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They returned safely to Korea. Bihyung and Smith were back earlier than planned after they heard what had happened. They gathered at the VIP hospital room. Miho did some basic healing but Brunhilde needed intensive care since her injury was critical. It made her organs rot so it took a bit of time to recover. She couldn’t even eat in her current state.

Bihyung spoke while everyone gathered near the hospital sofa.

“How is it?”

Beom showed off his new leg.

“I can use it like my own and I can even change its shape, so I’ve been practicing doing that.”

The Cloak of Vampire Bat was a divine object so it was still useful in its divided state. Beom continued, “Although this keeps sucking my blood so it makes me dizzy.”

“It sucks blood?”

Woojin explained, “It loves blood with spiritual power. You need to feed blood to it regularly.”

“I see.”

Bihyung then turned to Yeohong. She was doing push-ups with her new arm. Bihyung read her determination to use the new arm like her own and sighed.


“It was almost too late.”

They had lost their arm and leg but the effect was already spreading into their body when Woojin found them. Bihyung asked Woojin, “Did you get information about Amon?”

Woojin shook his head.

“No. I had to kill all the vampires. I got the memories of the Werewolves but they were close to useless.”

“I see.”

“But we have the phone number. We’ll have Ryota track him down.”

He was on the way back to Korea to meet with Ryota when this happened. Beom lost a leg and Yeohong lost an arm. Brunhilde was almost killed. Yet they all survived and they rescued Doctor Ahn.

Woojin looked at all of them who had gathered here. Starting from Bihyung, who was the most powerful one besides Woojin in this room, he had Miho who could read memories and fight well, world-class hacker Ryota, Doctor Ahn who was an Avatar, Brunhilde who protected the doctor, and Smith who will develop weapons for them.

He now had the basic team members he wanted. He needed to meet up with few more, but he currently didn’t have what he needed to persuade them. And they wouldn’t think of it as a problem right now so it wasn’t time yet. Amon needed to be more dangerous if Woojin were to persuade them.

He was planning to kill Amon before needing to persuade them, even if it was that hard. Woojin turned to the people and solemnly said, “I need to speak to you all.”

He thought he could do everything alone after becoming an Avatar. But he realized it after almost losing Doctor Ahn. He couldn’t do it alone.

“Some of you might have heard about this, but there are some who haven’t heard of it yet so let me explain it again.”

Everyone turned to him.

Woojin started, “I saw the future.”

Avatars believed in looking into the future but they didn’t believe in time travel. That’s why Woojin decided to explain it this way.

“Amon, one of 72 demons who has the eyes to look into the future succeeds and summons the otherworldy god. Humankind is wiped out because of that god.”

Smith became shocked as they were hearing it for the first time. He turned around and became more shocked when most of them seemed to have heard it already.

“Is it possible to look into the future?”

Bihyung explained, “There are some who can read the sky, but I’ve never seen ones that can clearly read the future like Woojin. I think it’s the power he got after becoming an Avatar.”

“He ‘became’ an Avatar?”

Smith was intrigued and Woojin answered, “I saw the potential of becoming an Avatar while looking into the future. I explained it to Doctor Ahn and it helped his project to make me become an Avatar.”

“Can a human become an Avatar?”

Woojin continued, “I don’t have the power, but I became an Avatar. I don’t recommend you trying it out though.”

“Why? Avatars live longer.”

Becoming an Avatar was a surprise in itself but that wasn’t the issue right now.

“You can hear more about it from Doctor Ahn later. Let’s continue. So, after looking into the future, I believed I must become an Avatar and put a stop to Amon’s plan. I think I was successful in doing so and thus far he started the Day of Chaos without completing all the preparations.”

Smith asked, “Did it happen in the future you saw?”

“Yes, but it has occurred much earlier. And I never saw the Black Smith Industry getting attacked. It means the future is changing.”

Everyone became silent.

“I now see happenings that I didn’t see in the future and Amon is watching me and reading my past.”

Woojin turned to Doctor Ahn.

“That’s why Doctor Ahn became the target this time.”

Doctor Ahn shook his head.

“I wasn’t protected with such measures even when I studied alone in the past. We should just say the enemy tried their best this time.”

Woojin shook his head.

“Amon even came for Smith. You both were going to be hindrances to his plan.”

Smith pointed at himself.

“I am a threat?”

“Of course. That’s why he even risked his monster farms being revealed to attack you.”

Smith then sighed. He felt relieved as he looked at Doctor Ahn. When he first joined the team, he thought he’d be the lead scientist on the team. But after realizing that Doctor Ahn was with them, it made him feel envious and jealous as the scientist who became an Avatar was going to be more important. However, it seemed like he was also important as Woojin had explained.

Woojin looked at Bihyung.

“Bihyung. We need the mirror that the black merchants use.”

“You want our histories to be untraceable?”


“It will be hard to get one, but I’ll try my best.”

Woojin then turned to all the others.

“Once we get our hands on the mirror, I’ll give an explanation about the weapon I saw in the future. We’ll create the new weapon and stop their plans.”

People nodded in silent agreement.

“I thought knowing it alone was enough to fight Amon, but I realized I can’t do this alone. Please, help me.”

Doctor Ahn spoke up first. “I’ll do my best to help. Brunhilde almost died. I cannot forgive them for it.”

He grabbed on Brunhilde’s hand. Woojin smiled. Bihyung also said, “They attacked my brother and sister. I’ll burn them alive.”

Beom added, “Yeah. I’ll make them pay for my leg.”

This was the start of the team. Woojin said, “We need to find the mirror first.”

“Good. We’ll talk about the future after we get that.”

They needed to share the details of what happened in Woojin’s future.

“I’ll try to remember everything I saw. Get some rest while we look for the mirror.”


Woojin then turned to Smith.

“We bought out a defense contractor company in Korea. Can I have you be in charge of setting up a process so that we can create a bullet using Bakegani shells in bulk?”

“Of course.”

Amon stopped writing and placed down his pen as someone came up to him from behind. He turned his chair around and smiled.

“You’re here.”

There was a man standing next to Dmitri. He was dark-skinned and his eyes shined in the lighting.

“I’m sorry about O’gun.”

“Where is this man who killed my brother?”

“We will avenge your brother after we proceed with the plan. You’ll get enough chances for it.”

“What plan?”

Amon continued, “It would’ve been great if Relaika succeeded but it doesn’t matter. We have others we can use.”

Shango frowned and Amon said, “I heard of a certain project called the Avatar Project.”

“Avatar Project?”

“You can create Avatars artificially.”

Shango scoffed, “You think it is possible?”

“Two Avatars have already been created from it.”

Shango frowned and Amon continued with a smile.

“I need people to join the trials. People who can become our soldiers.”

“What are the chances of success?”

“Is it important? Even if the chance is one out of ten thousand, we can still create tens to hundreds of Avatars on our side.”

The liquid was created for Woojin and Doctor Ahn, but they would be able to have at least a few successes while testing out. It will result in the death of many people but Amon did not care. He only cared about results.

“This is better than the monster farms,” Amon laughed.