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Woojin felt his body becoming sluggish as the effect of the drug wore off but the two bloodstones inside the starfish fang made him less slow. He stuffed the cash and gold into a bag. There were drugs too, but those were hard to get rid of so he only took the gold and cash. It took him two minutes to do all this. He had a bit more time, but he couldn’t rest assured yet. As Woojin hopped over the wall, the minivan approached.

After Woojin got in the car, he sighed in relief. He had been warned of the danger of Cocktails for a long time already. He raised his hands which were shaking slightly. It was hard for his unconditioned body to maintain all the intense movements. He needed to return to his best-trained state. Fortunately, the Starfish Fang granted him a lot of agility.

The car went into some building’s underground parking lot and stopped.

“A helicopter will be waiting for you on the roof.”

“Thank you.”

Woojin took the bags and took the elevator up the roof. As he returned to the chopper, the phone rang again.

[Seems like it’s been taken care of.]

“Yes. I am on my way back.”

[Do you have anything to sell?]

“Can I stop by right after I get back?”

[Sure. I’ll have it ready.]

Woojin hung up the phone and looked outside. The sun was setting. He couldn’t stop yesterday’s massacre, but he prevented what was going to happen in Busan today. He saved four people from being kidnapped and about twenty people from being killed.

However, there was no way that the House of Dmitri, or Amon’s avatar, would give up. And there were more avatars that Amon could bring to use. At least Amon was not going to consider the ones in Korea to be necessary at this point. Either way, there was no telling how long it was going to last.

He needed to make quick work if he were to stop them. There were lots of things he needed to do.

The helicopter arrived in Seoul and Woojin was then transported by car. As he arrived, he smiled.

“He’s waiting for you on the 2nd floor.”

Woojin took the bag up to the 2nd floor. He had a good relationship with Old Man Hwang in the past too. In fact, Woojin was the only one whom Hwang had dinners with.

But Woojin just didn’t think it would happen this soon. This meant that Woojin would be considered his VIP, and Hwang only showed his catalog to his VIPs. Woojin needed to use this chance to get introduced to someone.

“Come, sit down.”

Old Man Hwang greeted Woojin. Woojin sat down and tried using chopsticks, but he had to place them back down. His wrist was too swollen.

“Are you hurt?”

“It’s okay.”

He used his left hand to pick up the chopsticks. He needed to use both hands to survive fights. He had trained to do so in the past and although it wasn’t perfect without training, it did allow him to use chopsticks at least.

“You want a drink?”

Woojin nodded and received a cup of liquor.

“So, what are you going to do now?”

Hwang was intrigued by Woojin. He had investigated Woojin, but there were no signs of him being a hunter throughout his entire life when he just killed two vampires in a day already. Killing two from the House of Dmitri would surely ignite their wrath. But why was he not afraid? Besides, why did he do such a thing in the first place? That’s what Hwang wanted to know.

“I need to be introduced to someone.”

“Introduce? I sell intel but I don’t introduce.”

Woojin then grabbed the liquor bottle, poured it into his cup, and drank. Then he concentrated on the dinner. That made Hwang more curious. He never imagined Woojin would want to be introduced to someone, but he didn’t even respond to the old man’s answer.

“Why’d you stop in the middle of a discussion? How about you tell me who you want to be introduced to?”

Woojin then placed down the chopsticks.

“I need to meet Doctor Ahn Jongguk.”

“Doctor Ahn?”


Hwang then crossed his arms and looked at Woojin.

“How do you know about him?”

“I just heard.”

Hwang shook his head this time.

“Not many hunters know his name. And there are very few who know his full name throughout the entire world.”

He then used his chopsticks to pick up some food and asked, “So, how about you answer my curiosity?”

Woojin drank again wordlessly. It would’ve been good if he could explain it but he couldn’t talk about what he had experienced to anyone.

“I’m sure you understand as you live on this side of the world. There are some things you just can’t say.”

Hwang looked silently at Woojin. It had been so long since he saw a man who could speak so boldly to him. Hwang didn’t hesitate to resort torture if he wanted to know something in the past, but this time, Hwang wanted to know what this man wanted to do so badly that he chose to do nothing to him.

Woojin might be the hunter Hwang had been waiting for.

“Okay, I understand. But I’ll need good money for it.”

Woojin smiled.

“Yes. I have that prepared.”