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Woojin was going to develop hunter weapons by managing a defense contractor company. The lead developer he had in mind was of course Doctor Ahn. However, he was thinking about how he was going to ask Doctor Ahn to join in and Bihyung gave him a simple answer.

“Just make him a portable lab.”

He didn’t think of such an option. Woojin had the money, but he didn’t have that much money. Bihyung continued, “Use a container to get him a lab. We can bring it out of the country when we need to.”

Monsters were not appearing in Korea since Woojin and Bihyung had stopped it from happening. But with the Day of Chaos, the need for hunters would rise over around the world. Woojin would soon have to move out of the country to track down Dmitri and Amon.

“Beom is not strong enough to move around with you, so I’ll tag along. I will spend as much as I can if it’s going to help us.”

It was great that Bihyung was willing to help.

“Good. Let’s ask him when he wakes up tomorrow. I need to know what he needs.”

“Good. We’ll also need a jet for it then. It has to be big enough so we can haul a container.”

Bihyung then took a tablet and scanned through a catalog. It was a catalog of private jets. Woojin laughed as there was a way to customize the interior. These Dokkebis were always much more than what he imagined.

Bihyung said to Woojin, “It’s you who’s going to be flying this thing. Take a look.”

“Are you buying me a jet?”

“I’m just lending one to you.”

Woojin smiled and looked at the catalog. He looked at Boeing 747-8 that could be transformed into a flying fortress. It was especially tempting as it was going to replace the current Airforce One.

“Let’s get this.”

“Yeah, but Airbus is nice too.”

They began discussing about the jet while drinking.

Doctor Ahn felt a headache as he woke up from his sleep in the morning. He then noticed an arm over his chest and turned. There was Brunhilde, lying next to him naked. Did he make some kind of mistake? He couldn’t remember anything and had a bad headache. But there he was, lying naked with Brunhilde.

Doctor Ahn was known genius in biomechanical science. He finished his Ph.D when he was fifteen and began his own research. That’s when the Hunters Guild reached out to him. The leader of the Hunters Guild showed him the ingredients of the new world and Doctor Ahn joined to study the world he had never heard of before. That was when he met Brunhilde who was appointed to be his protector. Doctor Ahn fell in love at first sight, but she kept her distance. That was how twenty-five years had passed.

Doctor Ahn wanted to become an Avatar himself so he could get closer to Brunhilde. While researching, he came across the Cocktail which was a great hit, giving him more authority. What he wanted was Brunhilde. He kept Brunhilde as his protector and kept on studying.

They became close, but they never touched each other’s skin other than a handshake. He wasn’t sure about what was going on now that they were in bed together.

Brunhilde then opened her eyes and looked up at Doctor Ahn.

“You’re awake.”

“I am not sure what’s going on here. What happened yesterday?”

Brunhilde then smoothly moved closer to Doctor Ahn’s body. He blushed and closed his eyes. Brunhilde leaned over him and whispered into his ear, “You don’t remember?”

Doctor Ahn flinched and nodded while Brunhilde smiled and got up. Doctor Ahn opened his eyes and Brunhilde already had a blanket wrapped around her body, “Wake up. We have to go to Bihyung’s office to apologize.”


“You destroyed his office by using his Iron Fan.”

Doctor Ahn didn’t remember any of that but he shook his head and got up. He looked down at his naked body, blushed, and ran to the restroom.

“Why am I naked anyway?”

“You threw up all over your clothes. Becoming an Avatar doesn’t make you a good drinker.”

Doctor Ahn rarely drank so it was bound to happen. He placed his head against the wall of the restroom and sighed. He then turned the faucet on and sighed as he began to take a shower. What did he think it was? He was drunk and Brunhilde just pulled a prank. It was unusual for her to make such a joke, but Doctor Ahn felt like he was foolish for thinking otherwise. He tried to start washing when Brunhilde suddenly came in and hugged him from the back.

She smiled at Doctor Ahn’s ears.

“You haven’t changed a bit even after twenty-five years. You’re still a child.”

Doctor Ahn turned and looked at Brunhilde’s face. She had a beautiful face and body. Doctor Ahn then kissed her. He felt her arm around him and thought he made a good choice to become an Avatar. The result of the terrible pain was sweet. He was thankful for Woojin.

She couldn’t forget the eyes of the boy she met twenty years ago. He was a genius who was hired by the Hunters Guild Leader himself. When she met him, Brunhilde saw the desire in his heart that made her heart beat.

