleaning the office. Woojin tried to help but Bihyung placed the sofa back and offered Woojin a seat.

“Can anyone become an Avatar?”

“No. We only succeeded in making two. There is a low chance and we ran out of materials so it will be hard to try again.”

Bihyung grimaced and said, “Make sure nobody knows of this. It’s better we keep it secret.”

“I know.”

Woojin knew that this research should be kept a secret. Bihyung swung the Iron Fan and said, “I think he used it like Shinatsu. He fits this much better.”

It was probably because he used Somi’s blood, but Woojin did not mention that. He spoke while watching Beom prepare another table to continue drinking.

“Bihyung, we need to buy out a defense contractor.”

Bihyung looked at Woojin and asked, “You need an investment?”

Woojin nodded.

“Then what am I getting out of it?”

“Buy one under my name and I will lend you the Iron Fan for free.”


“What do you think?”