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Brunhilde was drenched in sweat as she laid down on the bed. Doctor Ahn sat down next to her while grabbing her hand and glared at Relaika with her bow on her lap sitting across from them.

“I told you I will do as you said! Why aren’t you healing her!”

“I can make my power stop, but I can’t heal her. Avatars can regenerate. She won’t die.”

“But she’s in pain!”

Relaika looked annoyingly at Doctor Ahn.

“Doctor. We know you have great power, but we also have the power to suck that power out of you. We are letting her live just to let you work for us willingly.”

Relaika knew about Brunhilde. She also knew that if Brunhilde was well-armed, she wouldn’t have been caught so easily. So Relaika did stop her rotting power, but it was stuck inside Brunhilde to continue eating away if anything went wrong. That’s why Brunhilde couldn’t regenerate.

Doctor Ahn bit his lips when someone knocked on the door.


Yohan came into the room.

“I lost contact with ones waiting inside the yacht.”


Relaika then checked the time.

“He must be here then.”


“Ko Woojin.”

Doctor Ahn became surprised and looked up.

Relaika scoffed, “Don’t get your hopes up. He’s come to die.”

She knew many demons had been killed by Ko Woojin, but they had the upper hand here. Relaika was also more powerful than most demons and she was even more powerful when there were others who could distract her targets.

Yohan called up the vampires but there were only ten. Rai came into the room also.

“I think my kids that were chasing after the Dokkebis are dead too.”

Relaika turned to Rai and he said while touching his chest, “I lost the connection.”

Relaika ordered, “Protect this room. Ko Woojin must have killed them.”

Rai frowned. His Blue Werewolf clan moved only because they were paid handsomely. The job itself wasn’t so hard. Bihyung was out of the country and they only needed to fight Beom and Yeohong. They also had over thirty vampires and Relaika by their side.

They never thought they would fail. Even without mentioning Beom and Yeohong who stronger than expected, Brunhilde was much stronger. But still, they did the job. Rai sent his brothers to settle the job cleanly but they all died. The man had come this far.

Rai stood with Relaika. He also had his brother Roi stand beside him. If they were going to fight, they had to take the lead. Vampires also got ready in the back and Relaika readied on her arrows.

Anyone who opened the door was going to die.

After killing vampires outside the yacht, Woojin realized they all retreated back into a single room. He couldn’t relax yet as Relaika’s arrows were more dangerous when she had someone to block for her.

Woojin looked at Miho and she took out a grenade. Woojin nodded and Miho threw it down the corridor. The door exploded and two arrows were fired from inside. Woojin swung his sword at the arrows and said, “Relaika has 20 arrows.”

“Really? Anyway, here’s another grenade.”

Miho then threw the grenade again. The grenade that was thrown in the air turned itself and exploded inside the room. This explosion was easy to block if Werewolves were standing guard. However, the continued ranged attacks would make then run out of patience.

Miho aimed her gun at the door and Woojin swung his sword at the arrow that suddenly came out of the wall. He then saw werewolves rushing at him through the walls.

Woojin swung his sword at the claw and sliced it but the enemy still charged at him. Then another attack came from behind at the same time as if it had all been planned. Woojin then dashed and swung his sword with his spiritual power. The Werewolf was cut in half but the attacks by the vampires from the left and right shot past his body.

The cloak, however, blocked the attack. The vampires’ attack did cut the cloak but it was blocked by his muscles. Woojin trusted Miho who was behind him.

She fired the gun and a silver bullet struck the enemy’s head. Woojin followed up by swinging his sword. He had to block three more arrows. Miho then dodged the enemy from the right and struck Starfish Fang on the enemy’s chin. It was a 4th generation vampire but they were easily killed.

Woojin then jumped.


At that moment, one of the Werewolf leaped forward and swiped his claws. Woojin brought up his sword to counter it but the enemy threw his fist at him. Woojin twisted. He was quicker than the enemy, but the enemy’s feral instincts were beyond Woojin’s expectations. The enemy was now trying to bite off Woojn’s neck. Woojin pulled his head back and threw it against the enemy’s head.

Rai’s head turned and Woojin rammed it into his shoulder. He tried to cut him down with his sword but the arrow was fired again. This time, the arrow was so powerful that it made the sword fly back and another enemy charged in. It was Yohan, the 2nd generation vampire. Woojin quickly picked up the sword and moved.

Woojin was surprised. Yohan had much more spiritual power than Woojin expected. He had cut the claws of a Werewolf but Yohan’s claws were fine. Yohan unleashed more attacks and Rai also joined. Another arrow flew over to them.

But with Miho taking care of the other vampires, Woojin was able to hold three of them at bay.

While Woojin defended himself against Yohan’s powerful spiritual power, Rai’s feral attacks, and Relaika’s powerful arrows, he learned that he was getting used to their attack pattern. He then felt his senses increasing.

He also felt Tsukuyomi’s spiritual stone melting away very slightly. It was very little but it made it so that Woojin’s spiritual power did not go dry. If it wasn’t for the spiritual stone, Woojin was going to take out the mirror. Yet he didn’t need to since Tsukuyomi’s power was coming to life.

Blocking the arrows was only possible as his senses were heightened. As the fight went on, the enemies realized that it wasn’t going well for them. Rai discovered this and attacked harder, ready to give his flesh up for the kill. Woojin reacted more fiercely. He deflected Rai’s claws and had him bite his arm. It felt like his wrist would be crushed, but Woojin pulled the arm and used Rai’s body to block Yohan’s attack. Yohan quickly pulled his attack back and Woojin’s stabbed his sword into Rai’s body. That’s when an unexpected attack came from behind. An arrow penetrated Rai’s body and when Woojin realized it, the arrow was already protruding in front of his chest. Woojin then thought a way to defend himself.

Gáe Bulg suddenly came out of his chest to defend against the arrows. Woojin then ripped Rai’s body apart and swung his sword at Yohan. He swung the sword to make it seem like he was making a room for an attack. Yohan lunged in with his hand aimed at Woojin’s body. As the claw scratched Woojin, his muscles tightened and he grabbed the hand. Yohan spread his claws to cut out the flesh but he couldn’t get away from Woojin. His wrist was crushed and Yohan gritted his teeth but his wrist was then cut off. Woojin then threw his fist at Yohan’s face.

One fist, and his head exploded while two arrows came whizzing by. Woojin barely was able to swing his sword to deflect them and Relaika spoke with a sigh, “Gosh. I didn’t think it would be this bad.”

Relaika looked at Woojin and Miho. She only had five arrows and all the others had been killed.

“Useless junk.”

Woojin charged as he didn’t intend on talking with her and Relaika fired her arrows. Woojin deflected them but they were so powerful that it made him stop running.

“Who are you going to save?”

Relaika snapped her fingers and the power stuck in Brunhilde’s stomach began to expand.

“UGH!” Brunhilde gasped.

Relaika grabbed her and threw her at Woojin while she grabbed Doctor Ahn and jumped out through the wall. Woojin took out the mirror and flashed the light at Brunhilde’s stomach. After Relaika’s power dissipated, Woojin jumped out. Relaika was already riding on the head of a giant sea monster called the Sea Serpent and was getting away. Woojin quickly tried to follow Relaika but she fired another arrow.

It seemed like she was only focused on keeping Woojin at bay. He was thrown to the back and the Sea Serpent was already far off into the distance. Woojin jumped again, but he had to block the arrow and thus he fell into the sea.

Doctor Ahn shouted, “Look after Brunhilde!”

Woojin clenched his fist as he saw Sea Serpent diving into the sea. He couldn’t save Doctor Ahn.