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“How did it go?”

“It was okay, but he was concerned about us meeting with Smith.”

“Doesn’t matter. It’s not like we are going to take Smith with us.”


Bihyung got into the driver’s seat.

“So, who was the Avatar protecting Alfonso?”

“I think he’s an Avatar of the Hawk Spirit or something. I don’t remember every weakling.”

Woojin then remembered a name. Black Hawk of the Sky. He might seem like nothing but he became renowned after the incident happened at the Washington Memorial five years from now. He died when that happened, along with many other Avatars. But it might not happen this time.

Woojin asked Bihyung, “When are we meeting with Smith?”

“Tomorrow. We have to go to Chicago.”

“Are we going to rest in Chicago?”

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

As they reached a lab located in the outer area of Chicago, Woojin realized that he now was in a very different position. In the past, he only used their weapons and never came here. He had never even met Smith back then.

He had to persuade Smith to give him information about the weapons that they would be using in the future and ask him to join.

The car moved in through the gates and Bihyung noted, “Security is heavy.”

There were various machines and armed personnel guarding the area, but was this safe enough? Woojin could charge in if he wanted to. He couldn’t sneak in, but he was powerful enough to barge in and take out Smith if he wanted to. The car pulled up to the lab and stopped.

Armed personnel came over and checked with Bihyung before they backed off. Woojin got out of the car.

As they walked in, there were metal detectors at the entrance. Bihyung walked in and when Woojin walked in, the alarm rang. It was obvious as he had Kusanagi no ken and the Desert Eagle with him.

The hunters looked at him and Bihyung sneered, “You want a divine object to be left alone? Can you even protect it?”

The hunters then made a call. The value of a divine object was more than what they could imagine, and it wasn’t a good idea to quarrel with Avatars.

“You may go.”

Woojin passed and so did Miho. They all went in and there was security everywhere. While going up the elevator, it suddenly stopped and the lights went out. Woojin asked the woman hunter who was also on the elevator, “What’s going on?”

“I think we lost power. The emergency generator will give us power soon.”

“Does this happen often?”

“Sometimes. We use a lot of power here.”

And that’s when they heard gunshots.

“I don’t think this is just a power outage.”

Woojin turned to Bihyung who sighed, “Why is this happening the day we come here?”

Woojin was actually more shocked that Black Smith lab was being attacked. It was never attacked as far as he remembered. He took out his sword and said, “Let’s get the priority.”

“Save Smith.”

Woojin nodded. They had to save Smith first. Woojin turned to the hunter.

“Can you tell us where Smith’s office is?”

“I’ll go with you.”

The woman took out a .44 Magnum and Woojin nodded.

“Then let’s go together. I am Ko Woojin.”

“I am Marissa.”

“Let’s go.”

Woojin swung his sword and the roof of the elevator was cut open. Woojin turned to Bihyung and he grabbed Marissa’s waist. Woojin jumped up and swung his sword at the elevator door. The door was slashed open and Woojin looked down the corridor that lit up after receiving power from the emergency generator. The gunshots were more apparent. Woojin began walking forward and Miho came up, followed by Bihyung and Marissa.

Marissa frowned, “Mr. Smith is on the 7th floor.”

“Let’s go.”

The gunfire was dying out. It didn’t seem like a good sign. Woojin quickly ran for the stairs and when he opened the door to the emergency staircase, something jumped out. He sensed it even before he opened the door so he swung his sword without hesitation.

Woojin frowned.


It was a bipedal blood-sucking monster and had a face that was half wolf and half hyena. Woojin then turned back.

“I think we have more than one.”

The Chupacabra was an annoying monster but it wasn’t that strong if a hunter was well-equipped and trained. If all those hunters weren’t enough to defend against the Chupacabras, then there were only two reasons. Either too many of them attacked, or they were being led by a powerful Avatar or demon.

Whatever the case was, they had to save Smith.

“Bihyung. Can you block them from coming up?”


Bihyung snapped and Dokkebi Fire appeared. The fierce fire swept through Chupacabras running up the stairs. Woojin turned to Marissa.

“Follow me. I’ll open the way up to the 7th floor.”


Marissa was surprised by Bihyung’s power. Such power was terrifying even if she knew the one using it was friendly. Marissa glanced at Bihyung and followed Woojin. She then saw Woojin slicing the Chupacabras in one swift movement. Hunters learned sword skills, but they weren’t that powerful. Marisa then glanced back at the gunfire sounds. Miho was running up while pulling the trigger to help Woojin. Marissa thought maybe these people would help them survive today.

They smashed the door on the 7th floor and saw bodies of hunters in the surroundings. Woojin asked, “Where’s his office?”

“It’s the room at the end.”

The walls had strange traces on them. It seemed like it was the Avatar that killed the hunters. There were no other bodies than the hunters. Woojin turned and Miho placed her hand on the wall.

“Black man. He started a fire from his hand… and what is this? The weapon changes shape. It changes to a shield, to a spear, and to a sword.”

Woojin didn’t remember seeing such a weapon before, but he didn’t know about all the Avatars anyway.

“He must be an Avatar.”


“How many are they?”

“There are two. One didn’t fight.”

Woojin sighed and looked at Marissa.

“If we are up against Avatars, I can’t protect you. Can you come up with Bihyung?”

“I will do that.”

Woojin then reached to Smith’s office. When he was close, he saw something poking out from the door toward him. He swung his sword and realized that it was an iron spear. He realized enemy was ready for him from the inside so he burst into the room. The spear was thrown again but Woojin easily deflected it.

Smith was pale from the terror. He turned and saw a black man who was over two meters tall.

“Are you Ko Woojin?”

“You know me?”

“You are famous.”

The black man summoned another spear again.

“My name is O’gun. I am the Avatar of the God of Fire and Iron.”

Woojin then turned to the scrawny man.

“Who are you?”

O’gun frowned and the man answered.



Dekaravia was one of the 72 demons. Reading his memory might give them Amon’s location. O’gun frowned and charged at Woojin. He pulled out his Desert Eagle and pulled the trigger. O’gun’s spear then changed its shape to a shield and Woojin swung his sword. O’gun brought his shield up but it was sliced through easily, also cutting his arm.

O’gun jumped back to dodge and Woojin summoned Gáe Bulg and threw it at Dekaravia. Dekaravia jumped to dodge and Woojin shouted, “Miho!”

Miho was already next to Smith. She snatched Smith and Dekaravia summoned a swallow to make it fly toward her.

It penetrated her chest and Dekaravia smiled.

“What are you smiling at?”

Dekaravia turned to Woojin and saw Miho standing behind him. He quickly turned back and saw the Miho who had been penetrated by swallow turning into a cloud of smoke.

Miho teased, “Fooled you.”