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It took five days to read Dekaravia’s memory. Miho read the memory whenever she recovered from the exhaustion. Dekaravia never met Amon physically, but one thing was certain. There were no ranks that divided the demons. They were working together toward Amon’s big plan while doing what they each sought for themselves.

They all had different plans so they worked on their own, but they all talked to Amon for one thing: information about Woojin. Therefore, they were able to figure out one piece of information: Amon’s phone number.

After they read through Dekaravia’s memory completely, Miho fell asleep while gaining another tail and Woojin checked the phone number. Having the phone number didn’t mean that he could change his plans, but it still was a direct phone number to reach Amon, so he decided to use it.

Woojin decided to call Amon and use the call the track him down. He had to be prepared beforehand, so he decided to return to Korea. Smith then told him that he needed more time to move his research equipment and Woojin told Bihyung to wait until Smith was ready to get him back safely.

Woojin returned to Miho. She was still asleep to create her seventh tail. She woke up earlier before, but it was taking more time now. It had been a full day but she was still sleeping. Woojin sat next to her and looked down at her. Her ring allowed her to be much stronger as she could now make a shadow copy of herself even though she only had six tails.

Woojin looked at Miho. The Gumiho family was born beautiful and they became more beautiful as they acquired more tails. That’s why Woojin tried to not get too close to her. He thought that if he felt some kind of feeling toward her, it was due to her power. Woojin saw a strand of hair across her face and he used his finger to push it back. He then shook his head. That made his heart pound, which meant that her power was increasing.

That’s when Miho opened her eyes slowly. She smiled brightly when she saw Woojin.

“You’ve been looking after me?”

“No. I just got here.”

Miho got up slowly. She was calmer than before and Woojin glanced behind her. There were seven tails. It was always refreshing to see her growing in power as Woojin only saw her with nine tails in the past.

Woojin got up and briefed her, “We will use the phone number to track down Amon’s location. Let’s go meet Ryota.”

“Were you waiting for me?”

“I almost called Ryota to come here because you weren’t waking up.”

Miho got up quickly and grabbed Woojin’s arm. Woojin turned to her with a frown but she smiled and said, “Let’s go together. Are we grouping up?”

“Yeah. We can go straight to the airport.”

“Okay. Let’s go.”

It seemed like Miho wasn’t listening, but the feeling of her skin on his arm was good, and he liked her smell too. Even if all of this was because of her power, he felt like it was okay to enjoy it now.

Woojin and Miho met up with the others. Miho let people know of her seventh tail and everyone congratulated her. Woojin looked at the people and missed those who were left in Korea. He now had the core members he needed to fight Amon. He needed hunters too but that required Smith to create weapons for them.

Smith walked over to Woojin.

“I checked Dekaravia’s body but it doesn’t show anything special. That kind of body is vulnerable to our current firearms.”

Demons without spiritual power were just humans with high physical traits. But with the spiritual power and their unique power, it was impossible to hurt them with regular weapons.

“It will be different with spiritual power. We need weapons that work in that situation.”

“I understand.”

They needed weapons that would allow hunters to fight against Avatars. Bullets made with Bakegani shells were effective against monsters, but they didn’t work against Avatars.

Woojin said, “I will wait for you in Korea.”


Woojin then walked up to Bihyung.

“Check with Beom to see if he’s doing okay.”

“Yeah, but I’m sure he’s doing well.”

Bihyung tapped on Woojin’s shoulder.

“I’ll come right after I’m done here. Let’s hope we can find Amon.”

“Yeah, I hope so too.”

Woojin turned to Miho.

“Let’s go back to Korea.”

Beom was very busy in his office. Bihyung didn’t pay much attention to details for the most part, but Beom didn’t know a lot about the work and had to check every detail about the many spendings and thus he was busier overall.

“Whew… let’s take a break.”

Beom then checked his phone and smiled.

“Woojin should be back soon.”

It was almost time for Woojin’s jet to arrive. There had been a lot of incidents after the Day of Chaos, but this one was quite big. There had been over 200 civilians. It was also the death of hunters that made people’s expectation of hunters go down.

In the meantime, the media talked a lot about Bihyung who saved Smith. Bihyung’s interview was posted and people became interested in beings called Avatars. The reason for Bihyung’s appearance in the media was because he wanted to hide the work of the demons.

Beom then looked down at his wristwatch and became shocked. He had asked Doctor Ahn to increase its power and what appeared on the watch gave him the chills.


He turned on the computer and launched a program. The spiritual power sensing system he installed in the company was sending warnings out. Beom quickly called up people.

“Hong! It’s an emergency! Bring Doctor Ahn and Ryota to the shelter!”

There were almost fifty caught by the sensors, all Avatars. Why were Avatars coming to attack this place at such a crazy speed? Beom moved to the elevator and started the fire alarm before he called Woojin.

[What’s going on?]

“It’s an attack.”


“At least fifty. I have Avatars coming in on my system. I’m moving to the shelter. How far are you?”

[At least two hours. Hang in there.]

“Be quick.”

Beom hung up and called people in the media room to tell people to evacuate the building. When he got to the underground shelter, Yeohong, Doctor Ahn, Brunhilde, and Ryota were already there. Yeohong also had the Cleaners with her.

“What’s the status?”

Beom frowned, “We have fifty at least.”

“This is crazy.”

“Get in. It’s going to take Woojin at least two hours to get here. ”

“But I don’t think Woojin will able to fight fifty Avatars.”

“Yeah, but we have no choice for now. Let’s get in.”

They all walked in and the shelter door closed behind them. It was created after they helped create Ryota and Doctor Ahn’s offices in the building. However, they weren’t sure how long it would hold out against attacks from Avatars.

Ryota sat down and said, “It’s not completely ready yet, but I can use the building’s system. Let’s check.”

Ryota checked the screens and saw the enemies above the roof.

“Dammit. It’s the vampires and Were-families.”

They were the ones with the most numbers but they never moved in large groups like that. They had brought five helicopters and were getting off from the roof.

Yeohong asked, “Weren’t we checking the airports?”

“Yeah, but we can’t get them if they snuck in.”

Yeohong frowned. They had to protect themselves for at least two hours.