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Woojin grabbed his gun and pulled the trigger. The gun was to draw their attention as he knew it wouldn’t hurt the Werewolves. Woojin jumped and fell between them and swung his Kusanagi no ken. The speed and strength far outpowered that of the Werewolves and Woojin sent spiritual power into his weapon. One of the Werewolf’s heads was cut down along with his claws and Woojin charged at another. They all turned to Woojin while one of them held his head up and howled.

Before he could finish howling, Miho’s Starfish Fang had stabbed his neck. Miho then twisted it back and cut off the head. While Miho was taking care of one Werewolf while Woojin took care of the rest. He slashed with the sword and thrust with his spears to kill all of them.

Beom was pale as he was laying on the ground. He could barely get up with his arms.

“You were fast.”

Woojin grabbed Beom’s hand. His leg had already been cut as it began to rot and he tried to stop the bleeding but it was still bleeding a little. Woojin then saw his cloak being tempted by the blood and pressed it. He became annoyed that it was reacting to Beom’s blood. Even if it was its instincts, he couldn’t let the cloak try to drink his friend’s blood.

However, the cloak shared Woojin’s will. Woojin hesitated as he learned that it wasn’t because of its instinct that cloak was moving and looked at Beom.

“Beom. Do you trust me?”

“Of course. Why would I call you if I didn’t?”

Woojin nodded and reached out. The cloak then began unfurling itself from Woojin’s arm and his chest and went over to Beom’s leg. Beom narrowed his eyes as the black thing changing into the shape of his leg.

“What is this?”

“Cloak of Vampire Bat. I didn’t know I could use it like this, but it got much better after drinking good blood recently. You can use it as your leg for now.”

Beom checked his leg and tried to move as if he still had it. The leg did move.

“Wow. I now have a black leg?”

Woojin also reached out for Yeohong. The cloak then turned into her left arm while receiving some of her blood a bit. Yeohong also flexed her newly-acquired arm and nodded, “It’s good for now.”

The cloak was now only about shirt sized but it was good that he helped Yeohong and Beom for now. Woojin asked, “Are you okay?”

“For now.”

“Where are they taking Doctor Ahn?”

Beom sighed.

“I don’t know.”

“Tell me what you remember.r”

Beom then thought. Brunhilde had put up a good fight. She used the metal leg of a chair to kill seven vampires and three Werewolves. Beom and Yeohong also killed four vampires and four Werewolves but realized they had a better chance at running away. Relaika attacked them on the way.

They thought they were still lucky to only get shot before running, but they failed when Brunhilde was shot in the stomach while blocking Doctor Ahn. She told them to run and Beom and Yeohong ran away.

They then felt their injuries rotting and it became harder to run. It was at the last moment that Woojin had arrived.

“I heard they wanted Doctor Ahn alive.”

Woojin then realized what he had missed.

“Dammit. Ryota!”

Ryota then changed himself back and Woojin shouted, “We need to track down the helicopter!”

“We need our equipment first.”

Woojin nodded and looked at Beom and Yeohong.

“Can you guys move?”

“I’ll need some time to run with this, but I can still move.”

“Yeah. Let’s go together as they might send more to chase after us. Miho, get us a car.”


Miho moved out and Woojin took out the mirror. He wasn’t sure if the infection had spread farther than the injury. Based on what he saw when his friend died before, Relaika’s power made larger regions rot. Woojin then flashed the mirror at Beom’s area of injury and Beom frowned.


Woojin knew Beom wasn’t affected by the mirror. What was being purified was Relaika’s power. Woojin then moved up and the pain disappeared when the light from the mirror reached his stomach.

“It hurts!”

“I think it’s the pain when Relaikai’s power disappears.”

Woojin did the same thing on Yeohong. She had the light move from her shoulder to her lungs when the pain disappeared. They looked much better and Woojin walked up to bodies of the Werewolves. The cloak sucked up their blood and Woojin fed the stones to his Starfish Fang. He had hoped to increase his regeneration power since he couldn’t have the cloak wrap around his entire body now.

Miho then came back with two taxies. They into the cars and returned to Seoul.

Ryota took them the room they got for him. It was full of equipment and Ryota began typing on the computer.

“From what I can see on the security cameras, they used Premium Airlines’ helicopter. I’ll have their location by tracking their tickets.”

“Who owns that airline?”

“Let me look.”

Ryota tapped on the keyboard and stated, “It’s owned by Ronson Peders from the UK.”


“Yeah. And it seems that the chopper has moved to their yacht. This is the yacht.”

It was really a huge yacht that had a helipad.

“Do you know where this yacht is?”


Ryota then tapped on the keyboard a bit.

“Here. They are on the way to China.”


Woojin turned and Beom called someone on his phone.

“I have a chopper ready. Are we going after them?”

“Of course.”

“It will take five minutes for the chopper to arrive. We have a person who knows the area.”

Woojin then turned to them and said, “You two should rest. Leave this to me.”

Beom then looked at Woojin and tried moving his leg. It moved, but he couldn’t fight.

“Yeah, well I’m a patient now.”

“Thanks. I’ll bring Doctor Ahn back.”

“Yeah. I told the chopper to land on the roof.”

Woojin got up and Miho also got up but Woojin shook his head.

“It’s dangerous. Stay here.”

“If you can’t find Doctor Ahn there, you’ll need my help.”

Yeohong also nodded.

“Yeah, take her with you. I don’t think she’ll be your burden from what I saw a while ago.”

Miho was really fast now, but was that enough to be safe in the middle of a group of enemies? Woojin looked at her and said, “Try not to join in the fight.”

Yeohong then frowned.

“Woojin, don’t be arrogant. You can’t do everything alone. We have a demon and vampires and Werewolves filling up the place. And you might be facing more when you get there. You need to be ready.”

Woojin then turned to Miho. It seemed like he was trying to do everything alone, even when he knew he had his limits. He even had lost to Susanoo before.

“Yeah. I’m sorry. You’re right.”

Woojin turned to Miho. She now had seven tails and a ring. She was good enough as a fighter.

“Good. Let’s get ready then.”

They took all the gear they could get at the moment and Woojin talked to Ryota.

“Keep me updated on the location.”

“Don’t worry.”

Woojin got up and found the helicopter waiting on the roof. When he and Miho got up, the pilot smiled and said, “Beom called me. You just want to get to the yacht?”

“Yeah. We have to follow them even if we have to cross the border.”

“It’s okay. Beom will take care of it.”

Woojin explained to Miho on the way, “We are up against Relaika, a demon. She uses arrows but they will be hard to avoid. We also have to deal with two Werewolves and twenty-five vampires.”

“That’s a lot.”

“We should sneak in and get them one by one.”

Woojin then checked his weapons and bit his lips. He had been too relaxed after knowing Amon couldn’t read him. Amon already had read his past and if he did, he would have read the memory of Wojin becoming an Avatar. That would obviously lead to Doctor Ahn.


It led to Amon in the end. There were a lot of vampires that attacked so if he read their memories to find Dmitri, that would lead him to Amon also.

They saw the yacht at the distance and Woojin stopped the pilot.

“We’ll go on by ourselves from here.”

“It’s too far to swim there.”

“It’s okay.”

Woojin then grabbed Miho’s hand and jumped out. He stepped in the air and flew over to the yacht. He saw a vampire standing guard at the back of the yacht. Woojin dropped on him and swung his sword.

The vampire couldn’t even scream and turned into ashes. Woojin said, “We have to do this in silence if we want to rescue Doctor Ahn.”

“I know. Don’t worry.”

Miho, who also trained in the hunter’s way, closely followed Woojin with the gun on her shoulder.