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Fang Zheng blessed land.

 His space path and time path resources were higher than normal, this was a high grade blessed land.

 The terrain of the blessed land was mostly flat, but across some distance, there would be several tall erected mountains.

 Fang Zheng’s focus was currently fully on a valley.

 This valley was covered in weird rugged rocks, it was completely blood red. Upon entering it, one would notice that the valley was filled with blood flower trees.

 There were tens of thousands of such trees, they were different from ordinary trees, they bore fruits before flowers. The fruits were the size of a baby’s fist, round and smooth. The flowering only took an instant as the fruit shell would explode into a huge flower that was white and red. The flower was white at the base while the core of the flower resembled splattered blood. Each of these blood flowers had different colors and shapes.

 In Central Continent, there was once a time where Gu Masters cultivated these blood flower trees on large scales. Each time they bloomed, the scene would be grand. There were even huge ceremonies just to lure these Gu Masters to see them. But later, blood path was created and caused great problems to the world, blood flower trees were a basic Gu material in blood path, they were banned from being planted.

 Fang Zheng’s blood flower trees were all provided by Immortal Crane Sect, or more accurately, by Fan Xi Liu as a proxy.

 This was the trick of the righteous path, Fang Zheng was already used to it, feeling no surprise.

 In the current five regions, blood path was outlawed by the righteous path, but ironically, the ones who truly researched blood path were these righteous path forces.

 “These blood flower trees are all mortal Gu materials, but as long as their numbers go up, I can use them in huge quantities, they will be equivalent to immortal materials. This is blood path’s most unique advantage!”

 “These blood flower trees that I have are also a source of immortal materials in a way.”

 “But now, I already have rank six blood path Immortal Gu Cold Blood and Blood Revenge, they need mortal blood path Gu to supplement them and form immortal killer moves.”

 Fang Zheng understood that his focus now was to refine blood path mortal Gu and practice the blood path immortal killer move that Fan Xi Liu imparted him.

 Because he had just ascended, the immortal aperture was very different from his original aperture, he needed time to adapt to it.

 After looking for a while, Fang Zheng retracted his attention to the real world.

 The joy and feeling of achievement from looking at his immortal aperture slowly faded, they were replaced by a feeling of pressure in his mind.

 “Fang Yuan…” Back in the real world, Fang Zheng could not help but think of his brother.

 These last days, he had not only undergone his immortal ascension, he had also obtained information about Fang Yuan from Fan Xi Liu. The information was much more detailed than what circulated in the outside world, it was from Heavenly Court.

 Fang Zheng learned about Fang Yuan’s situation, as for the fact that Fang Yuan did not die, he had known that when he was saved and returned to Central Continent. But strangely, when he learned the truth, he did not feel any rage from being deceived.

 In contrast, the more he learned, the more sadness he felt in his heart.

 “It turns out, I have never truly understood you… Fang Yuan.”

 “Otherworldly demon… Spring Autumn Cicada… rank eight cultivation level…”

 The more he knew, the more minuscule he felt, the more he could feel Fang Yuan’s terrifying strength!

 Thinking that he had to face such a person in the future, he felt a bit of depression and also a hint of despair.

 He faced the despair deep in his heart.

 He did not deny it or try to avoid it.

 Humans often said that a youth knows no fear, when one is young, they fear nothing and have strong drive and motivation. But after a person experiences a lot, they would learn about their own fears. Tigers would eat people, tiger claws would harm people, one’s own strength was not as strong as they think.

 Imagination was wonderful, but only after facing reality would one feel pain, understanding the world and themselves during this painful process.

 “When I was a rank five Gu Master, I was engaged in the hairy man war in Lang Ya blessed land, I lived a difficult life wandering about.”

 “But now as a Gu Immortal, I am stuck between Fang Yuan and Heavenly Court, becoming a pawn. Even though my strength has grown greatly, my freedom has dwindled, I am facing greater danger now, I can die if any mishaps occur.”

 Thinking of this, Fang Zheng smiled bitterly to himself.

 Even now, he did not know what value he had for Heavenly Court to put so much focus on him.

 Soon, he thought of Zhao Lian Yun.

 When he ascended, he received some congratulatory gifts. This was the custom of the five regions, whenever a Gu Master becomes an immortal, their friends and family, or even the forces they were friendly with, would send them gifts.

 Fang Zheng’s gifts mostly came from Immortal Crane Sect, Zhao Lian Yun’s one was quite memorable as a result.

 From Immortal Crane Sect’s information, Fang Zheng gained a deep understanding of Zhao Lian Yun.

 “You are also an otherworldly demon, although not completely.”

 “You looked for me so proactively, I assume you want to join up and deal with Fang Yuan…”

 Zhao Lian Yun’s gifts included a letter that expressed her goodwill, but she did not say much. Fang Zheng could tell what she wanted from her subtle words.

 Zhao Lian Yun gave him one of the cultivation methods for growing a blood type plant resource, it suited Fang Zheng. She even described her own cultivation experiences, Fang Zheng was very mindful of a certain paragraph.

