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A woman jumped out of the helicopter on the roof. She tied her hair in a ponytail and wore a black military suit with battle boots. She also had bows and arrows on her.

She looked around. On her left was Rai from the Werewolves and Yohan, a 2nd generation vampire. The woman, Relaika, said, “They will be hiding in the underground shelter. We need Doctor Ahn Jongguk alive. Kill the rest.”

Rai and Yohan glanced at each other and ran. Screams came from areas they ran past and Relaika took out an iPhone from her pocket and connected her earphones to it so she could listen to music.

As she listened to Vivaldi, she took an arrow and readied on her bow. She then shot the arrow as she walked down the stairs and the arrow pierced through the wall before returning to her quiver. She fired her arrow like that from time to time while walking down, and the arrows always came back with blood.

Beom frowned as he looked at the massacre on the screen. He tried to evacuate the people but there were still a lot of civilians left in the building. They were all dying. Unlike Bihyung, Beom remembered every employee’s name who worked here. He remembered the names of those people being killed and clenched his fist so hard that it bled. Yeohong grabbed his shoulder.


“Do you want me to just sit here and watch?”

“We have no choice. We cannot protect Doctor Ahn or Ryota if we go out.”

“I know!”

Beom gritted his teeth and saw a sudden arrow coming out of nowhere and killing a person. The arrow then returned through the wall and Beom said, “Ryota. The arrow, where did it come from?”


Ryota then turned the screen.

“It’s her.”

She was walking down the stairs while firing her arrows.

“Who the hell is she?!”

Brunhilde then looked at her through the screen.

“I know who she is. Relaika. She’s one of the 72 demons.”

She then looked at the others and pointed another one out. “And him. That’s the leader of the Blue Werewolves. Rai.”

“Blue Werewolves? Aren’t they the group with the most numbers?”

“There’s fourteen werewolves and thirty-six vampires. I don’t know how long the gate will hold.”

Brunhilde sat down next to Doctor Ahn and he grabbed Brunhilde’s hand.

“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.”

“I should’ve worked harder to research divine objects.”

“You can’t create that in one or two days.”

“I know…”

Beom then checked his watch.

“Dammit. Only ten minutes have passed.”

They still had two hours left but enemies were already coming through the basement.

“I hope the door lasts.”

It took twenty minutes to kill all the civilians in the building. Relaika arrived at the basement and looked at Rai. His nail grew and he sent spiritual power into his nail. He then swung it at the door of the shelter. It left a scratch but the door did not budge. Rai scoffed, “It’s quite thick.”

His claws shined brightly with more spiritual power and Rai clawed the door again. Even if it was thick, there was no way it could hold on for too long. Part of the door broke and revealed the inside but something shot out and stabbed Rai’s chest.


Rai backed away. It was the leg of a chair. He was infuriated that he had been attacked, but the pain was too extreme. Yohan then got up and threw a grenade into the hole. There was an explosion but it seemed too small. Then blue fire came out through the hole and Relaika shot her arrows.

She said as she fired at the Dokkebi Fire, “Pull the door out.”

Rai ordered his Werewolves and they all went to the door to push it back. Soon, the door was pulled out and Relaika shouted, “Get the doctor!”

Woojin got on the helicopter as soon as he got off the plane.

“Let’s go fast!”

He called Beom on the phone but he didn’t answer. Yeohong and Brunhilde didn’t answer either. Woojin frowned and looked outside. Miho said, “It’s coming out in the news.”

They looked at the phone screen where reporters were gathered in front of the building. Woojin sighed. If Beom was okay, there was no way this would be in the news. When the helicopter reached the roof of the building, Woojin jumped. He landed powerfully and Miho landed softly on the roof. They then ran down the staircase.

When they got to the basement, there were many policemen and members from the government checking the area. They turned to Woojin and he asked, “Who’s in charge here?”

A middle-aged man came up and said, “I heard someone will be coming.”

Bihyung told Woojin that he had talked to someone already.

“Get the people out of the room.”

“How long do you need?”

“Ten minutes should be enough.”

The man then clapped and ordered people out. Woojin turned to Miho.

“Show me the memory of this place.”

“Hold on.”

Miho then placed her hand over Woojin’s forehead and read the memory of the floor. There were fifty Avatars comprised of vampires and werewolves. Relaika was leading them. Woojin frowned as he knew the power of her arrows. Beom and Yeohong charged through the enemies. They threw down vampires and Werewolves left and right but they couldn’t get past Relaika. Her arrow got Beom’s thighs and Yeohong’s left arm was struck. They were almost successful in getting away, if Brunhilde hadn’t gotten hit in the stomach.

“Dammit!” Woojin spat and saw Brunhilde telling them to run. Beom and Yeohong ran away with their injuries. He then saw Doctor Ahn blocking Brunhilde and agreeing to follow Relaika.

It was good that Beom and Yeohong got away but the power behind Relaika’s arrows was that they rotted injuries, which was a concern. He had to save Beom and Yeohong fast.

Woojin then said, “We have to track Beom and Yeohong. They can’t even pick up their phones right now.”


Miho then concentrated on reading where they had fled and Woojin glanced around the place.

“Wait. You’re alive!”

There was a chair in the corner which was Ryota. He stuttered with teary eyes, “I… I…”

Woojin went to him and grabbed his shoulders.

“It’s okay. It’s good that you’re safe.”

Woojin tapped his shoulder.

“Beom and Hong got away. We need to find them.”

“Yeah. The Werewolves are chasing after them.”

“Maybe they might be faster than us.”

Miho spoke with a smile.

“So I get to use the new power I got. Do you trust me?”

“Of course. Get on my back.”

Miho smiled, “I guess you know what the power is already this time too?”

“Yeah, you’re trying to read memories as we go along.”

“Right. Then if you’ll excuse me.”

Miho then hopped onto Woojin’s back and wrapped her arms around Woojin’s neck. Ryota also stood up. “I’ll go with you.”

“Yeah. But try to change into a watch or something.”

Ryota turned into a watch and Woojin placed him on his right wrist.

“Where should we go?”

Miho’s eyes turned red and she began her guidance.

“Let’s go up.”

Woojin then ran in that direction. Miho saw Beom and Hong getting into a car to run away. Woojin followed the lead and hoped for their safety. He unleashed spiritual power all over his body and ran as fast as he could. After thirty minutes of running, the car was thrown off the bridge outside Seoul and was destroyed.

Woojin got down there and Miho said, “They fought here and ran to that place.”

Woojin, however, heard the sounds and moved forward. When he got there, five Werewolves were circling Yeohong whose left arm had been cut off and she was protecting Beom.

Woojin placed down Miho and charged.