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Woojin returned to the yacht and Brunhilde looked at him with a pale face.

“Where’s Doctor Ahn?”

“He’s been taken.”

Brunhilde then looked at Miho healing her wound by the light in her hand and said, “I’m okay. Please save Doctor Ahn.”

Woojin wasn’t going to give up. The satellite phone was broken when he fell into the sea. He went for the captain’s room. It was the first place Woojin and Miho took control of when they got on the yacht. Woojin found a satellite phone and called Sun Wukong’s number.

“Mr. Sun. It’s Woojin.”

[Why? Did you find a new recipe?]

“I called to ask for your help.”

[Help? What help?]

“My friend has been kidnapped by a demon. She’s on the way toward Qingdao, but I can’t track her. I need your help.”


Sun Wukong became silent and Woojin felt his mouth becoming dry. The Sea Serpent was too fast and he needed at least a speedboat to chase it across the sea.

[I’ll call you back.]

The phone disconnected and Woojin felt nervous. He needed Sun Wukong’s help as they were already in Chinese waters. The phone rang and Woojin picked it up.

[I told Wu Guang to track down any Sea Serpents moving in that area. I’ll send Mayang down to Qingdao. Track them together. He’s already nearby.]

“I’ll send my coordinates.”

[No. Mayang will find you. Track them once you meet up with him.]

“Thank you.”

[I’ve paid my debt.]

“Of course.”

Sun Wukong was saved because of what Woojin told Bihyung about the Day of Chaos and thus agreed to help him. Woojin then went down to see Miho and Brunhilde. He explained what he talked about with Sun Wukong and Brunhilde sighed in relief.

“Please save him.”

“I’ll do my best. And with the Dragon King Wu Guang looking for it, we’ll find them soon enough.”

Miho also sighed as Brunhilde recovered a bit. She was even ready to use her orb in case if Brunhilde didn’t recover. Brunhilde had gotten much better but she couldn’t get up yet. She asked Woojin again.


“Don’t worry.”

Woojin then turned to Miho.

“Stay here. We have to be careful.”

That’s when Woojin found a giant eye appearing at the window. He checked and went up to the deck. There was a head protruding from the sea next to the yacht.

“Are you Ko Woojin?”

“Prince Mayang?”

“Do you know me?”

“I heard from Mr. Sun.”

The large mouth turned into a smile.

“All families of the sea are looking for the Sea Serpent. We’ll go together.”

“Thank you.”

Woojin climbed up on him and Prince Mayang lowered his head. The head was bigger than Woojin himself and considering the body inside the sea, it looked like a several-meter-long dragon with blue scales. Woojin grabbed the horns that looked like deer horns and the dragon turned.

“We’ve got him. But we can’t go near. I’ll tell them to stay at bay and we’ll go after them.”

“I’m ready.”

“Hold on tight.”

Prince Mayang began to move smoothly and began drifting along the water at an amazing speed. The Sea Serpent was fast, but Prince Mayang was much faster.

As Woojin ran across, he realized how powerful Mr. Sun was again. He asked for the Dragon King’s help and now his son Mayang was able to help just after one phone call.

“Are those who are tracking down Relaika all Avatars?”

“No. They are spiritual beings that live in the sea.”

“I see.”

“We’re close.”

Woojin then looked out. It was a dark night and the stars reflected across the sea. On the calm sea with no waves, Woojin saw one moving in front. It wasn’t as fast however. Maybe they will catch up to them in five minutes. That’s when Prince Mayang smiled and asked, “Shall we go then?”

Woojin gripped the horns after the sudden acceleration. He began to close the gap at an enormous speed. Woojin saw that Doctor Ahn was unconscious while soaked with water. Relaika frowned and pulled her bow when she found Woojin.

“I wondered where these insects came from. It was you.”

“I got help. Let’s finish this.”

“No thanks.”

Relaika let go of her bow and the arrow was fired. Before Woojin could strike it down with his sword, the arrow turned. Mayang moved to deflect it with his horn. The Sea Serpent then opened its mouth and charged at Mayang. Woojin took out the Mirror of Heavens and the light was unleashed upon them.

Relaika quickly hid behind Sea Serpent but the light was critical against Sea Serpent too, making it writhe. Mayang charged in and bit the neck while Woojin jumped over to Sea Serpent and swung his sword. Relaika dodged him and fired her arrow from close range. Woojin tried to strike it down but the arrow exploded. It was too close that Woojin couldn’t react to it. He frowned but concentrated the spiritual power on his mirror. He felt the particles of the arrowhead rotting away as it was stuck on his body, but he was able to flash the light onto Relaika’s chest.


Relaika flinched and Woojin swung his sword. He cut Relaika’s thighs while she swung her bow and Woojin lunged forward. Relaika then focused on her power to rot Woojin’s skin but Woojin reached out to her. From his hand, Gáe Bulg shot out and pierced her chest.


Her chest was then skewed by the hundreds of roots that branched out from the blade. It was a severe wound, but Woojin wasn’t in good shape either. When Relaika was trying to pull out last remaining arrow, Woojin took out the bamboo spear and finished her. When she shivered and died, Woojin recalled the spears and took the mirror to put in his spiritual power. He then flashed it over his wounds. It gave him terrible pain. While Woojin was dealing with his wounds, the Cloak of Vampire Bat wrapped itself around Relaika. It sucked her fiercely and spat the spiritual stone out. Woojin picked it up and looked around.

Doctor Ahn who was thrown by the writhing Sea Serpent was in Mayang’s mouth before he was placed over a large five-colored turtle. Mayang looked at Woojin with the blood of the sea serpent all over his face. Woojin hopped over to the turtle and checked on Doctor Ahn.

He had been knocked out. Woojin shook him and Doctor Ahn opened his eyes. He then found Woojin and grabbed his shoulders.

“Brunhilde. Is she okay?”

“She’ll be okay. How about you?”

“I’m fine.”

“That’s good.”

Doctor Ahn then got up and saw Prince Mayang looking at them. He was surprised, “Dragon?”

“It’s Prince Mayang.”

“But not a dragon?”

Prince Mayang smiled with blood still all over his mouth.

“It is my power. I can turn into a dragon.”

He then turned smaller and adopted the figure of a man. A tall man stood above the water and wiped his mouth before turning toward Woojin and Doctor Ahn.

“We’ll go back now.”

Doctor Ahn got up. He thought he knew a lot about the other world, but it seemed like there was still more that he did not know. When Prince Mayang got up on the turtle, the turtle began to swim. Woojin was surprised at the speed of the turtle’s swimming through. It was faster than most speedboats.

Woojin turned to Doctor Ahn. He didn’t think the doctor would be in danger while he was gone. Amon seemed to have more power than he thought possible. He needed to make Amon not read his trace or else many would be in danger because of him. Woojin also thought he should get a divine object for Brunhilde too.

If she was armed, they would not have been kidnapped so easily. The sun was coming up when they got to the yacht. Miho helped Brunhilde stand outside on the deck. Doctor Ahn waved at Brunhilde in joy and Brunhilde smiled. Doctor Ahn turned to Woojin.

“Send me up there.”

Woojin grabbed his waist and threw him. He flew over the sea and Miho helped him land. The first thing he did was hug Brunhilde.

“I was so worried about you.”

“I’m okay.”

Prince Mayang smiled as he saw them over at the yacht.

“I think I did enough for what Mr. Sun asked me to do.”

Woojin bowed to him.

“Thank you for your help.”

Woojin then jumped to the yacht and Prince Mayang waved at him before he disappeared into the sea with the turtle.