He was a mere human, but she never knew her heart would start to beat again at a mere boy’s desire. However, he never showed his feelings to her, and neither did she. The boy became a young man and he started a new project. And on the day he failed and developed the Cocktail instead, he became totally drunk and spoke to her about his Avatar Project and why he wanted to achieve that.

Her heart began to beat faster. She then waited. She waited for the day for the man to succeed in his project and stand next to her.

Finally, the day came but he got drunk and was knocked out. So, she decided to play a joke and he got confused. It was cute. Brunhilde ran her finger down along Doctor Ahn’s chest.


She looked up and Doctor Ahn looked at her back.

“I know it’s a bit late to say this, but I fell in love with you at first sight.”

Brunhilde smiled.

“I am now an Avatar. Let’s be together forever.”

Brunhilde looked directly into his eyes.

“I would have done it even if you didn’t become an Avatar. We are already together.”

Brunhilde kissed Doctor Ahn lightly and complained, “But you took too long. It took you twenty-five years to say that.”

“I’m sorry I made you wait that long.”

“It’s okay. We have each other now.”

They looked at each other and hugged, feeling each other’s warmth.

Doctor Ahn and Brunhilde got dressed and went up to Bihyung’s office. The doctor was shocked. The office that he was told that had been destroyed was clean and they were still drinking.

“Oh! Doctor Ahn!”

Bihyung greeted him and patted the sofa.

“Come and drink!”

“It’s okay.”

He couldn’t drink again when he made a mess yesterday. Doctor Ahn sat down and Woojin asked, “Doctor, can I ask you something?”

Doctor Ahn smiled as he was thankful for Woojin.

“Of course.”

“Can you leave the Hunters Guild?”

Doctor Ahn was curious about the reason why, “Of course I can. They support me because I made the Cocktail, but I am not exactly cost effective.”

The Cocktail was also a result of the failed Avatar project. He had spent a tremendous amount of money, but that was just a study for his dream. The Hunters Guild wanted the money back so it seemed like they wouldn’t let him leave the guild just like that.

Woojin said to Doctor Ahn and Brunhilde, “Then join us.”

“Join you? For what?”

Woojin explained, “I saw the future. In that future, Amon and the demon-kind summon the otherworldly god and Earth comes to an end. I want to stop it.”

“You saw the future?”


Some Avatars had the power to read the skies to tell the future and their accuracy was very high. It seemed Woojin might have some kind of similar power. And he never lied to Doctor Ahn.

“You want to stop the end of the world?”

“Stop the end of humankind.”

It was too grand of an idea. Doctor Ahn had thought about increasing his influence in the world of Avatars, but this was unexpected.

“I have Bihyung and Amaterasu’s support for that.”

Woojin told them that he had seen the future, rather than telling them that he had returned to the past to be more convincing. The credibility he gained by everything he had done made him believable.

“So what help do you need from me?”

Woojin nodded heavily.

“Demons always have mysterious powers. We need to create weapons that will work against them. And we will need hunters equipped with more useful weapons.”

If monsters were set loose, the hunters should be deployed to deal with them, not Avatars. However, the hunters only fought monsters in groups up until now. They needed better weapons.

Doctor Ahn was a genius in biomechanics but Woojin also needed one more person from the United States for this plan. In addition, he also needed to talk to the leader of the Hunters Guild.

“Join us.”


Bihyung smiled, “If you agree, we will make you a mobile lab. You will get a container filled with all the equipment you need and a private helicopter. I am getting a private jet that will have sections dedicated to our members. If you want your lab inside the jet, you should sign up fast.”

Doctor Ahn said with a smile, “Like I said, I’m not very cost effective.”

“But I know you have made some great achievements.”

“So, you will invest in me for it?”

“I will get you the things that the Hunters Guild couldn’t get for you. You will not have to worry about money.”

Doctor Ahn nodded. His original goal was to become an Avatar through the Avatar Project. He then decided to stop everything and send the finished Cocktails to the Hunters Guild to properly leave the guild.

“I’ll meet with the leader and finish up everything before joining you.”

Bihyung then smiled, “Is the leader Alfonso now?”

“Do you know him?”

“Of course. I’ll do the talking with him. You just give the list for your lab and Beom here will get everything for you.”

Doctor Ahn then became glad that he had come across a great opportunity and brought up a bowl of makgeolli.

“Let’s drink.”

Brunhilde then grabbed his wrist and replaced the bowl with a cup of Sprite. Everyone laughed and cheered.