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Mount Jiri. It was the best place in Korea to train one’s spiritual power. Lee Miho was meditating in the most concentrated place on the mountain. There was a small red orb floating in front of her eyes. It was spinning and the six tails she had created through spiritual power were floating also. Her balance had been destroyed since the orb became smaller, and she had to recover it so she could assist Woojin.

That’s when a voice came to her.

“You still take the hard ways instead of the easy way.”

Miho frowned and retracted the orb. She turned and Gumiho was there.


Miho answered in a low and solemn voice and Gumiho raised her hand. The orb that appeared was much larger and intense.

“I always told you. It grows faster if you take in a man’s energy.”

“I guess you forgot that you left home because you hated that?”

Gumiho then looked around, “Even if you train here, there is a limit. You won’t succeed in completing the orb even after 100 years.”

“I’ll take care of myself just fine.”

Gumiho then took the orb back and looked at Miho. She was so different than her and reminded Gumiho of her husband. She sighed.

Gumiho took the ring off her finger and placed it on the top of a rock she was sitting down on.

“Was he Ko Woojin? Get yourself some power if you want to help. If you become his burden by being stubborn, think about if that is what you really wanted.”

Gumiho then disappeared and Miho became surprised to see the ring that she had left behind. It was a ring that was only given to them when they became Gumihos. It was created with the particle of the first Gumiho’s orb that gave great power. Miho took the ring and placed it on her left index finger.

Woojin returned to Seoul and began training. He could only take five steps in the air with the Feather Shoes right now. The world was in turmoil but it wasn’t time to move yet. They needed to wait for their enemies to show themselves in the midst of the chaos and attack all at once. Woojin told Bihyung to keep an eye out and he asked Old Hwang to call him when he found a 3rd or higher generation vampire from the Dmitri Family.

However, they hadn’t shown themselves yet so it was time to train. The Hunters Guild also began to reveal itself as monsters were set loose. The governments allowed them to carry weapons.

Woojin swung the Kusanagi no ken. It was a very durable sword. Gram was destroyed when it contained all the spiritual power of Omikami, but this sword took the strike and it was still fine. It was better than any weapon Woojin had used before while wielding spiritual power. However, he still couldn’t use that much spiritual power yet.

Woojin then took the sword back and took out the bamboo spear. Using both spears at once was harder than expected so he was training in that too. Not only that, but he also trained in throwing spears. And when that was over, he trained in firing guns. He knew that when guns were developed after meeting with Smith, they would become valuable weapons.

After that, Woojin sat down to melt away Tsukuyomi’s spiritual stone. He held on the Mirror of Heaven to keep himself calm.

Alfonso, the leader of the Hunters Guild, was the busiest person in the world right now. It took Bihyung a full two weeks to meet him. The day of the meeting was tomorrow. Woojin packed up his belongings and left. Miho was waiting for him at the entrance. She still had six tails, but she was different.

“Long time no see.”

“It hasn’t even been a month yet. What’s with that ring?”

Miho then flashed the ring on her finger and smiled.

“Mother gave it to me.”

Woojin remembered what it was. Miho had the ring after she got the ninth tail. It increased her spiritual power and power as a Gumiho. That alone made Miho powerful enough.

“How far did you recover your orb?”



Gumihos raised their orbs for their entire lives. It was as important as increasing their tails but recovering orbs was very hard.

“It’s thanks to the ring.”

“That’s good. You owe your mother.”


Miho smiled and Woojin also smiled. She was now one of those people he had to value.

“Let’s go.”

Woojin walked and Miho walked beside him. They went to Bihyung’s office where people were drinking.

“Are we in an office?” Woojin asked and Ryota came up to him with a hiccup.

“Oh! Woojin!”

Woojin grabbed Ryota’s shoulder and had him sit down. Doctor Ahn and Brunhilde were here too, along with Bihyung, Kim Beom, and Yeohong. Woojin looked at all of them and asked, “Don’t tell me you guys have been doing this every day while I’ve been gone.”

Bihyung answered, “Ryota came yesterday after finishing his place and Doctor Ahn came two days ago when the mobile lab was finished.”

“And you?”

“I drank every day after you left.”

Woojin sat down and Beom gave him a bowl of rice wine.

“You’re leaving tomorrow?”

