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As Doctor Ahn listed out what he needed in his mobile lab, Beom wrote it all down while shaking his eyebrows. It was even laughable that his thick eyebrows were twitching at the list. Bihyung said, “Just do it. It’s not even your money.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“And make two labs, just in case.”

Beom smiled, “I’ll just spend it all then.”

“Yeah. Do whatever you want.”

Bihyung smiled, “You should learn how to use money.”

Bihyung then reached out with his glass to Woojin.

“Have a drink.”

Woojin drank the glass and turned to Bihyung.

“When are we going?”

“To Granny?”

Woojin nodded and Bihyung spoke after looking at the clock.

“Let’s leave at 12 pm.”

“We have two hours then.”

“Yeah. Let’s drink then.”

They began to drink, enjoying the relaxing moment. They rose up from their seats at 11:40. Yeohong asked Woojin, “When are we going to spar?”

“Ask Brunhilde for that.”


Brunhilde was also a professional in battle. Yeohong was excited to hear that she could spar with a Valkyrie and turned. Brunhilde smiled.

“Let’s go.”

Bihyung then made a bet.

“I bet 100 million won for Yeohong.”

Doctor Ahn then placed a bet on Brunhilde.

“100 million to Brunhilde!”

People then turned to Woojin and he answered with a smile, “100 million to Brunhilde.”

“Whoa, are you really going to do that?”

Woojin laughed and defended himself, “It’s a bet. I’m not going to lose my money.”

“Have you fought against Brunhilde?”

Woojin shook his head.

“How come you bet on her instead of me?”

Woojin then got up and turned to Bihyung.

“Let’s go to Jeju.”

“It’s our private plane. We can go after we watch.”

Bihyung said as he stood up, “Let’s go see.”

Yeohong vs Brunhilde. Woojin then got up and Doctor Ahn came up to him.

“You acknowledge Brunhilde’s power?”

Woojin didn’t say much but he looked at Brunhilde. Then the match between the two of them began. The result arrived quickly and it was Yeohong who was a victor. Bihyung and Beom hugged her in excitement while Doctor Ahn embraced Brunhilde and looked after her.

Bihyung grinned.

“I was scared when you said Brunhilde had a better chance. She seems good but was it because she didn’t fight for too long?”

Woojin didn’t think she would lose. It felt like she didn’t show her true potential.

“I made a bet because I wanted to see her fight. Oh well, I’ll send the money.”

“Of course. You do that. And we should go now.”

Woojin then turned to Doctor Ahn.

“Doctor Ahn, stay here while I’m gone and make preparations for your lab.”

“Okay. Be careful.”

Woojin climbed up Mt. Halla and went to Granny Mago’s place. He saw familiar face working on a field.


Eunseo came running to him with a smile and Woojin asked, “Where’s Granny?”

“She’s with guests.”


Woojin turned to Bihyung and he walked forward with a shrug.

“I guess she called others too.”

Woojin followed.

“Let’s talk later.”


Eunseo returned to the field and they walked. The door to the room opened and Granny poked her head out, “Come in quick.”

They walked in and there were three people in there. There was a well-built man in a black suit and a hat, a beautiful woman with traditional Korean clothes, and a white-haired old man. Bihyung laughed, “Wow, I didn’t expect to see such rare faces in one room.”

Woojin looked at all of them but he couldn’t recognize any of them. He had a guess at the woman from her alluring atmosphere, but he wasn’t sure. Granny Mago introduced them.

“This is Bihyung. You all know him. And he is Ko Woojin, the one that wiped out Wangjinjin’s family.”

The old man then smiled and answered, “We know Bi is working hard. And you, my friend, who’s Avatar are you to be achieving such feats?”

Bihyung snapped, “How about you introduce yourself first?”

“Haha, you don’t need to be snappy. I am a Dragon King of the Southern Seas.”

Woojin was surprised. He had heard about the Dragon Kings but they did not join the fight in the past. Why was that?

“I am Ko Woojin.”

“Interesting man.”

The man with a suit scanned Woojin and said, “I am Haemosu.”

Woojin flinched. The man that was known to be a son of the Heavenly God. He didn’t fight together with Woojin, but Haemosu’s fight in Manchuria was famous in the past. Woojin did not hear about how he died, but he had killed hundreds of monsters and Avatars.

And the woman introduced herself last.

“I’ve heard a lot about you from Miho.”

Woojin was then certain about who she was.

“I heard my daughter has gotten a great amount of help from you.”

“It’s nothing.”

Miho only had six tails now, but her mother was already a Gumiho. And Woojin did not meet her in the past either. He turned to Granny Mago.

“I thought we’d need as much as help we could get.”

Woojin turned to them. If he could receive assistance from what they had currently, that was going to be a great help. He didn’t even want them to fight by his side. Woojin then looked at Granny Mago. What did she do in the past? Or did she do all this in the past but couldn’t stop it from happening?

It was different now. The Day of Chaos came early but it was imperfect in form. Amon’s plan had been compromised from the beginning.

“What help can we get?”

Dragon King smiled.

“I can’t use my power on land, so I’ll just give you some treasures from the palace.”

“Haha, old man. You’re no use.”

“I have some for you too.”

Bihyung stopped talking. The treasure might even be a divine object so there was no need to raise complaints. Haemosu then said, “If you need to work in Manchuria, I’ll support you.”

That was a great help if something came up in that region.

“Can I ask for your assistance in other places?”

“I will go if you really need me.”

Woojin smiled and the woman said, “Miho isn’t much of help now, isn’t she? I’ll support her so she can be helpful.”

Miho was already with them, so it was good to hear that her mother was going to help too. Woojin then turned to Granny Mago.

“I think this is all I can do to help.”

“It is great.”

Woojin didn’t think Granny Mago would have prepared him such a great present. She laughed, “Let’s get something to eat then. I’ll serve you all.”

Mago went out and Bihyung looked around with his arms crossed. He then stopped the Gumiho.

“I thought you didn’t care about Miho?”

“That’s how our family lives. But I do care about her.”

“She’s lacking. Get her some equipment and stuff.”

“I should.”

Gumiho smiled and turned to Woojin. What he had done already would put him in legends and what he was going to do now was going to be more significant. Miho needed a lot of support so she will not become a burden. Woojin did not add any more requests for her however.

Gumiho stood up from her seat.

“I’ll go help Granny then.”

She walked out and Bihyung turned to Haemosu.

“How’s your area?”

“I have to run around trying to clean things up.”

“Can you come all the way down here then?”

Haemosu answered, “It’s Granny’s call.”

Bihyung also nodded. Granny Mago still had influence over all of Korea. That’s when she came in with a table full of food.

“Let’s eat.”