 “In Gu Immortal cultivation, combat is the path of domination, while immortal aperture management is the path of supremacy, the two are complementary and necessary. Without enough battle strength and dominance, no matter how well the immortal aperture is developed, one will only get bullied, they will hand over their hard earned spoils to others. But if one has great battle strength and lacking immortal aperture foundation, they will be like a blazing flame, only able to stay lit for some time, when they run out of firewood, they would only end up as smoke.”

 Fang Zheng nodded to himself, thinking: “Other than this, her descriptions of the calamities and tribulations are also very useful. I can see that this Zhao Lian Yun is very sincere, it is a pity that Immortal Crane Sect is not allowing us to meet, what a pity indeed! Don’t you think so, Fang Yuan?”

 Saying so, Fang Zheng’s gaze froze.

 In his early years, he was accompanied by his master Lord Sky Crane, inside Lang Ya blessed land, he was together with Fang Yuan’s fake will. But now, in Central Continent, he was alone.

 Unknowingly, Fang Zheng had gotten used to accompaniment.

 “Without you, I am not used to it…” Fang Zheng shook his head and smiled bitterly, an indescribable sense of loneliness permeated in his heart.

 Heavenly Court.

 Fairy Zi Wei smiled in joy: “Fang Zheng has become a Gu Immortal, but he needs to raise his cultivation level to become a useful counter against Fang Yuan.”

 Fairy Zi Wei knew about Zhao Lian Yun’s intention. After all, even though Ma Hong Yun died, his soul was still kept by Fang Yuan.

 Fairy Zi Wei frowned: “The true problem is still Fang Yuan himself.”

 Ever since Fang Yuan broke out of the River of Time’s encirclement, he had vanished, no longer appearing in public.

 Fairy Zi Wei would prefer that he went around scavenging for resources. At least in that case, he would leave behind many traces and she would deduce many useful things, and even find a way to break his wisdom path defenses.

 In Fairy Zi Wei’s view, Fang Yuan was very strong in battle strength, but the more terrifying thing was his management skills. Every time he stayed secluded for a while, he would experience a huge rise in strength, his speed of progress was simply very shocking.

 This was the result of his skillful management.

 Because he had such a sturdy foundation, it could support his terrifying growth in battle strength.

 “Right now, Spectral Soul is slowly losing his control, we are getting more and more information that is of high importance.”

 “In the River of Time, the time path Immortal Gu House has been repaired, we have four in total now. The earlier time path formation needs to be modified further.”

 “At the same time, we cannot let Fang Yuan live comfortably, I should contact Wu Yong.”

 Some days later.

 Intense winds blew.

 Fang Yuan pushed forward with his palm, the strong force of the killer move went into the immortal aperture’s entrance and permeated Lou Lan blessed land.

 Hei Lou Lan’s tribulation was destroyed instantly.

 Hei Lou Lan’s eyes twitched slightly but her expression was unchanging. She stood in her immortal aperture as she thanked Fang Yuan, who was outside.

 “No need to thank me.” Fang Yuan looked at Lou Lan blessed land, it was quite poor, it could not be compared with the sovereign immortal aperture. Even though Hei Lou Lan had high aptitude, she had never truly developed her immortal aperture properly.

 This was what Fang Yuan wanted.

 He could give Hei Lou Lan cultivation resources, she had to rely on him for this, it was a form of control over her.

 In fact, Ying Wu Xie, Bai Ning Bing, and the rest were all in similar situations.

 “Quickly leave, my wisdom path methods can only block them for some time, moreover, each time, the tribulations will greatly influence my methods.” Fang Yuan urged.

 “Okay.” Hei Lou Lan nodded, she did not dare to be careless, quickly storing her immortal aperture and entering the sovereign immortal aperture.

 Fang Yuan used Fixed Immortal Travel to leave immediately, Wu Yong and the rest who came at full speed failed to catch him.

 “Damn it! He escaped again.”

 “This lingering aura, someone underwent tribulation again…”

 The Southern Border Gu Immortals had ugly expressions, some were furious, some were solemn, while some were fearful.

 “This is the fourth one… evidently, Fang Yuan is helping his lackeys undergo tribulation to raise their cultivation levels. If this continues, the situation will not be good.”

Wu Yong had a grim expression, a cold light flashed in his eyes as he said slowly: “Fang Yuan has Fixed Immortal Travel, he can escape rapidly, we can only set up many Beacon Towers and work together in treasure yellow heaven to restrict his businesses and reduce his profits. Eventually, this will become our advantage.”

 Jade light flickered in Qi Sea grotto-heaven as Fang Yuan appeared out of nowhere.

 “We are safe for now.”

 “They are starting to target my businesses in treasure yellow heaven…” Fang Yuan snickered.

 He did feel pressure, but because he had recently devoured the Five Xiang’s public grotto-heaven and Qi Sea grotto-heaven, he gained a vast amount of resources, even if his businesses were suppressed, there was no issue.

 But this was obviously Heavenly Court and Southern Border working together, if he allowed them to continue, Fang Yuan would not be able to endure it.

 He had obtained a lot of resources from the Southern Border Gu Immortal captives, but precisely because they knew about these resources, they could target these businesses efficiently.

 “I need to think of a plan.” Fang Yuan gaze flickered with consideration.