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Smith volunteered to go with them as he didn’t want to stay behind alone. Woojin thought for a second. He had to protect the man anyway and decided it was better to take him along. Woojin asked Miho to look after him and run away with him if the situation became dangerous.

They soon reached the abandoned hospital after driving for an hour. Woojin asked, “Do you feel anything?”

Bihyung crossed his arms and answered.



“I’m not good at sensing things, you know? But we can’t even hear a sound.”

Miho looked at the hospital and asked, “Should I go check it out?”


She had become fast due to the Starfish Fang but she was still the weakest. It was better for Woojin and Bihyung to go check it out themselves.

“Bihyung, let’s go take a look.”


They got out of the car and walked toward the building. On their way in, Woojin spotted a security camera and turned to Bihyung.

“Let’s start then.”

He snapped his fingers and the camera exploded. Woojin then jumped over the wall and ran. Bihyung followed closely behind.

“You’ve gotten faster.”

Woojin was almost quick as vampires now. He was faster than any vampires unless it was against the 1st generation. When they were at the main gate, Woojin rammed it in with his shoulder. There were no signs of people inside the hospital.

“I’ll go up. Bihyung, check below.”


“Call me if you see anything.”


Woojin then ran up. He couldn’t sense spiritual power, but his five senses were heightened. Yet, he couldn’t hear anything until he reached the roof. He saw blue fire rising from the basement.

“Ugh, I told you to call me.”

And that’s when his phone rang. It was Bihyung.

[I think they were raising a second herd of monsters. There are a lot of Bigfoots.]

“Is Dekaravia there?”

[No. I don’t see him.]

“I’ll check up here for a bit. Do you need help?”

[Hey, I’m Bihyung, remember?]

Woojin hung up and there was another call from Miho.

[The roof!]

Woojin then did not hesitate as he took his sword out and jumped. He smashed through the ceiling and got to the roof. He saw Dekaravia running away on an albatross. Woojin couldn’t fly back then because had he used the Fist of Giant, but he had other ways of flying. His cloak turned into wings and Woojin flew. However, he frowned because was too slow. He then recalled his wings and jumped in the air. With a large leap, he closed their distance. Dekaravia created a pack of crows but Woojin swung his sword to kill them. It allowed Dekaravia to run away and now frigatebirds were flying at him. Woojin swung and fired his Desert Eagle.

Dekaravia created a gem shield to defend against it. He was getting further away. Woojin then grabbed the bamboo spear. He had to get him before he could get away. He threw it and Dekaravia brought up the shield again. The Diamond Shield. It was very hard but the bamboo spear pierced through it. If Dekaravia moved quickly, his heart would’ve been penetrated.

Dekaravia sent five more frigatebirds and escaped while Woojin killed the birds and dropped to the ground. He smiled as he saw Dekaravia running away on the bird. There was blood dripping onto the ground. Woojin called Bihyung and Miho at the same time.

[There’s a lot left here.] [Did you get him?]

“No. I lost him.”

[Dammit. I should’ve gone up.]

Woojin then saw the cloak sucking the blood on the ground and said, “But he’s hurt. He’s bleeding so I’ll track him down.”

[Doesn’t he fly though?] [Should I join you?]

Woojin began tracking him before he got too far. He picked up the spear on the way and began to run.

“Meet up with Bihyung and follow me. Trace my phone’s location.”

[I’ll be with you soon.] [Hang in there!]

Woojin then jumped up on top of the building. The building was high, but it wasn’t too high as they were not in the city. The wound was on the left chest. There was no way to cut it out and the constant bleeding was going to make him exhausted. Woojin didn’t need to hurry. He couldn’t see Dekaravia in sight anymore, but the cloak quickly went for the blood to suck more. After sucking a lot of blood, the cloak now showed what it wanted to Woojin. It made it easy for Woojin to track him down.

Dekaravia panted. His wound kept bleeding and it didn’t heal.


He called Amon.

“When am I getting those reinforcements?!”

[On the way. What happened?]

“The farm is bust. And my wound is not healing.”

[You got hit by the spear.]


[I’ll tell Toil to join with you. Go to the Water Tower.]


Dekaravia then turned toward the Water Tower.


The wound was too severe for him to survive at this rate. He stuffed his gems in so it would slow down the bleeding at least a little bit.

“I’ll kill you…!”

Chicago was in the distance, and the Water Tower was just around the corner.