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Smith worked quickly to set up the factory that was going to make the bullets in bulk. Old Hwang also brought in merman blood. It was an amount that would require thousands of mermen to be killed to collect it. It was astonishing that Old Hwang managed to get it.

The blood filled the pool and the Bakegani shells reinforced it. What they needed was now the sand of sandman. This was acquired by Smith from the Hunters Guild.

On the day when the first set of bullets was created, the team gathered to check their power. Miho reloaded the rifle and aimed it against the hard leather of monsters famous for their durability. These were the most durable in terms of physical resilience if excluding Avatars. It was hard to get them, let alone come across them.

“We’ll start then.”

Miho pulled the trigger. With a gunshot, the leather was penetrated through easily. It was yeti leather which was known for its strength. Miho then fired at a Ghost Turtle shell. It was so hard that the bullet was stuck but it didn’t penetrate through. Woojin asked, “Can you shoot the same spot until it goes through?”


Miho fired again. It wasn’t easy to fire on the same spot but Miho was an Avatar and she easily fired the same spot three times, making a hole in the shell. Woojin nodded. Ghost Turtle shells were not usually attached since it was easier to attack its stomach instead. Yet, this bullet even made a hole in the hard shell.

“This is good enough. We can move onto the next goal.”

“Next goal?”

Woojin smiled, “We’ll create it in bulk and collect the finest hunters in return for providing these bullets.”

“I’ll arrange that,” Smith answered.

Woojin then turned to BIhyung.

“Did you get it?”

“Yeah, but I used a lot of money. And I have to do their bidding later.”

Bihyung took out the mirror or the Mirror of Farsight. This would now allow them to hide from Amon’s eyes. Bihyung said, “So, let’s hear why you need such a thing.”

Woojin looked toward the Avatars. Honestly, Avatars did not like the idea of hunters having weapons that would give them the ability to hurt Avatars. But he needed this. If it wasn’t for the weapon he was trying to make, Woojin might not have met with Amon in the end.

“We’ll hunt down basilisks by using these bullets.”


“Yeah. If we use their eyes, we can use these bullets to freeze spiritual power.”


Avatars were all about spiritual power. It was important for them to use their powers and strength. If the spiritual power was frozen, they were nothing. Woojin added, “This can be dangerous for us too, so we have to keep it under control. Even if we make this weapon, we have to keep it to ourselves.”

“Only we can use the weapon?”

“We can’t let the weapon fall into the hands of our enemies.”

Bihyung nodded. Woojin then turned to Smith.

“Hunters can hunt basilisks if they know how. They should provide their own supplies.”

Woojin spoke to the others.

“Are we done with the mobile lab?”

“We decided to fix the private jet that Smith had. We’ll use that for now before we get a new one.”

“Okay. Let’s use that. Ryota.”

Ryota turned.

“I’ll talk with Amon over the phone. Track the number and find his location. How long do you need?”

“I need at least thirty seconds to get the exact location.”


Woojin then shifted his focus back to Bihyung, “Can you get a Starfish Fang?”

“Starfish Fang? They’re rare, but I can get one if I pay a bit more.”

“Can you get one for everyone on the team?”

“For what?”

Woojin pulled out his Starfish Fang. It was black unlike regular Starfish Fangs.

“This one is what I’ve been working with until now.”

“It does look different.”

Woojin then threw it and it was stuck in the Ghost Turtle shell. Bihyung was astonished.

“It’s pretty strong.”

“Take it out yourself.”

Bihyung then got up and took it out. He was shocked looked by the Fang, “What happened?”

“If you feed it spiritual stones, you can gain its power little by little.”

Woojin’s Starfish Fang had a lot. It now even had resistance against fire. It was almost a divine object on its own.

“Mine has eaten a lot of spiritual stones until now. However, the spiritual stones of monsters can do the job just fine. You just need to feed it a lot.”

“Meaning I just need to spend the money?”


Bihyung grinned and turned to Beom.

“Beom. Let’s spend some money.”

“Of course.”

“And there’s a downside. It’s still weak against fire.”

“Yeah, that’s fine. If carrying it is enough, I’ll make a fire-resistant scabbard.”

“It’s expensive, but the thousand-year-fire-fish scales will do.”

“Yeah. Mine’s okay, but you should make the scabbard for the others.”

“Okay. I’ll buy every Starfish Fang out in the world just in case.”

“Yeah. And purchase spiritual stones while you’re at it.”

“Good. If we can become powerful, money is not an issue.”

Woojin then got the Starfish Fang back and finalized the plan, “Let’s call Amon and track him once the mobile lab is ready.”

Bihyung answered, “If we find his location, we can have the representative of that place to attack first before we go there.”

Woojin smiled bitterly, “If Amon is there, the representative must have been killed already.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Bihyung sighed, “Let’s get on it then. What are you going to do?”

“I’ll need to train.”

Woojin now had a lot of spiritual power thanks to Tsukuyomi’s stone. He needed to train to make it his own.

“I will join you,” Brunhilde said and Yeohong also decided to join.

“I need training so I can control this as my own. Let’s do it together.”

Yeohong flexed the new arm. Woojin warned them, “I won’t go easy on you.”

“Of course.”

Unlike his intention, Bihyung only brought back one Starfish Fang. He sighed at the people’s confused looks.

“Someone got everything already. I got this from an Avatar who had it in his collection as a hobby. I had to give him my collection in exchange.”

“What did you pay for it?”

“I had to give him my car.”

Bihyung then spun the Starfish Fang in his hand.

“So, I can feed anything to it?”

“Yeah. You can feed stones that you seem to lack the most. I guess you need agility in your case.”


That’s when Doctor Ahn asked, “Can I have that?”

Everyone turned and Doctor Ahn spoke confidently.

“I want to study it.”

“This is the only one I got.”

“That’s why I need to see if we can reproduce it in large quantities.”

Bihyung turned to Woojin and he turned to him too.

“It’s not going to disappear unless we set on fire. Let him study it for a while. If he can create more, that’s even better.”

Bihyung then gave it to Doctor Ahn. He also gave the doctor some of the stones he purchased. Doctor Ahn fed it and became surprised. As he focused on the Fang, Woojin turned back to Bihyung.

“So, the Fangs on the market disappeared, you said?”


“Can we track who or where they were sold to?”


“I think Amon might have read it in my past.”

Bihyung frowned, “You think he bought them?”

“Yeah. I think that’s what happened.”

“Good. Let’s track it down.”

“Mark the countries without representatives. And with a phone call, we’ll find him.”

Bihyung grinned, “I’m looking forward to it.”