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Eastern Sea.

 Swish swish swish!

 Waves crashed onto the rocks by the island shore, bursting into white bubbles upon impact.

 Wicked winds howled, the sky was dark.

 This uninhibited island was not eye-catching in the huge Eastern Sea, but it actually hid four Gu Immortals.

 “Ren Xiu Ping, you are too much!” Miao Ming Shen shouted angrily with bloodshot eyes, he was injured, expressing intense anger and hatred in his eyes.

 He was a famous lone cultivator in Eastern Sea, having rank seven cultivation level and cultivating space path, he had a method to increase the size of immortal apertures. He did that as a way of living, expanding the immortal apertures of many Eastern Sea Gu Immortals, he was quite popular.

 Miao Ming Shen was neither tall nor short, neither fat nor thin. In terms of appearance, he looked ordinary, only his flat and wide nose left a heavy impression on others.

 In terms of appearance, he was unassuming. But he was an ambitious person, being very good at building relationships, he had a lot of charisma. Three Eastern Sea lone immortals, Immortal Hua Die, Feng Jiang, and Gui Qi Ye all looked to Miao Ming Shen as their leader, the four were a group of Gu Immortals with common interests.

 But now, Gui Qi Ye was unconscious, his body was covered in a poisonous purple color, he was in great danger.

 Feng Jiang and Immortal Hua Die who were standing beside Miao Ming Shen were in bad states too, they had evidently gotten injured from a serious battle.

 “Lord Miao Ming Shen, what do we do? Gui Qi Ye was hit by the ice poison starfish, we do not have the way to heal him.” Immortal Hua Die was very worried.

 Not long ago, the four of them had fallen for Ren Xiu Ping’s plot.

 Ren Xiu Ping had rank seven peak cultivation level and was an enslavement path Gu Immortal, he wanted to assassinate Miao Ming Shen using the ice poison starfish. But at the crucial moment, Gui Qi Ye blocked this fatal attack for Miao Ming Shen.

 Miao Ming Shen reacted and quickly brought the unconscious Gui Qi Ye, as well as Feng Jiang and Immortal Hua Die, out of the trap through a fierce battle.

 Feng Jiang’s expression was cold as ice: “The ice poison starfish might have a troublesome poison, but I’ve heard that Su Chen and Fairy Jiu Yue can heal it.”

 Su Chen was a member of the super force Su clan, he specialized in healing and was famous in Eastern Sea, he was quite a kind person.

 Meanwhile, Fairy Jiu Yue was a lone cultivator, she was cold and aloof, the price was high if they wanted to get her help.

 Miao Ming Shen shook his head: “I am not going to turn to these two. Su Chen is from Su clan, while Fairy Jiu Yue has some relationship with Ren Xiu Ping, others might not know but I am certain of this. I am highly suspicious that Fairy Jiu Yue might be a trap set by that old scoundrel Ren Xiu Ping!”

 “Ah? Then…” Immortal Hua Die did not know what to say.

 Miao Ming Shen smiled forcefully: “Have you forgotten? Ice poison starfish’s poison can be removed with underworld yellow water.”

 Feng Jiang stared with wide eyes: “Underworld yellow water is a rank eight immortal material, even in Eastern Sea it is very rare, lord, you have it?”

 Miao Ming Shen shook his head: “Of course not, I am going to use the extreme time pole to exchange for it.”

 Feng Jiang and Immortal Hua Die understood at once.

 Extreme time pole was a rank eight time path immortal material, Miao Ming Shen had obtained it long ago, he could not bear to sell it. Feng Jiang and Immortal Hua Die knew this.

 Immortal Hua Die’s expression changed, she said with pity: “Extreme time pole is an extremely rare rank eight time path immortal material, why don’t we use other rank eight immortal materials to exchange for the underworld yellow water.”

 Miao Ming Shen shook his head again: “Rank eight immortal materials are usually exclusively traded with each other. If I use other things to request for the underworld yellow water, others will not want to exchange it for my immortal material, and even if someone wants my rank eight immortal material, they might not have underworld yellow water.”

 “But now, you all know that Heavenly Court and Southern Border are trying to stop Fang Yuan from doing his business, they are also gathering time path immortal materials and buying them out. Time path immortal materials are now very high in demand, the price is rising sharply. Heavenly Court has a deep foundation, they definitely have underworld yellow water. I will definitely get it if I offer the extreme time pole.”

 “Lord…” Feng Jiang was hesitant, he remembered that Miao Ming Shen had almost died when he obtained this extreme time pole, he paid a huge price.

 Miao Ming Shen laughed loudly, patting Feng Jiang’s shoulder: “How can I let him die in front of me? So what if I have to give up the extreme time pole?”

 Feng Jiang and Immortal Hua Die were very moved, they did not follow the wrong leader after all!

 As expected, the situation went as Miao Ming Shen predicted, once his extreme time pole appeared, Heavenly Court took notice and the two sides soon traded, Miao Ming Shen obtained a huge amount of underworld yellow water.

 He used the underworld yellow water to cleanse Gui Qi Ye’s body, he used just the right amount, after all, this water was also corrosive on an undefended Gu Immortal body.

 After meticulously cleansing him, the ice poison starfish’s poison was fully neutralized.

 Not long ago, Gui Qi Ye woke up and opened his eyes.

 After learning that Miao Ming Shen had paid such a huge price to save him, he felt extremely moved.

 However, he was not an expressive person, he kept his gratitude inside him and said to Miao Ming Shen: “Lord, that old scoundrel Ren Xiu Ping suddenly attacked us, he must be after the blue dragon whale.”

 Miao Ming Shen sighed: “I think so too, Ren Xiu Ping had always wanted to work together and enter the blue dragon whale to excavate the hidden Paradise Earth true inheritance. But his price is simply not sincere. This time, he actually attacked us, I was truly caught unguarded. What idea do you have, tell me.”

 Gui Qi Ye nodded: “Lord, you know the blue dragon whale’s location, this secret has already been exposed, it is too hard to guard this secret anymore. We should invite people to explore the blue dragon whale instead. When we gain the inheritance inside and increase our strength, we can deal with that Ren Xiu Ping. Otherwise, with our strength now, we cannot defeat that guy. He also has a bunch of lone immortals helping him, as a crafty person, once he senses something amiss, he might spread the news and lure more people to us!”

 Miao Ming Shen’s gaze flickered: “Instead of waiting for that to happen and letting Ren Xiu Ping gather his people, we should seek reinforcements now. This idea is good, it is our only choice. It is a pity, if I had rank eight cultivation level, we would be able to explore it ourselves.”

 Gui Qi Ye added: “Lord, we need to choose our reinforcements carefully.”

 Miao Ming Shen nodded, he looked at the three immortals, asking: “Of course I know, what recommendations do you have?”

 The three immortals gave their suggestions.

 Miao Ming Shen nodded at times while shaking his head occasionally, he chose a few of them that were suitable, and eliminated some more from among them for safety.

 The most important thing was dependability.

 But this way, they had few people, even if they worked together, they could not break the first hurdle, they would not be able to enter the blue dragon whale’s inner world.

 At this time, Immortal Hua Die voiced: “I have a suggestion, does lord remember this person called Chu Ying?”

 “Chu Ying.” Miao Ming Shen’s eyes shined: “Brilliant, this person has rank seven cultivation level and cultivates transformation path, he even has grudges with Ren Xiu Ping. But he is truly too secretive, I have not found any more information on him since then…”

 Saying this, he showed hesitation again.