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Dekaravia spat annoyingly as he talked to Amon on the screen.

“I almost died because of your request.”

-Ko Woojin appeared there?


-You were with O’gun. You couldn’t get him?

“Get him? I barely got away.”

-Yeah, well you are not a battle type.

Dekaravia frowned but he wasn’t wrong.

“What are you going to do?”

-We will make him regret that he appeared.

“Are you going to help?”

-Let’s put an end to him this time.

Dekaravia smiled. He was glad that he would get a chance to get revenge against Woojin.

The lab was in bad shape. Except for the hunters that stood guard outside and Marissa, all the other hunters in the building were killed. There was a total of 327 Chupacabra bodies strewn all over the place. Smith was interviewed shortly with the news and then he returned to the room. He drank water and sighed.


It was raining heavily outside and hunters and police were collecting bodies. Bihyung took O’gun’s body. Smith wanted to study it so he could make weapons that worked against them, but he couldn’t refuse their request. He sighed when the phone rang. It was Alfonso.

[I heard what happened. Are you okay?]

“I am okay.”

[That’s good to hear. It would’ve been a disaster if Bihyung didn’t go to you.]

Smith didn’t answer and Alfonso quickly continued,

[I will ask Blue Wolf Howl to send over an Avatar to protect you. You need their protection.]

Smith smiled bitterly. He never thought he would need protection from Avatars. He thought advanced technology could protect him instead, but that trust had been shattered.

He was shocked by O’gun and Dekaravia, but Woojin was much more than that. Would his advanced technology work against them? He shook his head. The world of Avatars was much more than what he imagined.

He had to start from scratch to study Avatars and make weapons that might work against them. He then left the room and went to Woojin’s room. Inside, Woojin and Bihyung sitting on the sofa. O’gun’s body was placed down in a corner of the room and Miho was closing her eyes next to O’gun’s body.

“Are you done with the interview?” Woojin asked.

Smith nodded.


Smith exchanged a handshake with Woojin.

“We finally get to talk. Have a seat.”

He wasn’t the same terrified man from a while ago. He was now the founder of the Black Smith Industry. The reason why he started the business was because his family was killed by monsters. Hunters appeared out of nowhere to save him but they didn’t have the appropirate weapons, so many of them died while killing those monsters. That’s when he wanted to create weapons to help hunters to fight these monsters.

Smith looked at Woojin and bowed.

“Thank you for saving my life.”

“We were lucky.”

He couldn’t have saved Smith if the enemies had come a day earlier. Smith smiled and turned to Bihyung.

“So, can I hear why you have come for me?”

Bihyung then turned to Woojn.

“He wanted to see you. That’s why we’re here.”

Smith turned back to Woojin.

“We’re here to ask for a deal and a share of the technology. But I see that it is not the right time to discuss that…”

“No, it is exactly the right time.” Everyone turned to him and Smith explained, “No need to make a deal. Please allow me to join you.”

Woojin turned to Bihyung, asking if he knew anything about that. Bihyung shrugged and Smith added, “I realize that my technology does not work against Avatars. Please, let me study Avatars and I will join your cause.”

Woojin thought for a second. Having Smith on the team would be great, but he wasn’t sure if he should make such a decision.

“Can’t you study Avatars without joining them?”

Woojin, however, knew that studying Avatars was no easy task. Even Doctor Ahn couldn’t get to study them until Woojin killed Wuma.

“It seemed like you knew those who wanted to kidnap me,” Smith said.

“The one that came here was Dekaravia, one of 72 demons. From what I can see, they are related to Amon.”

“Is he one of the demons?”


Smith then asked, “Are you opposing them?”

“Yes, but I don’t think what happened today is related to us.”

Smith then shook his head, “No, I’m not saying that they came here for you. What I mean is…”

He looked into Woojin’s eyes, “If I join you, will I be fighting Amon?”

“Yes, that is true,” Woojin answered and Smith smiled in response.

“Yes. That’s why I want to join you.”

Woojin turned to Bihyung for help, “Your call. Didn’t you say you need his help?”

“Yeah but…”

Woojin knew that siding with Smith might make it dangerous for the man. But if he teamed up with Doctor Ahn, Brunhilde would protect him also and they would create a powerful weapon, especially when Doctor Ahn had become an Avatar. And what’s important was that Smith was rich.

“It’s not easy, but we cannot give you a salary.”

“I don’t need a salary. Do you know how many hunters and researchers died here today? They were my family.”

Woojin then didn’t stop him anymore. He held his hand out.


Smith went to pack his things and Woojin was able to hear from Miho on what she read.

“O’gun never met Amon directly. He met with a vampire and worked under the condition that his country will be supported. He turned, along with Shango.”


Bihyung sighed and Woojin’s question.

“You should study a bit. Shango is a God of Thunder.”

Elemental gods were hard to deal with as they became more powerful if they had divine objects that suited them.

“Did you see anything else?”

“They have a monster farm. They have people trapped there to raise Chupacabras.”

Woojin frowned. He remembered Amon having monster farms but that was after the Day of Chaos happened. He didn’t think it was already in effect.

“Who’s in charge of it?”

“It’s Dekaravia.”

“Where is it?”

“It’s in an abandoned hospital just outside Chicago.”

Woojin turned to Bihyung.

“I’ll get the car ready. Are we going now?”

“We should get them before they run.”


Bihyung went out and Woojin turned to Miho.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I think him being dead made it easier, but I didn’t realize there were those who might side with demons for such a reason.”

There were a lot of Avatars who sided with demons for their own reasons, but that was how the world reached its end. They were Avatars who let others die for their own people. They had to live by their decisions. Woojin placed his hand on Miho’s shoulder.

“Even if they had a noble intention, what awaits them, in the end, is destruction. Don’t mind them.”

Miho laughed, “I don’t mind. I am busy taking care of my own.”

Bihyung then came in.

“We’re ready. Let’s go.”

Woojin turned to Miho and confidently said, “Let’s get Dekaravia.”