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Bihyung drove and Miho sat shotgun. She spoke as she looked at her smartphone.

“They are fighting at the Water Tower. It’s in the news.”

The news showed that the Water Tower had been destroyed into two and a lot of people died as buildings collapsed.

“The police and firemen there, but they’re still fighting.”

Bihyung frowned.

“We have a fire user then.”

“Yeah. The power seems like it’s not just any fire Avatar though.”

“So what should we do now?”

With the tower destroyed, the traffic was congested and blocked. They couldn’t follow Woojin in time this way. The one that Woojin was chasing flew across the sky so the one used fire was a different one. It meant Woojin was fighting against two Avatars. He had to go help.

Bihyung said to Miho, “I’ll go.”

“Do you want me to go?”

“No. Take care of Smith.”

“I will.”

Bihyung then began to run. He was slower than Woojin or Miho, but he was still much quicker than any average human. He saw the Water Tower in flames.

“Who are these idiots doing that kind of thing in public?”

Monsters had no control over what they did, but Avatars were different. It was foolish for Avatars to cause such problems in public.

“What has the world come down to?”

Bihyung frowned as he ran.

Woojin tried to move away from the flame but Toil made it explode everywhere. The fire raged all over, but his cloak protected his Starfish Fang. Yet, he couldn’t get close to Toil. The Water Tower was destroyed and Dekaravia was also attacking from behind.

They both were ranged attackers and they didn’t allow Woojin to come close. Woojin knew Bihyung was going to come soon and since he didn’t have to worry about the Starfish Fang, it was time to settle things.

Woojin charged and Toil unleashed some flames in his direction. Woojin swung his sword with spiritual power and charged in.

He swung and Toil swung his Gem Sword. The swords clashed and Woojin threw his fist out. Woojin’s skin changed into turtle-shell form, meaning that the enemy’s fist was that powerful. Toil then began throwing fists from close range so that Woojin couldn’t use his sword. As they began fighting in close range, Dekaravia couldn’t target Woojin. Woojin’s fist was powerful enough to crush the enemy but Toil wouldn’t fall so easily. Toil then opened his mouth and fire came out. Woojin kicked and jumped back. His Feather Shoes allowed him to back off quickly but Toil sent flames out again.

Woojin tried to swing his sword when a blue flame clashed with the red flame.

Woojin then jumped further back and brought out the spear to throw it. Toil dodged it but Dekaravia couldn’t. His shoulder was penetrated again and Woojin dashed toward Toil who threw a flame in response, but this time, a strong wind blew and pushed his flame.

Woojin rammed into his chest and got closer to Dekaravia. What he wanted was Dekaravia because he summoned crows but Woojin threw his spear at the crows. After the spear made an opening through the crows, Woojin summoned his Gáe Bulg and hurled it also.

Dekaravia, who just barely dodged the previous spear, saw Gáe Bulg flying at him and he tried to dodge but Woojin smiled. He had control over its movement in such short distance.

Gáe Bulg turned direction and stabbed Dekaravia’s leg. The spearhead spread through his leg and Dekaravia chopped his leg off. As he threw himself to get away with one leg, Woojin took out the Mirror of Heavens.

The light shined upon Dekaravia.


He screamed and Woojin got to him to crush his remaining leg. Woojin then smashed Dekaravia’s chin to stop him from screaming and turned. Toil and Bihyung were fighting. Toil had powerful muscle strength but Bihyung was also powerful. Bihyung dropped Toil down to the ground and pinned him, “You did most of the work here. Boring.”

Toil had wounds after being punched by Woojin. Bihyung wondered, “Where did they find this Avatar from a fallen civilization?”

“Fallen civilization?”

“He’s an Avatar from the Mayan civilization.”

Woojin looked at Toil. Why was such an Avatar siding with Amon? Woojin stepped on Dekaravia’s chest and declared, “I finally got you.”

Dekaravia then smiled coldly. His quick regeneration got him to talk again.

“You want information from me now?”

Woojin then said, “Oh, sorry. Actually, I don’t need you alive.”


Woojin swung his sword and decapitated. He spoke while looking at Dekaravia’s widened eyes, “I will need information though.”

He then turned to Bihyung.

“What should we do with him?”

“Most Avatars of fallen civilizations are psychos. We can’t let him live.”

Did Toil read what Woojin and Bihyung were going to do? His body began to glow red and Woojin quickly swung his sword to cut off his head too. Toil’s head had been cut but his tattoo turned red and Bihyung jumped out the window and shouted, “Run!”

Woojin also grabbed Dekaravia and followed. A powerful explosion occurred as they jumped out of the building. Bihyung quickly used his Iron Fan to start the gust that made the explosion rise up into the air. It was so powerful that it penetrated through the dense clouds and showed the clear sky above it.

Bihyung looked at Woojin with an exhausted look, “Shinatsu did this so effortlessly, but I can’t.”

Woojin helped Bihyung and frowned as people screamed at them.

“I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah, come to the hotel.”


Woojin then took the spiritual stone from Dekaravia’s body and put him on his back. The cloak then moved over the body and Woojin ran out. He couldn’t have people be afraid of Avatars too.

After arriving at the hotel, Woojin placed Dekaravia’s body down and fed the Starfish Fang with the spiritual stone. He felt his spiritual power increasing by a large margin. As he checked on his increased spiritual power, Miho, Smith, and Bihyung came into the room. Smith was shocked by Dekaravia’s mummified body. Woojin smiled.

“You will see many like this from now on. All of its blood was sucked out, but it’ll still be somewhat useful.”

Smith looked at the body.

“Can I study it then?”

“Yeah. But let me read his memory first.”

Woojin looked at Miho. She took out the orb and placed it in her mouth.

“Be careful. Demons are powerful beings.”

“I have the ring now. It should be okay.”


Miho placed her hand on Woojin’s head and another hand on Dekaravia and began to flash the memory. Woojin saw the fight and went back to when Dekaravia was raising monsters by using humans. It angered him to see these demon bastards. The memory turned further back.


Woojin turned and saw that Miho’s nose had begun to bleed.

“I can read it, but I won’t be able to do it for too long.”

“No, it’s okay. We’ll start reading it from here later.”

“Yeah, okay.”

Woojin then gave Dekaravia’s body to Smith.

“I just need the head, so you can take this to study it.”

“We have a mobile lab. Let’s take it there.”

Smith took Dekaravia while Woojin picked up the head and said, “This will lead us to Amon.”