Beom smiled, “I want to fight with you, but Brother wants me to handle the company. So, this is all I can do for you.”

Beom gave him a black card, an American Express Black Card, or a credit card without any limit. Woojin looked at Bihyung and he shrugged.

“I told him to use the money however he liked and he prepared that first.”

Woojin took the card.


“Yeah. Let me know if you need anything else.”


Woojin nodded and Bihyung raised a glass.

“Let’s drink.”

Woojin cheered and drank. Bihyung said, “I purchased a defense contractor company. You are the CEO but I didn’t touch anything else.”

“We’ll start running it after we meet with Smith. Oh, did you get a call from Japan?”

“Omikami told me she’ll send Bakegami shells over soon. They will come tomorrow.”

“Send it to the company when it arrives. Doctor Ahn, we’ll have the merman blood soon. I am looking into the sand of sandman. Please make a formula to create the bullets.”

“That’s easy.”

Woojin then turned to Bihyung, “Can we hire Doctor Ahn in the company?”

“It’s your company. That’s up to you.”

Woojin then turned to Doctor Ahn.

“You just need to make bullets and you will not need to worry about the money.”

“Good. I will finish it before you come back.”

“Beom, introduce him to people you know. He’ll need new equipment.”

“Yeah, don’t worry.”


New York’s Central Park…

Woojin, Bihyung, and Miho were jogging along in Central Park.

“Alfonso wanted to meet with us here?”

“He complained so much that he doesn’t have time. That’s why we needed to meet him so early in the morning.”

They flew for a long time but it didn’t feel tiring. Woojin then saw groups of people jogging up in front. Muscular men and two men were running front. There was a middle-aged man and a man with tanned skin. Woojin said, “There they are.”

“Let’s speed up then.”

They sped up and quickly caught up to the middle-aged man. The muscular men were alarmed but the middle-aged man smiled.

“Let them come.”

Bihyung then ran up and began running next to the middle-aged man.

“You’re busy.”

“Yeah, it’s what I do.”

The Hunters Guild had become very famous after the Day of Chaos. With monsters running rampant all around, hunters had to show themselves in the world to start hunting down the monsters. Alfonso became busy also.

“I would not have taken this job if I’d known it would be this busy.”

“Don’t lie.”

Alfonso then slowed down and took a seat on a bench. The muscular men spread themselves out to stand guard. Woojin was interested in the tanned skin man. Miho looked at him and said, “He’s an Avatar.”

Woojin knew he was an Avatar. There were a few Native American Avatars that helped the Hunters Guild. The representative Avatar of the United States was a Native American so that seemed to be why but Woojin didn’t remember who this man was.

Alfonso and Bihyung were almost finished with their discussion.

“I’ve invested a lot in Doctor Ahn. I can’t just let him go.”

“I’ll give you all the profit from the Cocktails.”

Bihyung tried to make a deal and Alfonso wiped his sweat, “Can you make a contract for it?”

Bihyung took out the contract. He had already prepared it with the condition. Alfonso smiled.

“He was eating money like a pig. This is good.”


Bihyung got up and Alfonso asked, “I heard you are going to meet with Smith?”

“How did you know that?”

“This is the United States. I have ears everywhere.”

“Don’t mind me.”

Alfonso got up and said, “I can give you Doctor Ahn, but not Smith.”

“In a free country, isn’t it up to him?”

“I’m telling you not to force him to join you. You know me.”

Bihyung then walked up to Alfonso.


He looked down and smiled, “Have you lost your mind? Don’t forget who you are talking to.”

Alfonso swallowed and the Native American man intervened. Bihyung scanned him from top to bottom, “Go tell Blue Wolf Howl that if Alfonso is important, send someone more powerful than you.”

The man frowned but he couldn’t do anything. Bihyung was one thing, but the ones that came with him also seemed to be very strong. His spiritual sensing instinct made him stay down.

Bihyung then turned back to Alfonso.

“Then go on with your jogging. If you want to live long, that is.”

Alfonso sighed after he saw Bihyung and the others running away. It felt like his heart had shrunk when Bihyung got up close to him.

“What do you think?”

“Other than the woman, I have no chance.”

“I see…”

Alfonso clenched the towel.

“I hope they don’t create a mess.”