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Smith was shocked. He never imagined his lab would be infiltrated so easily. So many enemies came from the sky. He wasn’t sure how the Chupacabras flew in when they didn’t even have wings, but they broke through all defenses and broke in. The hunter teams were wiped out and his door was destroyed. He had hired more guards than usual since he wanted to show the Korean Avatar of what he was capable of, but it was no use. He thought hunters and the equipment were enough to defend themselves against Avatars, but they were utterly powerless against two Avatars.

Smith thought he would be safe even if they were going to kidnap him. However, the Avatars he met didn’t even consider him as a human. That’s when O’gun threw a spear through the door. Soon, a man and woman charged in, bursting through the door. And he was saved.

Smith sighed in relief and the man with a sword spoke.

“I am Ko Woojin.”

“Let’s introduce ourselves later. Shouldn’t we run? I heard Bihyung is here.”

These two looked like Avatars. It seemed like having Bihyung was going to ensure his safety.

“He’s coming up. It’s more dangerous to move around and get caught by the Chupacabras.”

Smith looked at Woojin. There was some weight in his voice.

“Miho, can you look after him?”


Woojin then walked out and Smith looked back. He knew how reckless it might be to fight two Avatars at once but he couldn’t tell Miho to go help. His life was in danger for the first time.

Woojin became more relaxed now that he had saved Smith. O’gun and Dekaravia. O’gun wasn’t easy as he controlled fire and iron. Dekaravia had power over birds. It was easy to see how he ordered the Chupacabras to fly into the building. Woojin reached out and Gáe Bulg returned to him. Letting Gáe Bulg out made his bones weak. He had metal-like muscles but he needed Gáe Bulg to withstand extreme damage.

Woojin then turned to them. O’gun made a shield and Dekaravia stood behind him to summon frigatebirds. Frigatebirds could fly at speeds of 400km per hour normally and these were summoned with spiritual power. Therefore, these birds probably had more power

O’gun charged. He made a sword in his hand and wielded fire over it. Woojin then charged against him as he got closer. He swung his sword and the sword crushed O’gun’s fire sword. O’gun then created dagger on his left to swing it and Woojin grabbed it with his bare hand. O’gun tried to cut his fingers but the dagger didn’t budge as if it was stuck.


Woojin then realized that this wasn’t a divine object. It was his power. If it was his power, it wasn’t going to be difficult to deal with. O’gun summoned fire but Woojin struck O’gun’s chin with his sword’s hilt and took out Gáe Bulg to thrust it into O’gun’s chest.

That’s when a frigatebird flew toward his eyes and Woojin became distracted. O’gun then made a large explosion.

O’gun hopped back and Woojin cut the bird in half. It was so fast that it made his hand buzz. The half-sliced bird flew and stuck the wall. Woojin charged at O’gun as he had to capture Dekaravia alive so he had to kill him first. O’gun threw the fire-wielding spear and Woojin deflected it by covering himself with spiritual power. The cloak absorbed it and changed its shape. As Woojin got closer, another explosion was unleashed but Woojin was prepared this time. He kicked in. Thanks to the Phoenix Feather Shoes, the kick made a hole in the explosion and Woojin jumped in.

O’gun frowned and quickly created a sword in his right hand and a shield in his left hand. Woojin swung his sword while wielding spiritual power and O’gun tried to deflect it by using his shield.

However, Woojin’s strength was too powerful and the shield was cut in half, along with O’gun’s wrist.

O’gun jumped back and Woojin was overwhelmed by a large number of crows. He swung his sword to cut them down, but that wasn’t enough. The number of crows was increasing and O’gun and Dekaravia moved back toward the window.

“We’ll see each other again.”

Dekaravia then jumped out and got up on his summoned albatross. The monster-sized albatross began to fly up and O’gun held his wrist while throwing flames at him. Woojin dodged and jumped out of the window.

O’gun scoffed but Woojin stepped in the air and followed them. His immediate speed was faster than the albatross’. O’gun fired an explosion to push the albatross further but Woojin dropped from above O’gun’s head.

Woojin had jumped over the explosion by jumping up high with his shoes in the air. O’gun quickly formed the shield to defend against it but the shield was destroyed and made albatross fall down to the ground and it died. Woojin then kicked the air toward O’gun and dropped down.

He was going to kill all the Avatars that sided with Amon whenever he got a chance. O’gun gritted his teeth and started a fire in his right hand. The fire made by burning his own spiritual stone had power unlike before. Woojin then brought his left fist back. He couldn’t use this against a foe that was using his own spiritual stone to fight back.

Woojin’s fist grew larger and he threw it down. It was so powerful that it created a crater on the ground as they dropped. The shock even made destroyed part of the building. Woojin got up — he had used all of his spiritual power, but he still could move. It was probably due to Tsukuyomi’s spiritual stone.

Woojin looked down at O’gun, who was dead with all of his bones shattered. Dekaravia was already running away.

“You can’t just flee.”

He had to capture Dekaravia. Woojin pulled out Gáe Bulg and threw it with all of his might. He had trained hard to make it hit its target. Gáe Bulg fired like lightning and Dekaravia summoned more crows. But crows weren’t enough and Gáe Bulg burst through. And when it got to Dekaravia, he reached out with his hand and a transparent gem appeared, spreading the light like a shield.

It destroyed the shield and stopped Gáe Bulg. Woojin was too far away to move it with his will so all he could do was bring it back.

“I will get you next time.”

Woojin then called Gáe Bulg back and sat down to recover his spiritual power. Bihyung then came over.

“Is this O’gun?”

“You know him?”

“I heard he’s a strong one from Africa. But he’s dead.”

Woojin then said, “I hope he knows something at least.”

“About what?”

“About Amon.”